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So Hum Meditation – A Mind Reprogram Technique

So Hum Meditation – A Mind Reprogram Technique

So Hum Meditation – A Mind Reprogram Technique

Our everyday life has become immensely stressful and uncomfortable. Anxiousness and worry have become an inseparable part of our living. Thus it is imperative to find solace and bliss somewhere and somehow to become an integral part of our existence. So hum meditation is a deep thoughtful experience that connects you with bliss and divine powers.

This method is an ideal technique to understand and experience your thoughts and feelings in a different way. Several scientific pieces of research on mindfulness have shown the efficacy of this process to restore relaxation and happiness.

So Hum Meditation Meaning

So Hum meditation is a mantra meditation technique that symbolizes contemplation of your wandering mind into the mystery of life.

So hum meditation is a mantra based practice. Here, an individual focuses his realm of consciousness on a sound of a Vedic mantra known as So hum. By chanting this mantra you can train the wandering mind to a blissful and happy state.

It is a habitual process to redirect your thoughts in more subtle and productive ways. So hum is a powerful mantra that has been proved to reduce stress, improve concentration, and boost immunity.

So hum meditation allows you to learn and observe your thoughts and feelings by not judging them. You accept them as they are appearing and learn to be more thoughtful. 

The chanting of So hum mantra takes you to a spiritual journey of peace and endless happiness. It makes your mind a quiet place, where your body can dwell in harmony.

The chanting of the So hum mantra helps you to focus by repeating it each time while breathing. Your wandering mind gets controlled and the sweeping thoughts dissipate. You move towards a state of divine awareness and understanding.

The So Hum meditation is a yoga form that holds an important place in Vedas and Upanishads. It has been used by ancient sages to attain their state of spiritual ascension.

This mindfulness is based on two Sanskrit words. They are ‘So’ and ‘Hum’. ‘So’ meaning ‘I’ and ‘Hum’ meaning ‘that’. Together the term means ‘I am that’. When you say this, it means you consider being a part of the eternal universe. 

You are a pure soul belonging to the energies of the cosmic world. The practice connects you to the entire universe or creation. Human beings merge with this ‘Oneness’ in his path of salvation.

This meditation practice is a reflection of the sound of the breath. When you utter the word ‘So’, you inhale air, and when you utter ‘Hum’, you exhale air. 

Thus, the entire yoga practice is based on the regulation and rhythm of your breathing. The initial breathing should be slow and effortless.

With every inhalation, you utter ‘So’ and with every exhalation, you utter ‘Hum’. Repeat this mantra throughout the meditative process and experience a soulful state of eternal peace.

So Hum Mantra

The meaning of So Hum is “I am he”, “I am she”, or “I am that”.

So hum is a repetition of a mantra that is widely used in Tantric and Kriya Yoga. There are various names given to this mantra from time to time. It is known as Ajapa Mantra, Parmatma mantra, Hamsa Gayatri, and Ajapa Japa. 

In this meditation practice, you repeat the So Hum mantra in your mind by regulating the rhythm of your breathing.

The mantra has spiritual significance. As you meditate, you experience that you are one with the Universe. Your wishes, desires, thoughts, feelings, and actions are a part of this creation. We are all connected and part of this “one” universe.

The So Hum mantra is derived from “Om”. “Om” is a universal mantra that reverberates the sound of the creation. The chanting of this mantra connects you to an infinite source of happiness, contentment, and bliss.

This mantra signifies that breathing is universal. All living beings, creatures, and plants breathe. Thus, breathing symbolizes “Oneness”. You identify yourself with ultimate reality, with the supreme soul that is ever powerful.

So Hum Meditation – A Mind Reprogram Technique

The Significance of So Hum Mantra

So Hum mantra is considered effective to experience a peaceful state of mind. Its significance or importance in daily life has long been considered effective in several ways.

  • The sound vibrations of ‘So’ and ‘hum’ are a part of your breathing process of inhalation and exhalation. It is effortless.
  • You experience a peaceful state of existence. It calms the mind. Your body is relaxed and the mind moves naturally towards peace, satisfaction, and accomplishment.
  • It is a spiritual state that symbolizes the merging of your senses with the “Atman” (Soul).
  • You no longer dwell in the material world. Your earthly desires take a backseat, while you experience divine “Oneness” with the energies of the Universe.
  • The So hum mantra helps you to understand the basic queries of life such as “Who You Are”? And “What is Your Purpose in Life”? The basic questions of your existence on this planet are realized through this meditation practice.
  • As the So Hum mantra originated from “Om”, it represents the unparalleled sound of this creation. By chanting this mantra, you can be aware of universal wisdom.
  • So Hum signifies the life force or “Prana”. With the regulation of your breath, you can recharge the “Shakti” or strength of this life force within you.
  • The rejuvenation of this life force helps to increase oxygen supply to the vital organs. It helps in developing a positive mindset. There is good coordination between the mind and body.

How To Do So Hum Meditation?

There are various types of meditation practices. You need to choose the right one that meets your requirement and purpose. You should be attracted and committed to practicing it over a long period. 

So hum meditation should be practiced for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily to control the mind and senses. It relaxes the physical body and gives you bliss and mental empowerment. A few steps to practice So hum meditation are as follows:

1. Comfortable place

Comfortable place
Comfortable place

The first step is to find a comfortable place to start your meditation. You can either sit on a Yoga mat on a floor or you can be placed on a chair with a mat underneath your feet. 

Place your legs in a crossed Position: choose a quiet place with minimal distraction and noise. If you are sitting on a chair, sit straight with a firm posture. Set an alarm with a timer of 10 minutes before starting the practice. This allows you to keep track of time.

2. Initial preparation

Initial preparation
Initial preparation

Close your eyes and relax. Tune yourself to an inner realm of absolute peace. Practice Pratyahara, and withdraw your senses towards yourself. Initially take a few breaths to release toxins from your system. Notice the changes you feel within you. Be slow in your approach. Hands should be in Gyan mudra, palms up with joining the index finger and thumb.

3. Chanting So Hum mantra

Chanting So Hum mantra
Chanting So Hum mantra

Start chanting the mantra silently in your mind. Repeat ‘So’, as you inhale air and repeat ‘Hum’ as you exhale. Observe the rhythm of your breath and experience it. Let thoughts and feelings flow in and out effortlessly. 

There is no need to control your internal state of mind. The continuous chanting of the So Hum mantra will automatically calm down your disturbing thoughts. During inhalation, the ‘prana’ or the energy of life goes in and when we exhale, our limited ego is released. Your individuality merges with divine universality.

4. Continue breathing

Continue breathing
Continue breathing

During So Hum Pranayama, breathe slowly and repeat the ‘So hum’ mantra with each inhalation and exhalation. It is a simple, yet transformative practice where you say ‘So’ on the inhale and ‘Hum’ on the exhale.

The Synchronized breathing pattern is released  between mantra and breath. Allow your breath to find a natural rhythm; as it becomes one with the sound. As the mantra repeats itself in the space of the body, it brings a state of deep awareness and relaxation. In order to get good results, you can continue this process for 5 to 10 minutes; according to convenience.

5. Energy centers of the body

Energy centers of the body
Energy centers of the body

This stage highlights the importance of Chakras in your meditation practice. While you breathe, focus your awareness in the various energy centers of your body. 

These centers are the middle of your eyebrow, the center of the throat, right elbow, the back of the spine, center of the naval, etc. Become aware of your breathing while you visualize the energy centers mentally. You will experience a gentle stream of pure and divine energy flowing throughout the body. Feel the power of the mantra and the beautiful wisdom flowing within you.

6. Divine awareness

Divine awareness
Divine awareness

With every breathing cycle, chant So Hum and experience the expansion of your consciousness. The vibration of this mantra reflects the sound of the Universe. You connect with a consciousness that is pure and peaceful. The real meaning of the mantra acts upon you. Your senses are inclined and your mind is settling.

7. Finishing the practice

Finishing the practice
Finishing the practice

When your timer goes off, gently release the mantra and stop the process slowly. Attend to your breathing rhythm and appreciate all the changes that have happened. It is recommended to sit for 2 to 3 minutes with eyes closed. This is just to unwind and relax after the procedure. 

Bring your hands in Anjali Mudra (Prayer Position) to end the practice. Be thankful and offer your gratitude. Then, open your eyes and decipher the meaning of this meditation. This practice is highly useful to understand your relation with cosmic powers.

The So Hum meditation explains that with every breathing cycle, you are getting connected to all the living creatures on this planet. You are expanding your energy and merging with one breathing for all.

Regulation of Breathing During So Hum Meditation

So hum meditation is all about regulation of breathing. This breath training can calm the mind and relax the body.

1. Absolute Silence

Absolute Silence
Absolute Silence

It is a quiet breathing practice that coordinates the sound of the mantra, only uttered and remembered internally.

2. No pause

No pause
No pause

Our breathing cycles are continuous. So, there is natural inhalation and a smooth transition to exhalation and vice versa. Repeat the process with the So Hum mantra. Do not take any pause in this practice, if you are doing it for 10 minutes.

3. Slow breathing without jerks

Slow breathing without jerks
Slow breathing without jerks

Slow comfortable breathing is necessary for this meditation. The sound of the mantra automatically regulates the rhythm of your breathing.

4. Breathe Awareness

Breathe Awareness
Breathe Awareness

It starts with slow and deep breathing from the diaphragm followed by breath along the spine. Then be aware of the air flowing into the energy centers of the body. You will be able to understand the subtle energy flowing within you.

When To Do So Hum Meditation?

The ideal time to do the So hum meditation is in the morning between 4 am to 6 am. This time is known as magic hours for any meditation practice. You can easily connect with the divine powers of the Cosmos.

If you cannot practice at this time, it is advisable to do this yoga before having your morning meal. Morning time is peaceful and the air around is fresh and healthy. 

So hum practice is a spiritual awakening process. Thus, the positive energy that this process generates is highest during the morning hours. This practice is quite effortless and doesn’t require much preparation. 

You can even practice it any time, according to your convenience. You should be peaceful and feel undisturbed. The time of meditation also depends on your lifestyle and purpose of doing it. 

Thus, certain times of the day are more beneficial for So hum practice such as the early morning or before meals.

Initially, your meditation process may feel daunting but later on, it becomes a habitual practice for you. Your mind and body get tuned with it more easily.

The video given below shows the So Hum meditation practice in a simple way.

So Hum Meditation Mudras

So hum meditation is one of the most popular mantra mindfulness practices. The mantra symbolizes the ebb and flow of your breathing. The sound of inhalation is ‘So’. The sound of exhalation is ‘Hum’. This practice uses three mudras as a part of its meditation process. They are

  1. Gyan Mudra
  2. Anjali Mudra
  3. Relaxing Mudra

Let us understand these in detail

1. Gyan Mudra

In this hand posture, you touch the tip of your thumb and index finger together to make a circle. The other three fingers are pointed straight outside. The Gyan Mudra is a symbol of wisdom or knowledge. 

This mudra helps to attain knowledge of the Universe. It brings in positive vibes and is a great way to attain a state of “Oneness”.

2. Anjali Mudra

This is a prayer posture, where you bring two hands close to each other. It is a symbol of gratitude, humility, and reflection. You soak up in the energies of your meditation practice and make a part of you.

3. Relaxing Mudra

Relaxing mudra symbolizes the energy centers of your body. This hand posture is an ideal way to release negative vibes and emotions down into the earth. It relieves you from excessive worry, fear, tension, and mental restlessness. 

In this mudra, you will have to place your hands and palms straight on the knees, with the fingers extended. If you are lying down, place your hands straight beside your body.

The So hum mudras bring fresh ‘Prana’ or life into your system. You are full of positive energy. The exhalation process takes away toxins from your system, making you feel refreshed.

7 Tips To Practice So Hum Meditation

There are various easy to use tips for you that you may follow while doing So Hum meditation.

  1. Choose a comfortable place to start your practice.
  2. You should have a calm mind and relaxed body to continue with the practice.
  3. Wear clean and comfortable clothes.
  4. You may create a space or altar for your meditation practice and make it a joyful experience rather than a daunting task.
  5. Before getting into the chanting of So hum mantra, practice pranayama, and asana.
  6. Allow your wandering thoughts to pass by naturally throughout the meditation practice. Do not try to control them.
  7. Smile and feel happy, when you are done. This is a way to appreciate and be grateful for all the goodness in your life.

Benefits of So Hum Meditation

The amazing benefits of So Hum meditation are as follows.

1. Mind-Body Coordination

So hum meditation is a breathing exercise. It promotes healthy blood circulation in different parts of the body. Your physical body is relaxed. The mind is in a calm state. As we breathe in, we take in oxygen that gives energy to our vital organs. It eases the body muscles and relaxes it. Moreover, good oxygen supply to the brain strengthens the functioning of the nerves. It also improves the development of brain cells.

2. So Hum Meditation improves concentration

So hum meditation is a mindfulness practice that improves your focus and concentration. As you attend to your breathing patterns, you expand your realm of awareness. Practicing So Hum through nostrils help to increase attentiveness. It helps you to focus on the deeper aspects of “Self”.

3. So Hum Meditation refines mental potentials

It improves your clarity of thoughts and understanding. It increases the power of your memory. You feel mentally alert and agile. You even get a clearer picture of your surroundings. It is a process of self-exploration also. You can discover your potential easily.

4. Improved Mental health

The meditation helps in better control of your emotional states. It renders inner bliss. Stress levels are lowered. It removes negative energies away from you. You can control your anger and fear. It promotes overall emotional healing and brings absolute happiness.

5. Sense of happiness and peace

In today’s stressful living, you are exposed to negative situations very easily. So, to foster mental wellness, you need to find inner happiness and peace. So Hum brings in eternal happiness as you tune yourself to the universal awareness.

6. So Hum Meditation improves Immunity

So hum meditation improves energy and body functions. It is helpful to reduce high blood pressure. Body pain, muscle cramps, and headaches are reduced. It cures joint problems. Insomnia and sleep difficulties can be solved by practicing this meditation. 

7. Good cognitive function

So hum practice improves your cognitive abilities. Your mental abilities such as memory, perception, creativity, problem-solving, and decision making are greatly improved. It increases your attention span.

8. Relaxing Method

The best benefit of this meditation is that it relaxes your tired mind. It brings joy, peace, and happiness. You are no longer bothered by your disturbing thoughts and emotions.

Closing Thoughts

The translation of So hum is based on eternal sound vibrations that connect you to the Universe. It takes your mind to a quiet and calm abode. You realize the purpose of your life and become ‘one’ with the everlasting peace that is imperishable.