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Simple Pleasures To Lift Your Mood

Simple Pleasures To Lift Your Mood

Simple Pleasures To Lift Your Mood

Mundane life can be very taxing. Sometimes you need a channel to vent out the stress, just sit back and enjoy life. Little do we realize the need to ease the stress until the damage is already done. The ideal concept of a happy life revolves around making the most of every moment.

A lot of us wrongly interpret this philosophy. Therefore, many end up believing that pleasure can only come from taking luxurious vacations, eating expensive food, buying expensive clothes, etc. Simply put, the common misconception is that people need to be able to spend money to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Before we delve deeper, let us take a moment to understand the subject in greater detail.

What Are the Simple Pleasures?

All of us want to enjoy the pleasures of living a happy and healthy life. But what are these pleasures? Well, as the name suggests, simple pleasures are the simplest of indulgences that make you happy. This could be something as small as receiving a letter from your school friend, or even enjoying a good laugh, finding money in an expected place, listening to your favorite song.

The idea is to indulge in something that gives your happiness a boost. This brings us to the next obvious question. Is there a universal list of simple pleasures for everyone? Of course not! There is no universal list. Everyone is entitled to making his or her exclusive list of simple pleasures and even indulge in them.

Does Simple Pleasure Indulgence Need Money?

Many times when we talk about indulging in simple pleasures of life, the first concern to cross our mind is the expense that it may add. But, this is a misconception. You don’t need money to pamper yourself by indulging in the simple pleasures of life. Wondering how you can manage this? Well, the answer is simple.

You need to take a break from the mundane routine and figure out what makes you truly happy. Let me warn you that the answer to this question may vary according to your mood. For instance, on some days, you just need a breath of fresh air so stepping into your balcony early in the morning will do the job.

The idea may seem extremely simple but you may be surprised at the boost that it provides to your happiness after a long day at work. Such simple pleasures in life do not require deep pockets.

You just need to nudge your mind to look for happiness in the little things that make up your routine. In his book titled The Happiness Project, leading author Gretchen Rubin has elaborated on the importance of little things and how they act as a major catalyst for our happiness.

Importance of Simple Pleasures

In our rat race, most of us end up being enslaved to our 9 to 5 job. We ignore the physiological symptoms and keep working tirelessly until one day it impacts our mental well-being. This is dangerous because, by the time you start acknowledging the problem, the damage is already done.

Choosing to regularly take a break and indulge in simple pleasures is one of the easiest tricks to avoid this physical and mental breakdown. When you choose to pamper yourself by indulging in simple pleasures, you are intentionally giving your brain the much-needed break. The indulgence takes up very little of your time and in most cases even very little of your money but its effects are extremely beneficial.

Simple pleasure to boost happiness
Simple pleasure to boost happiness

Benefits of Enjoying Simple Pleasures in Life

1. Simple Pleasures rejuvenates the mind

Simple Pleasures rejuvenates the mind

A tired mind is of no use because it does not generate fresh ideas. In fact, working with a tired mind is more like being stuck in a loop. You will keep banging your head against the same problem again and again.

The solution may be right in front of you but you tend to overlook it because you are too tired to think. Needless to say, this impacts your professional and personal life. Therefore, it is important to occasionally take a break and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

2. You develop a positive attitude

You develop a positive attitude

A sad and grumpy mind never fuels a positive attitude in life. In such cases, people end up being disappointed or demoralized and lose their zest to do the task. Gradually, these people also tend to harbor a lot of negative sentiments.

But if you consciously take a call to indulge yourself in simple pleasures that rejuvenate the mind, you learn to get rid of your negativity and look for happiness in every outcome. This is what fuels a positive approach to life.

3. It keeps you healthy

Simple Pleasures keeps you healthy

Ultimately, a fit mind and a fit body should be your aim in life. The best way to achieve it is to learn to keep yourself happy. Indulging in simple pleasures teaches you to do this. As you look for joy in the little moments of life, you learn to value the opportunities that come your way. This simple trick can help you achieve big goals in life.

What to Avoid?

An occasional indulgence in simple pleasures of life is a healthy habit. But a parasitic dependence on them can be dangerous. Once you start to rely on your routine to constantly look for pleasures, the indulgence can become an addiction. This is scary because you tend to lose focus on your goals in life when this starts to happen.

Remember, the ideal situation is when the indulgence is restricted to a healthy level. To do this, you just need to train your mind to look for happiness in the little things that happen around you. Do not step out with the goal of looking for happiness, just nudge your mind to see the positive side and slowly you will start experiencing the change.

150 Simple Pleasures in Life To Boost Your Happiness

Now that we know the benefits of consciously indulging in the simple pleasures of life, let us take a look at what are the things that you can do to keep yourself happy. Before we go further, it is important to understand that these are just suggestions.

You can choose to indulge in them or just make your own list. All you need to do is remember that the list has to include simple things that make you extremely happy. For instance, a coffee with a friend or even something as small as walking on the lush green grass.

let us take a look at some suggestions for these types of pleasures:

1. A walk on the beach

A walk on the beach

If you live in a beach town, do take the opportunity of de-stressing yourself with a calming walk on the beach. Ideally, choose a time when the place is not crowded. During the walk on the beach, take a moment to feel the warmth of the sand, the cool sea breeze and of course the sound of the waves. Even a simple ten minutes’ walk by the beach is an excellent rejuvenator for the mind.

2. Listening to your favorite song

Listening to your favorite song

There are days when you do not have the time to step out but you still want a break. So, what do you do? Well, how about plugging in the earphones and listening to some soothing music. You can just play your favorite song in a loop. The music will give your mind a chance to disconnect itself from the worries of the world and relax. You never know the short break, could actually end up boosting your productivity considerably.

3. Watch the sunrise

Watch the sunrise

Have you ever experienced an early morning sunrise? If not, you should, because it is a magnificent sight. Imagine watching the sun come up gradually. Experience the soft soothing rays before it brightens the entire sky to pave the way for a sunny day. The sight in itself takes your breath away and is extremely relaxing.

Additionally, there is no noise in the background to distract you. It is the perfect opportunity to spend some quiet time with yourself. What’s more is that you do not need to spend any extra money to experience this magnificent sight. All you need to do is wake up in the morning and head up to the roof.

Watching the sunrise is a very calming experience. And since you are up early, your mind gets a chance to work out the priorities for the day.

4. Eat your favorite meal

Eat your favorite meal

Yes! We should eat healthily. But in your pursuit of the goal to follow a healthy diet, do not deprive your body of the occasional cheat meals. For example, if you love pizza, get yourself one for dinner. Believe it or not, a single slice of pizza (or any other food that you like) will work wonders when it comes to lifting your mood. Keep all the diet plans aside for a few hours and just indulge yourself in the food that you are craving for.

5. Stargazing


If you are not a morning person, watching the sunrise can be difficult. But, you can surely find the time for some stargazing. Yes! This is another simple indulgence that relaxes the mind beautifully. When was the last time you actually looked up at the sky to admire its beauty? There is a possibility that most of us will not be able to give a positive answer to this question.

This is major because of our stressful routines. But the next time, you are looking to indulge in simple pleasures, just take some time off and go stargazing. Lay back and watch the stars brighten up the sky. You need not head too far, just going up to the roof will be enough. You can take a carpet and lay on it as you watch the stars.

6. Cuddle up with your partner

Cuddle up with your partner

The benefits of a hug are immense. It feels like a sudden jolt of positivity in the body when you hug a person. This is because a hug symbolizes that the person cares for you. This reassures you that there is someone in the world who will stand by you even in the toughest of times. The thought is enough to fuel your positivity. Spend some time cuddling up with your partner, on a daily basis and you are likely to experience a positive impact.

7. Step out for a walk

Step out for a walk

When you are very tired of your mundane work, a good long walk can be helpful to de-stress the mind. Yes! All you need to do is set out for a walk. The exercise works wonders to keep you healthy and at the same time, it also aids in venting out the stress. All you need to remember is that a walk is not an option on a hot summer day. But long walks on cool days are the perfect stress buster.

8. Reading a good book

Reading a good book

If you are an avid reader, nothing will relax you more than a few chapters of your favorite book. This need not be the current bestseller. It can be your childhood fiction novel as well. But it has to be a book you love. As you turn the pages, you will relieve a dozen memories making it a perfect break for the mind. 

9. Just do nothing

Just do nothing

Living everyday like a routine can be stressful. So why not ditch the routine for a day. Just feel free, maybe even sleep on some comfy and clean sheets for as long as you want. No tasks at hand and no thoughts to bother you, simply do nothing. You will be surprised at the relaxation that you experience. Spending time doing nothing is indeed worth it!

10. Step out on a rainy day

Step out on a rainy day

The sound of rain splattering is a great booster for the positivity within. Sometimes sipping a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day is all that the soul yearns for. You could take a break from the office and just work from home in your pyjamas, to enjoy this simple pleasure.

Occasionally, you can also step out and just experience being drenched in the rain without worrying about wetting your clothes or spoiling your hairstyle, because you are not in the office. Of course, just ensure that you do not stay outside for too long else you could fall sick.

11. Go for a swim

A refreshing swim in the neighborhood pool or the sea can be very rejuvenating. It’s one of the simplest pleasures to enjoy on a hot sunny day. 

12. Mother a plant

Yes! Watching a plant evolve from a tiny seed and nurturing it during the process, brings a lot of joy. With each new leaf, you get to see your efforts materialize. If you are running short on space, opt for a potted plant or even one of those bonsais that can be accommodated in the environment. 

13. Movie night

Pick out your favorite movies and spend the evening watching them. You could rent the DVD or pick from whatever is available over one of the existing cable connections. 

14. Night watch

How about just sitting by the bonfire on a winter night. Go out in an open place- could be your garden or the roof, spread a mat and lie down to enjoy the peace and calm of the night. 

15. Indulge in community services

Take some time to offer your services to the community. You could use your knowledge to teach underprivileged children or offer free advice / career guidance. There is a lot that can be done in this field. Pick a cause that resonates with your belief!

16. Cook an elaborate meal

Thanks to the internet, you need not be a master chef to attempt an elaborate meal at home. You can catch a few recipes online and make yourself a hearty mail. As you savor the meal, appreciate every bite for the taste and the effort!

17. Make a new recipe

Every morning most of us wake up with a long list of items on our agenda – preparing meals is also an important part of this routine. One of the simple pleasures in life comes from making a new recipe. Challenge yourself with the limited options available in your kitchen and make something new. 

18. Sketch or paint

Not all of us are born artists but the creative arts are a great way to add some joy to an otherwise monotonous life. You could learn painting or just start by sketching whatever comes to the mind. Remember, you need not be an expert, just let the colors flow on the canvas. 

19. Pamper yourself

Get a relaxing massage or a hair spa. Indulge in whatever pleases you. For instance take a hot shower or sleep on a bed with fresh sheets or just listen to your favorite song. When you indulge in self love, you give yourself an opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. 

20. Catch up with friends/family

Our day to day routines keep us extremely busy. We often miss out on catching up with friends or relatives. On some days, just picking up the phone and calling them is a great way to stay connected. Additionally, reliving those beautiful memories that you have together, is a simple yet beautiful pleasure of life. 

21. Play with babies

When a baby smiles, the innocence in their eyes is beautiful. Unaware of the dangers that the world holds, the baby embraces every second of life with complete enthusiasm. This is something that we also need to learn. 

22. Hit the road

The fun, excitement and adventure of a road trip can bring the smile back on your tired face. Steal 2or 3 days from your routine and plan a quick road trip to a nearby place. You can choose to ask your friends or family to accompany you. If not, just step out solo and have fun!

23. Pour yourself a hot beverage

Nothing like a warm beverage to kindle the happy thoughts in your soul. Try pouring yourself a cup of tea or coffee after a long day of work. If you want to avoid caffeine, you can try some hot chocolate. Don’t worry you won’t have to master the art of preparing these beverages, you can buy the instant mix sachets!

24. Decorate

You don’t need an excuse to decorate your house or your desk. Put up some fairy lights or aroma candles. You can decorate your house or just your work desk. The bright and beautiful environment is a great motivator. 

25. Ride a bicycle

All those fancy cars and motorbikes are great rides. But, the old school charm of bicycles is enchanting. If you know how to ride, rent out a bicycle and go for a long ride preferably at a time when the roads are empty and the weather is pleasant. It is an excellent way to spend some time with yourself

26. Bake a cake

Baking has a rather relaxing effect on the mind for those who like to cook. The smell of melted butter, caramelized sugar and other stuff that goes into baking evokes the happy emotions. Indulge yourself in baking. You need not be an expert but you can surely check the web for some easy to follow recipes. 

27. Spend the day at the farmers market

Yup! Go to the farmers market in your neighborhood and spend the day. Check out the fresh produce. Indulge in some purchase and treat yourself to some delicious home cooked meals.  

28. Clean and organize

Some people experience pleasure from indulging in cleaning and organizing activities. You can also try your hand at it. Start with small things like organizing the closet or cleaning the living room. Don’t forget to pat your back for the goals that you achieve!

29. Savor the nature

How many times have you stopped to admire the flowers or the beautiful green landscape? Appreciating nature and greenery is an excellent way to calm the mind. The process to do so is also not complicated. You can simply stop by and spend a few minutes looking at the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Take time to appreciate every flower and tree. 

30. Hold hands

One of the simplest joys of life is to hold hands with your partner. After all, the reassurance that you have someone by your side goes a long way. 

Some other simple pleasures of life are: 

  1. A hot cup of tea or coffee to welcome you when you get up.
  2. A sumptuous breakfast after the morning workout. 
  3. The relaxing thoughts from morning meditations
  4. The early morning rays of the sun kissing your skin.
  5. A refreshing drink after or even a shower after a long day at work. 
  6. An unplanned trip to the adventure park.
  7. Learning something new when you are too old for it. 
  8. Riding a bicycle with the kids in the neighborhood. 
  9. Drive the car without using the air conditioner.
  10. Receiving a bunch of your favorite flowers.
  11. Being kind to a stranger. 
  12. Enjoying the first downpour of the season.
  13. Taking an unplanned off from work.
  14. Donating unused stuff from your closet. 
  15. Completing a long pending task. 
  16. Savoring the first bite of your favorite fruit for the season. 
  17. Enjoying a lavish Sunday dinner with the family. Prepare the meal yourself and impress your family!
  18. Welcoming your partner with a big smile. 
  19. Penning down your thoughts in a journal
  20. Grooving to the beats of your favorite song.
  21. Spend some time watching the rainbow.
  22. Subscribing to your favorite person’s podcast, if he or she has one!
  23. Looking for music in the rustling sound of leaves.
  24. Daydreaming in front of the fireplace on a cold winter morning
  25. Signing up for a trekking trip.
  26. Travel to new places and that too unplanned. 
  27. Talk to your children, they have a lot to say and in our busy life we often do not spare the time to listen to them. 
  28. Plan a surprise gift for a loved one.
  29. Take time to enjoy the appreciation that you earned from others.
  30. Crack a joke on yourself and laugh out loud.
  31. Browse through an old photo album. Nothing like reminiscing about old times.
  32. Set new goals and celebrate achieving them.
  33. Learn a new game and win it.
  34. Enjoy the snowfall in December.
  35. Make achievable new year resolutions.
  36. Pack off and head to an unknown destination.
  37. Paint your car and choose your favorite color for the job.
  38. Spend the day under a cozy blanket.
  39. Make silly faces and entertain people around you.
  40. Listen to the sound of the waves.
  41. Stare into the horizon.
  42. Watch your favorite childhood series.
  43. Fix something, it could be a device or a piece of furniture.
  44. Indulge in retail therapy, buy your favorite clothes!
  45. Dress up even on a regular day.
  46. Treat kids in your neighborhood to your favorite ice-cream.
  47. Help someone to clean up their office.
  48. Choose a different route on your way back home.
  49. Stop by the ice cream truck and pick up a random flavor.
  50. Order pizza or your favorite meal for dinner.
  51. Enjoy a long warm shower without worrying about the next item on your schedule. 
  52. Soak in the sun rays on a Sunday morning.
  53. Wake up with no plans in the mind. 
  54. Play a kid’s game. 
  55. Indulge the children around you in things that they love to do. 
  56. Make an unexpected visit to a friend or family member. 
  57. Try your hand at some embroidery. Watching the threads work their magic really boosts creativity. 
  58. Sing loudly in the car with the windows rolled down. 
  59. Go watch a fireworks display
  60. Make a to-do list and check something off this list. It will be one task that you have achieved. 
  61. Keep hitting the snooze button on the alarm for as long as you want to sleep. 
  62. Spent the day on the porch.
  63. Read your favorite book
  64. Enjoy a summer barbeque. 
  65. Play with some bubble wrap. 
  66. Treat yourself to an afternoon nap.
  67. Binge watch your favorite series.
  68. Go by the sea shore and collect some sea shells or unique pieces of rocks. 
  69. Lick the last bite from your bowl. 
  70. Treat yourself to a candle light dinner. 
  71. Listen to an old song, maybe the one that your mom loves. 
  72. Watch a baby fall asleep in your arms. 
  73. Enjoy a view of the clear sky. 
  74. Dance with joy.
  75. Build a sand castle
  76. Straighten up your bed. Climbing into a bed with fresh sheets is quite relaxing. 
  77. Enjoy a glass of iced lemonade on a hot summer day. 
  78. Wear something that you have not worn in a long time. 
  79. Send a handwritten note to the people that matter to you. 
  80. Make new friends
  81. Buy some colorful balloons.
  82. Enjoy the smell of freshly laundered clothes. 
  83. Watch the city lights at night. 
  84. Watch the autumn foliage in the nearby garden. 
  85. Say thank you to everyone you meet during the day. They have helped you in one way or the other. 
  86. Make someone laugh.
  87. Style your hair. 
  88. Sleep on a fresh pillow. 
  89. Stay under the blanket and enjoy the thunderstorm with a hot chocolate. 
  90. Celebrate a festival with your family.
  91. Opt for a digital detox, disconnect yourself from all devices for an hour now. 
  92. Go bird watching. 
  93. Feed some strays.
  94. Make a message tee.
  95. Live the day in your favorite color.
  96. Opt for an all-juice diet, just the day to spruce up your health a bit!
  97. Indulge in some tie and dye. 
  98. Register for a marathon.
  99. Dig out your old medals and appreciate your wins. 
  100. Learn some pottery.
  101. Listen to the tune of wind chimes.
  102. Get yourself a tattoo, if not a permanent one try the henna options.
  103. Remember those who are no longer with you. Think of all the good memories that you have with them. 
  104. Take a trip to the museum. 
  105. Teach someone to cook. It could be your bachelor sibling living overseas.
  106. Tip the delivery guy generously.
  107. Become someone’s secret santa even though Christmas may not be around the corner.
  108. Listen to some cool instrumental music.
  109. Learn a magic trick, one of the simple ones to impress the kids in the neighborhood.
  110. Clean up the kitchen, a sparkling clean cooking area is always an invitation to indulge!
  111. Rearrange the furniture in your house, challenge yourself to change the interiors without actually getting any new stuff!
  112. Spend time at an old age home. 
  113. Visit an orphanage to play with the kids.
  114. Volunteer at the local dog shelter.  
  115. Walk barefoot on the grass.
  116. Watch the sky go from dusk to night as the sun sets.
  117. Surprise your maid or security guard or anyone else who works for you by giving them a holiday.
  118. Step out in your pajamas without worrying about being judged. 
  119. Light some scented candles and spend the day relaxing.
  120. Find something that you lost a while back.

Simple Pleasures Quotes

1. “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”

― Emma Goldman

2. “A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.”

― Walt Whitman
“A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.” ― Walt Whitman

3. “Sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful than all the banquets in the world …”

― E.A. Bucch
“Sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful than all the banquets in the world …” ― E.A. Bucch

4. “Simple pleasures are best.”

― Alan Bradley
“Simple pleasures are best.” ― Alan Bradley

5. “The simplest things are overlooked. And yet, it is the simplest things that are the most essential.”

― Thomas Lloyd Quall
“The simplest things are overlooked. And yet, it is the simplest things that are the most essential.” ― Thomas Lloyd Quall

6. “The most pleasurable things we do

Are not always priced so high

Like listening to a young child laugh

Or looking at the sky”

― Margaret H. Oliver
“The most pleasurable things we do Are not always priced so high Like listening to a young child laugh Or looking at the sky” ― Margaret H. Oliver

7. “We go on in our pleasures thinking they’re going to last forever.”

– Billy Graham
“We go on in our pleasures thinking they’re going to last forever.” – Billy Graham

8. “God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures.”

– Francis Bacon
“God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures.” – Francis Bacon

9. “In everything, satiety closely follows the greatest pleasures.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero
“In everything, satiety closely follows the greatest pleasures.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

10. “There is more difference in the quality of our pleasures than in the amount.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson
“There is more difference in the quality of our pleasures than in the amount.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Once again you need to remember this list is not exhaustive. You can identify things that will make you happy. In the initial days, you need to remember to consciously invest the effort to enjoy these things. But gradually, the positive results that you experience will help you develop it as a habit.