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120 ‘Fun Facts About Me’ to impress people everywhere you go!

120 ‘Fun Facts About Me’ to impress people everywhere you go!

How To Make Your “Interesting Facts About Me” Exciting

Each person has a unique story to tell. Not everyone can express it with the right words, but honestly, each one of us does have their very own “fun facts about me” list. We understand your pain of not being able to put your story properly in front of others. 

So, here we are going to give you an exhaustive list. Our list would be a mix of all things from details about your skills, fun facts, random facts, out of the box facts, and a lot more!

Things you should do before finalizing ‘fun facts about yourself’

Here are the few things you should do before you try to understand the “fun facts about me” or “interesting facts about me” :

1. Show self-awareness 

Show self-awareness
Show self-awareness

It is very important for you to analyze your life and behavior before you declare facts about you. You must make sure that you only add the facts that you apply or have applied in real life. It is also a very healthy practice to keep your life in check.

2. Know the purpose 

Know the purpose
Know the purpose

You should know the purpose of your list. Sometimes, the list required in jobs can be different from a generic list. Some organizations have their own format for “About me”. You must choose as per the need. 

3. Understand what you want 

Understand what you want
Understand what you want

What impression do you want to leave on the reader or listener? Sometimes, you may have to reveal a few new things or sometimes you may have to hide a few things to serve the purpose of an interview or meeting. So always know your goal and present the list accordingly. 

12 Questions to find “Fun facts about me”

Below are a few questions that you should answer for the “Interesting facts about me” or “Fun facts about me” list – 

1. What do you fear?

What do you fear?
What do you fear?

We all have some or the other fear in our lives. We mostly try to hide it from other people but by speaking about it, we can ensure that people know and understand us better. Your fear is one of the most crucial details about yourself and thus you should add it to the list. For instance, you can mention any phobia that you have or fear of losing someone

2. What drives you?

What drives you?
What drives you?

We all are living this life for a purpose. Every day we wake up and do what we have to, to ensure that our purpose is met. For some people the driving force is money and for some it is fun. For the rest, it can be their loved ones too. It is a very interesting detail to add in your ‘About me’ section. By doing so, you will let people know about your inspiration and reason to live. 

3. Have you taken any risk

Have you taken any risk?
Have you taken any risk?

Not many people like to take risks in their life. Some people take small risks and a few go all out with big risks. It is always intriguing for someone to know your story and how you gathered the courage to take risks. Thus, it is important to speak about your risk and your learnings from it in front of the employer.  

How To Make Your “Interesting Facts About Me” Exciting
How To Make Your “Interesting Facts About Me” Exciting

4. Mention your hobbies 

Mention your hobbies
Mention your hobbies

Our hobbies say a lot about ourselves. Besides our office hours, we indulge in different activities in the free time that teach us a lot apart from entertaining us. It is always good to tell your interviewer or the person you have recently met about your hobbies. Make sure you mention the most exciting one. You should also have a reason for choosing them as your hobbies. 

5. What attributes attract you in people?

What attributes attract you in people?
What attributes attract you in people?

As an employee of an organization, you may have to meet and interact with a lot of people. What do you notice first in people, says a lot about you too. For instance, if you notice a person’s kindheartedness, your employer should know this. 

6. Do you have an adventurous story to share?

Do you have an adventurous story to share
Do you have an adventurous story to share

Everyone enjoys a good and fun adventure story. If you have done anything adventurous, you must tell it to the people or interviewer. For instance, you can say you first did skydiving, cliff jumping, etc. Your adventurous stories will leave a mark in the listener’s mind. 

7. Talk about your unique skills 

Talk about your unique skills
Talk about your unique skills

There are many common skills such as leadership skills, public speaking, job skills, etc but if you have a unique skill that can excite the listener, you must mention it in your ‘About me’ section. No skill ever goes waste. By telling about your skills to other people, you are only creating your audience. 

8. Talk about something uncommon 

Talk about something uncommon
Talk about something uncommon

You must talk about something that you think is uncommon and not many people relate to it. For instance, most people love ice-cream, don’t they? But if you don’t like it then this is an uncommon thing that you must mention in the list. Mentioning uncommon details about yourself grab more eyeballs. 

9. Talk about a person or ideology that changed your life 

Talk about a person or ideology that changed your life
Talk about a person or ideology that changed your life

We all follow many ideologies in life. We also have role models. But not always we have one that has the potential to change our life entirely. If you have been positively influenced by any such person or ideology, you must mention this in your introduction. It will not only make your introduction exciting but also influence the listener. 

10. Mention your accomplishment 

Mention your accomplishment
Mention your accomplishment

You should always count on your accomplishments. It not only makes you happy but also motivates you to do better in the future. When you mention these achievements in front of people, their respect for you doubles up. 

The Aforementioned points can be used for job interviews, personal interaction, public speaking and online as your bio. 

11. Talk about things that you hate 

Talk about things that you hate
Talk about things that you hate

You are mostly asked about things that you like but no one really takes an interest in what you don’t like. However, it is one of the most important things about yourself. It can be interesting to tell people what you absolutely don’t want in life. 

12. The first thing people notice about you?

The first thing people notice about you?
The first thing people notice about you?

You must have met many people in your life who’d have given you details about their first impression of you. By now, you know about things that people first notice about you. You may also have some qualities that you think are very noticeable in you. Mention such things in the list of interesting facts about you. 

120 Fun Facts About Me (+ Interesting Facts as well)

When you meet new people at a party, workplace, a new class or just anywhere do you try to introduce yourself in an interesting way? If you want to create a good first impression, be mindful of what you say about yourself to others. 

People rarely remember introductions that are dull and commonplace. But if you casually give some fascinating information about yourself, it’s hard for others to ignore you. 

Isn’t it true that we like people who seem to be cool and interesting? If you are thinking it’s such a tough deal for you to create an impressive first interaction, we are here to help you out!

Honestly, we all have some fun and interesting facts about us. Each of us has a story to tell. Only a few manage to tell it in a fine manner grabbing the attention of others. 

We are about to give you a long list of facts that you can mold in your way. Tweak it as you want, but keep this list handy. The facts below can serve as an ice-breaker in first-time interactions with new people or it can just make your everyday conversations free-flowing and intriguing.

People will surely notice you with more interest.

Just keep reading until the end.

The list we are about to give you can help you –

• to improve your conversation at job interviews

• spice up your first dates

• have a friendly chat with coworkers

• introduce yourself warmly in a new workplace

• allow you to have a nice chat with your crush

• play a fun game with friends

grab attention at parties and get-togethers

• send enticing text messages to people

• and at so many other situations

Our list will have all the facts, just fill in the blanks as per your need. Put your information and customize it for yourself.

Without further ado, here we go now.

The Best 120 Fun & Interesting Facts about Me you will ever get!

60 Fun Facts About Me

  1. You won’t believe but ….. is my comfort food!

2. When bored I can actually eat up a full  …..

3. I absolutely can’t live without …..

4. .….  is something I can eat every day in my lunch.

5. He/She is my best friend because …..

6. My most embarrassing moment in life happened when I tried doing …..

7. If I have all the money in the world I will do …..

8. I would rather have a …… than a ….. as my friend.

9. While growing up, my parents once made me do ….. as a punishment.

10. I did this stupid thing as a kid …..

11. Would you believe if I said I started as a ….. before having this career?

12. I dream of doing ….. one day although it’s quite odd as people would say!

13. I can go to a ….. (insert name of an event/place) but not …..

14. Do you know I am afraid of ….. (insert name of an insect/ animal etc.)

15. I had this friend who always would make me do …. in front of strangers.

16. You won’t believe if I say how frequently I keep forgetting things. Once I went out without my ….. on.

17. Once I mistook a complete stranger as my childhood friend and greeted him. I told him this funny childhood memory of high school ….. and he just stared at me with a look of disbelief in his eyes. When I realized my mistake, I did apologize but I don’t think the shock of what he heard will ever fade away from his memory!

18. You won’t believe if I said that I can happily drink ….., even on hot summer days. 

19. My favorite color is …. but it has a funny reason behind it! Would you care to listen?

20. Before this job, I worked as a …. for full time. Yeah, it’s funny, I know!

21. I have a unique choice for TV shows. I can watch ….. for hours!

22. If I have to stay at home for the rest of my life I can manage that but only if I am allowed to …..

23. I can make some animal sounds, that of ….. and ….. (insert names of animals)

24. Nobody knows this fun fact about me that I couldn’t read until I was ..… years of age.

25. I have a huge celebrity crush on ….. 

26. Have you ever tried doing ….. I tried once while in college and made fun of myself. 

27. Do you know once I was a recipe developer at …..?

28. I hate doing ….. although I have to do it every day!

29. My parents never came to know that once I did …..

30. As a child, I could eat a lot of …..

31. My first boyfriend/girlfriend was a person who had this annoying habit of …..

32. Not everyone knows that I am really good at sewing clothes and doing dishes. Also, I can do …..

33. I lied once to my boss that I was going to ….. but I was actually going to a party! You won’t believe my condition when I ran into him at the very party! 

34. I always order for ….. when I meet my childhood buddies and then we would have a good laugh!

35. My father once gave me this job of ….. and I didn’t want anyone to find it out. Guess what? My crush saw me doing .…. and I was like, God save me!

36. I can touch my nose with my tongue. You know what, I can also do …. Can you?

37. They lied to me telling ….. and looked very pleased about it. What they didn’t know that I had lied to them in the first place!

38. I met my wife/husband at …..  for the very first time while I was .…. (dancing/stripping/drinking/singing) crazily. We laugh hard till date when we talk about it!

39. I can’t travel without carrying .…. in my bag.

40. Once my boss shouted at a colleague of mine thinking he had done ….. but actually it was me who did it by mistake and nobody knew!

41. I am not a foodie but I can eat a bag full of …..

42. My friends tell I can make an accurate impression of ….. (insert name of a person)

43. As a child, I could run from my home to ….. (insert name of a place) in a few minutes.

44. Once I had to lie to a police officer because …..

45. I was almost caught by my school teacher for doing …..

46. My best friend and I have a bucket list of doing ….. crazy things together before we die!

47. Would you believe if I say I had a crush on ….. when I was a teenager? 

48. I know it’s an unusual choice but I am a huge fan of the ….. rock band!

49. In 5 minutes I can cook ….. and then gulp it in no time.

50. I used to mispronounce a lot as a child! I used to say ….. (insert a funny/slang word) instead of ….. (insert the normal word)

51. At school, once I played the role of …..  in a stage performance. 

52. As a kid, I used to wear .….  in costume parties. 

53. Once I had sent a letter to my crush but mistakenly I wrote another name instead of his and then what happened …..

54. As a kid, I believed Santa Claus was real and so once in a Christmas Eve when nobody was looking, what I did was ..…

55. Whenever there is family get-together I will always …..

56. My grandma does not hear properly. So, when I said to her .…. when I met her, she was so annoyed because she thought I was making fun of her!

57. I was a real trouble-maker as a kid. You know, what I did once …..

58. Our teacher once gave us a Science project and you won’t believe what I did …..

59. I was always the dumbest kid. In the playground what I did once …..

60. My Uncle has a funny habit of ….. and we can’t stop laughing at him! But you know what, people won’t change their crazy habits! Would they?

60 Interesting Facts About Me

61. I can play ….. (insert instrument name) fairly well!

62. Once I participated in ….. and even won the competition!

63. I am a writer who writes under the pen name of …..

64. Traveling is something I enjoy doing the most. I have seen ….. countries so far!

65. You won’t believe but I can make .…. flavors of ice-creams at home.

66. Once I met ….. (insert celebrity name) at (name of the place)

67. Reading is more than just a hobby for me. Till now I must have read more than ….. books.

68. In my childhood, I could do …… (insert an activity/skill)

69. I have learned ….. (insert the number) languages and ….. (insert name of a language) was really tough to learn. 

70. The most exciting adventure in my life was …..

71. I have gone to this remote place ….. most people never even heard of it.

72. Once I had to eat ….. in a foreign country.

73. I can cook ….. and my friends tell I make it the best!

74. When I was at school .…., I (insert a childhood story)

75. The meaning of my name is …..

76. On last year’s trip to ….. I made friends with ….. people.

77. I was once offered to play the role of …… in a school play.

78. Though I am an introvert, I make friends easily. That’s because …..

79. In my first job interview, I was asked this interesting question …..

80. I am quite good at playing …… (insert an indoor/outdoor game)

81. Have you ever traveled to ……? I went there once and had this experience of ……

82. I love to travel because ……

83. Do you believe in supernatural things? Once I had this experience of ……

84. My friends trust me a lot because I always …..

85. I have a pet that will always ….. (insert something interesting about your pet)

86. My alcoholic drink of choice is ….. because …..

87. I love ……(insert an activity name) because …… (insert the reason)

88. Few people know that once I was nominated for …… while I was still at college..

89. I learned swimming (or any other skill) at the age of …..

90. My parents wanted me to pursue a career in ….. and so I studied ….. at college but then I switched my career.

91. I have a bucket list of ….. things to do before I reach the age of …..

92. Do you know my first venture was ……?

93. Before this job, I was working as a …..

94. I can speak …… (insert a language name)

95. At college I dated this person who …… (insert something interesting about this person)

96. My family is my support system. They would always encourage me to do …..

97. I have this Aunt (or any other relative) who once gifted me ….. (insert something interesting you received as a gift)

98. We lived at ….. before moving here.

99. I was brought up in ….. (insert the name of a city/town)

100. My parents never allowed me doing ….. when I was a kid.

101. The most amazing experience in my life is …..

102. I learned this incredible life lesson that ……

103. My best friend lives in ….. and he/she has this hobby of ….

104. I have an interesting hobby. I use my free time doing ….. 

105. The skills I have learned so far are …..

106. While at college I worked part-time in …..

107. I love to make new friends because …..

108. My father would always say this beautiful quote that …..

109. When I lived with my parents it was quite an easy life for me because …..

110. I was going through a really challenging time when I had this experience of ….. From then I believe in a higher power. 

111. My life changed when I started practicing …… every day.

112. I have read several books in my life but the one that changed my life was ….. written by …..

113. The principles I live by are …..

114. If I have a lot of money I would rather buy ….. than …..!

115. The best moment in my life was when …..

116. My spouse/partner is the best thing that happened to me because ….

117. I have learned from my kids that …..

118. We have a family get together every year/month when we would …..

119. You know what, I was awarded as ….. at the office because I …..

120. Have you done something really adventurous? For me, I have tried doing ….. last summer.

Closing Thought 

There can be many more facts about yourself that you can add in your “fun facts about me” or “interesting facts about me” to make it interesting. The key is, to be honest with a pinch of humor. Always evaluate the situation before writing or telling your “Facts about me”.

Some days you will need to do this for job interviews, some days for public speaking events, some days for your blogs, and sometimes just for personal communication with friends and family. Depending on the situation, choose the facts that you want to add. Sometimes the interviewers themselves can ask you to specifically answer on a particular fact, for instance, they can ask you about your achievements.