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What to Expect from Intuitive Readings?

What to Expect from Intuitive Readings?

intuitive readings

Intuitive readings can tell people where they are lacking in their life and how they can work on them for personal growth. These sessions can solve the spiritual disconnect one feels in their life. An intuitive reader allows people to discover their true calling.

An intuitive reading is an enlightening experience. When done with an expert it can feel liberating and empowering. It is a new age method of identifying and dealing with energy blocks.

What is an Intuitive Reading?

Intuitive readings are sessions where a professional reader will read your energy vibrations. Readers are usually empaths and healers who are sensitive to other’s energy. These people can sense what is going on in your life. Based on the issues they will work with you to empower you.

These readings give people some perspective on what and why something is happening in their life. The aim of the readings is always to remove energy blocks.

Besides these, the sessions will give you an insight into your soul. It will uncover your soul purpose and will shed light on your life events from a spiritual perspective. Often astrological or numerological profiles are also analyzed. Intuitive readings, when done with an expert, can allow people to unleash their hidden potential.

Intuitive reading sessions are highly individualized. The proceedings of the session depend highly on the reader and the client.  There is no specific session format that is followed. The reader will customize the session based on the needs of the client.

Some professional readers can ask you a number of questions and then decide the course of the session. Others may start with meditation and then allow you to ask them questions.

The intuitive readings, their courses, and their results greatly depend on your reader. For this reason, it is recommended to find a highly rated professional. You might need to do some research and check out previous customer reviews to find a good intuitive reader.

What to Expect from Intuitive Readings?
What to Expect from Intuitive Readings?

How Can Intuitive Readings Help You?

Intuitive reading sessions can help you in the following ways:

  1. Brings clarity in life
  2. Uncovers the reason behind suffering/misfortune
  3. Releases blocked energy
  4. Helps to deal with past trauma
  5. Allows you to discover your hidden talents
  6. Helps to instill a positive attitude during hardships
  7. Brings harmony in personal and professional life
  8. Enables you to attract positive energy
  9. Facilitates spiritual awakening
  10. Reconnects you with your strengths and gifts
  11. Strengthens your intuitive powers

An intuitive reading can shed light on the following areas for you.


In the spiritual world, the events of the past are thought to influence our present lives. Therefore, an intuitive reader may tap into your past life events to understand the present. Through an intuitive session, you will get answers to:

  • Why is something happening?
  • How can you resolve the issue?


A reader can help you confirm if you are on your destined path. He/she will guide you to your spiritual goal and will help you deal with your current hardships. Intuitive readers can bring out your hidden gifts.


If you are perplexed in taking a decision. An intuitive reader can be of help. They can guide you to your destined path. This can allow you to welcome joy and fulfillment in life.

What Can You Ask in an Intuitive Reading?

You can ask about anything. However, it is recommended that you ask questions whose answers will help you in some way. Do not ask questions like: ‘Is my partner cheating on me?” Such questions will limit the usefulness of the session.

When people go for intuitive readings they usually ask questions on the 5 major areas of their life:

  • Career
  • Love/Relationships
  • Past life
  • Healing
  • Dreams


Give the reader some idea on the line of work you are into. Also, tell them how you feel in your profession. Then proceed to ask your questions. Intuitive readers can help you realize if your job is uplifting or draining you. They may give a suggestion to establish a better work/life balance.


Intuitive readers receive a lot of questions on this topic. While asking questions on love and relationship have a definite aim in mind. The objective of an intuitive reading is to have some perspective. You should aim to improve your relationship with the newfound clarity from the session.

You can ask the intuitive if your present relationship is aligning with your soul’s journey. Further, you can ask what you and your partner can do for solidifying your relationship.

Discuss your needs and desires from a relationship with the intuitive reader. You can also remove the emotional trauma sustained from a past relationship.

Past Life

Some people feel that the happenings in their lives are connected with their past life. If you are one of them an intuitive reading can help you get some answers.

You can ask any question related to a particular situation or a person. An intuitive can point you in the right direction to overcome past life issues manifesting in the present life.


Healing is a great reason to go to an intuitive reader. A good intuitive reader can identify your issues and can work with you to solve them.

For healing purposes, you may need to go for multiple sessions to feel better. It largely depends on your problems. Healing from traumatic events and relationship break ups especially takes time.

Dream Analysis

For a dream analysis, it is important that you remember your dream. It is best to write down your dream to avoid skipping important details. If lately you are getting weird dreams or are experiencing recurrent dreams then intuitive reading can help understand the reason.

How Does Intuitive Reading Work?

Intuitives are people who are sensitive to the energy field around a person. These people are highly susceptible to energy fields and can pick up mild variations. Therefore, they can easily detect the energy blocks suffered by a person.

Intuitive readers come from diverse walks of life. They can be lawyers, painters, social workers or others. But one thing that is common in them is that they can easily sense the mild changes in the energy field of a person.

The readers usually sense the vibrations during an intuitive reading session. Unlike psychics, they use their sensory organs to detect and interpret them. The messages received by an intuitive person do not come in a systematic manner. They get flashes of images or sounds. Again, since most of the messages received are symbolic the interpretation will largely depend on the client’s situation.

Methods through which an intuitive reader may help you are:

Past life information and enquiring about a dead loved one may require additional effort from the intuitive reader. For these types of reading, the intuitive reader will need to go into a state of altered consciousness.

Calling out to spirit guides, guardian angels, and deceased loved ones are other ways through which some intuitive readers may provide you information.

What is a Good Intuitive Reading?

Before going for an intuitive reading you should have some idea how a good intuitive reading feels like.

An intuitive reader can have their offices in different places. They can conduct sessions at their office location or at home. Wherever they decide to conduct the session, what’s important is that you need to feel comfortable with the ambiance. You can’t expect to have a good reading in a cramped up, dark, and creepy space.

If you are dealing with a good intuitive reader you won’t have to worry about this. Since a comfortable environment is also necessary for the intuitive for channeling energy. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to research well and find a reader who has high ratings.

If an intuitive has helped others there is a greater chance that they will be able to help you as well.

Now, some specific details of reading may differ from one intuitive to the other. However, the overall session remains the same. First, you may be given a set of questions that are needed to be answered. This information sheet is usually asked before the scheduled reading. If your reader didn’t ask for any information they might ask you some questions before beginning the reading.

Reading can be carried out in several ways. It can be done over the phone, face-to-face or over skype. Most intuitive readers avoid taking reading sessions via skype as they report it to be distracting. They are not able to properly channel the energy of the person through video calling. Having a face-to-face reading and phone reading should be fine.

Prior to the reading, the intuitive may meditate for a while. They may also ask you to meditate as well.

An intuitive reading is different for everyone. For some, it may just feel like talk therapy. For others, it may feel like undergoing psychic surgery. It is necessary to keep an open mind while going for such sessions.

How Intuitive Readings Are Different from Psychic Readings?

Intuitive readings Psychic readings
Don’t tell the future Predicts the future
Entails reading one’s energy Provides information from the non-physical plane
Aim is to improve oneself Aim is to adopt measures to avoid misfortunes
Intuitive readings vs Psychic readings

Intuitive readings are different from psychic readings. Intuitive readers do not read the future. The intuitive reader reads a person’s energy vibrations. Psychic reading usually entails what is going to happen in someone’s life. On the contrary, intuitive reading tries to make sense of past events from a spiritual perspective. It tries to suggest the person the ideal path that can align them with their soul’s journey.

People seek the help of an intuitive reader not for knowing what is going to happen in their future. Rather these people are more interested in working out their existing emotional baggage and energy blocks.

Here the clients usually are aware that they need some guidance to overcome their limitations. Hence, they seek the guidance of an intuitive reader.

Another major differentiating point between the two is that an intuitive reading empowers the client. It aims to strengthen the client’s spiritual power to realize their soul’s journey. Intuitive reading doesn’t alert the client on their impending misfortunes or profits.

Difference Between An Intuitive and Psychic

Intuitive Psychic
Intuitive power is present in every individual Psychics are sensitive to the supernatural realm
An Intuitive relies  on their sensory organs They rely on extra-sensory methods for information
Received messages are not interpreted by the intuitive Received messages are interpreted by psychics for the client
Intuitive vs Psychic


Intuition is a power that is present in every individual. The only difference between an intuitive reader and you is that the reader can fine-tune themselves to notice the messages.

The work of an intuitive is very similar to that of a psychic but there are subtle differences. The main difference is in their style. An intuitive reader relies a lot on their sensory organs (touch, sound, and sight) to read a person.

The insights or messages that an intuitive reader gets cannot be controlled. It can happen anytime and anywhere. Again, the messages that the intuitive reader receives is conveyed to the client without any deciphering. It is usually up to the client to decipher their meaning.


Psychics are people who are sensitive to the supernatural or the non-physical plane. They do not rely on their 5 senses to get messages. Psychics use extra sensory methods to get information about an individual or situation.

Psychics have an additional responsibility than that of intuitive readers. They have to make sense of their received information. Whatever information the psychic receives it has to be deciphered.

Do Intuitive Readers Predict The Future?

Generally, intuitive readers do not predict the future. However, there are some intuitive readers who also offer these services.

Difference Between An Intuitive and Medium

Intuitive Medium
An intuitive is not involved with channeling A medium serves as a conduit for supernatural forces
An intuitive resorts to energy reading to help an individual A medium calls upon spirit guides & deceased loved ones for help
Intuitive vs Medium


A medium is a person who is able to channel someone. This someone can be a deceased relative or a spiritual guide. Channeling means to silence one’s own personality, thought, and ego. It entails opening up oneself to become a conduit for a spiritual force or person.

In other words, mediums can be thought of as vessels. They can open up themselves to be entered by deceased people and supernatural forces. Some people may have a propensity to be a medium. But, to become a professional one needs immense practice.

While going for mediums, you need to double up on your research. It is hard to find a genuine medium. Furthermore, it can be even harder to find a medium that can safely control a session. During the session, it is important to keep the involvement of the supernatural being in check. The session should only be allowed to move in a positive direction.

In general, mediums prefer to work with known spirits they are comfortable with. Some others may also be open to working with new entities.

 When To Go for An Intuitive Reading?

 Consider going for an intuitive reading session when:

  • You feel an inner calling to go to one.
  • You are at a point in life where you are feeling lost and need some guidance to gain clarity
  • There is a tough decision to make and you want to know which one is the right option
  • You need some information to take the next step
  • Your belief system has taken a hit and you want to reconnect to your faith
  • Need some help to move on from a deceased loved one and want to know if they are okay
  • You want to address your limitations and overcome them

How To Know This Is The Right Intuitive Reader for You?

The success of the session largely depends on your intuitive reader. Therefore, it is crucial that you find a good intuitive reader who is right for you.

Now how can you find a good intuitive reader?

The answer is, you need to trust your gut. There are tons of intuitive readers out there. Most of them might be good but it doesn’t mean they are right for you. You need to feel connected and comfortable with your reader for the session to be fruitful.

How can you start the search for an intuitive reader?

Check out the website of different intuitive readers. Chances are you will find information regarding how they conduct their sessions and how they help their clients. If the material on their site resonates with you then proceed to get in touch with them.

While going through the website, do pay attention to the client testimonials. Do the testimonials sing praises of the amazing powers of the reader? Or do the clients highlight how they felt free and empowered?

A good intuitive reader puts focus on the clients. They focus on waking the intuitive powers of their clients. This aspect must be reflected in the testimonials. If the clients only talk about the gifts of the intuitive reader and not how they have been empowered then chances are this is not a good intuitive reader.

Find an intuitive reader who inspires their client’s latent intuitive powers.  A good intuitive reader wants clients to depend on their own spiritual power to tread through life. They do not want clients to develop an unhealthy dependence on their gifts.

Final Thoughts

An intuitive reading is one of the best methods to connect with one’s soul. Since it allows a person to discover their destined path it can prevent a person from feeling lost. Awakening one’s spiritual power and relying on one’s own intuitive powers can be achieved through these sessions.