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Dragonfly Meaning & Symbolism – A Complete Guide

Dragonfly Meaning & Symbolism – A Complete Guide

Complete Guide to Understanding Dragonfly Meaning & Symbolism

Dragonfly meaning symbolizes light and change. It is a spirit animal that is said to arrive from the realms of spirits, fairies, and magical beings.

The Dragonfly symbolism is used to indicate personal transformation and the ability to learn and adapt in life. It is a gentle reminder that the world is full of possibilities.

Dragonfly Meaning

Dragonflies have occupied the Earth for over millions of years. They travel upwards with great speed, fly backward, hover like a helicopter, and change direction at any speed. They do all this by waving their wings.

Exploring dragonfly symbolism & meaning helps us to understand these animal beings better and our own place in the great Universe. In some cultures, dragonflies are considered as elemental messengers with the spirits of God inside them. Our attention immediately goes to the beauty & aerobatics of the dragonfly as soon as we see them.

If you observe dragonflies closely, it is clear that their meaning and impact on us go much deeper than just being a beautiful part of nature. Dragonflies can play the role of spiritual guide for us. They are very powerful & graceful. They show us how to navigate life’s cyclones with full confidence and ease. Dragonflies motivate us to let go of whatever holds us down or holds us back.

Dragonfly Symbolism

Dragonfly symbolism signifies change, growth, and adaptability.

Dragonfly is symbolic of change or transformation. First of all, it reminds us to open our hearts to change, to love life, and to feel relaxed even when situations are difficult.

Dragonfly symbolism is connected to the elemental world. It has a significance related to water and air. These insects are born in water but they develop into airborne beings. The water represents your subconscious while the air can be compared to the conscious. Dragonfly urges us to use both our intellect and intuition to do better in life.

Dragonfly – Science & Myths

Dragonflies are found in different parts of the world. These flying insects belong to the family of Odonata. They are winged insects that can fly and are predatory in nature.

These are vibrant colored insects that surprisingly lose all their color when they die. On death, they lose the hues and become transparent.

Besides, there are various myths related to these creatures. Based on one such myth, Dragonflies were originally dragons!

Meganeura is an extinct genus of insects that resembles the present-day Dragonflies. This genus existed about 300 million years ago.

Complete Guide to Understanding Dragonfly Meaning & Symbolism
Complete Guide to Understanding Dragonfly Meaning & Symbolism

What Does A Dragonfly Symbolize in Different Cultures?

Japan Culture:

The Japanese consider the Dragonfly spirit animal to be a sign for the end of summer and the start of autumn. This insect is a symbol of strength, power, and victory. Dragonflies are common in their haiku poems.

China Culture:

The Chinese consider Dragonflies as a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and harmony.

Native American Culture:

For the Native Americans particularly the Navajo tribe, a Dragonfly is a symbolic representation of purity, happiness, and activity.

Swedish Culture:

According to the Swedish folklore, Dragonflies come near you to measure the purity of your soul – to check people if they are bad souls.

Vietnam Culture:

They consider it to predict the weather –   if it flies low, the rains will happen. In sunny weather, the insect will fly high. While if they fly at a medium level the weather will be overcast.

Denmark & Portugal Culture:

In these European countries, Dragonflies exist in folklore as dark symbolism. They are termed as, ‘eye poker’, ‘devil’s needle’, ‘horse stinger’, and ‘snake’s servant.’ People are afraid of Dragonfly symbolism in these cultures.

Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning

The Dragonfly signifies transformation. Here are some of the meanings it is often associated with –

  • Change
  • New opportunities
  • Adaptability
  • Happiness
  • Express emotions with ease
  • A call to dive deep within yourself
  • Stay alert for deceptions
  • Connect with the angels

Dragonfly Spirit Animal

The Dragonfly symbolizes new beginnings. It signifies a great transformation and revelation of your true self.

The doubts one casts on their abilities can deter them from reaching their true potential. So, the Dragonfly urges you in removing the doubts, enjoying every moment, and living life to the fullest.

This animal totem brings a sense of identity by unmasking the real persona in you. Dragonflies assure you to believe in your abilities by unmasking anything that is not your real self and removing those behaviors.

A Dragonfly ensures your virtue of living freely. You can live life happily while following your inherent values.

It also depicts wisdom and deep thinking. Dragonfly spirit animal is a “wonder animal” that also represents the lightness of being and purity of your heart.

The Dragonfly also symbolizes prosperity, harmony, and to live life to the fullest. This spirit animal urges you to take a chance in life. It invites you to realize your potential and make full use of it.

This Dragonfly totem prevents falling in the trap of deceptive ideas and false hopes in life. It is a messenger from the spirit guides to reveal the magical path to you.

Dragonfly Meaning Death

In many cultures, adult Dragonflies are believed to be a symbol of death. It is considered to be a death omen. Some tribes believe dragonflies to be a transitory phase of a loved one who just passed away.

These magical creatures represent a metaphor of life and death. Their created illusions can be misinterpreted as bad luck. Death is a reality and we must not think about it as something worse. For new souls to enter, old souls must depart. Life and death is a cycle that obeys the Universal laws.

Again, death can be symbolic. If you see a Dragonfly, don’t be scared. It could signify the death of old beliefs and ideas and the arrival of new, fresh ones in your mind.

Does Dragonfly Signify That Love is Coming Your Way?

The Dragonfly spirit animal has a close connection to your heart and emotions. It surely symbolizes the understanding of your true self. As you shed off the many emotional barriers you have created for yourself, you attract the right romantic energy in your life.

Most importantly, this spirit guide urges you to stay pure, own your personality with pride. Stop pretending what you are not and true love will manifest in your life.

Similar to this animal totem, you can go through a metamorphosis and transform into a better person. As you grow into your best self, you attract the best romantic mate. True love blossoms in your life like it is the most natural thing to happen!

This spirit animal encourages you to stay open to changes so you can adapt to new circumstances that will start unfolding on your way.

What Does It Mean When A Dragonfly Lands On You

What Does It Mean When A Dragonfly Lands On You
What Does It Mean When A Dragonfly Lands On You

Spiritually, it has significance if a Dragonfly lands on you.

New beginnings and changes coming

In a lifetime Dragonfly sheds multiple times. If a Dragonfly lands on you, it can indicate transformation and changes in your life.

Living life to the fullest

Dragonflies are born in water and they travel part of the world, flapping their wings in the air. So, they are living every minute of their short lifespan, in air and water.

Just like a Dragonfly you must start living in the moment and make the most out of it.


The Dragonfly moves elegantly. Its wings are 20 times stronger than any other insect and they can flap their wings 30 times in a minute.

So, if the beautiful and magical dragonfly lands on you, it certainly signifies elegance and grace on your way.


A Dragonfly starts as an egg and grows through several stages. The final phase of this creature’s life is being the Dragonfly. So, if a Dragonfly landed on you, it ensures maturity and wisdom.

Can I put my hand on a Dragonfly? Watch this video to train a Dragonfly to land on your hand!

What Does It Mean When You See A Dragonfly?

What Does It Mean When You See A Dragonfly?
What Does It Mean When You See A Dragonfly?

Have you seen a Dragonfly recently? Or is it like they appear in your life often?

This is what it means.

  • Dragonflies have varying colors depending on the angle light falls on them, so their hues differ if they are in bright sunlight or in the shade. Their magnificence of colors can vary depending on the angle someone looks at them. So, it is urging you to adapt to the environment and be more flexible!
  • These insects move fast at about 45 miles per hour, so it can signify to be energetic and fast in life.
  • Dragonflies are spirit animals that symbolize light and joy. To see it means it’s a reminder to stay joyful and lighthearted.
  • Dragonflies are said to create illusions, the way they move, and how their color seems to change with the light. So, it can remind you to create mystery. No need to declare everything, do your work silently.
  • These winged creatures are used to transform. A Dragonfly is showing you to remove your old patterns and thoughts and allow change to happen.
  • They can appear in front of you to convey a message from the spirit world. Maybe your spirit guide wants you to be aware of something. It could be about changing your mindset, being open to new ideas, or doing more self-reflection. Depending on what level you are in life, the message would be different for everyone.

What Does It Mean To See Dragonfly in Your Dreams?

What Does It Mean To See Dragonfly in Your Dreams?
What Does It Mean To See Dragonfly in Your Dreams?

If it is your spirit animal you can try calling the dragonfly in your prayers before going to sleep.

When you see a Dragonfly in your dream, it signifies a big change is coming in your life.

It denotes that now is the time to shed away insecure feelings and stand for yourself.

In your dream about a dragonfly attacking you, can mean you have deep hurts you reveal to no one. What frustrates you? Is there anything you are unsure about? This is a time to do some quiet self-reflection, maybe you can do meditation to clear your mind.

Positive Traits of the Dragonfly Spirit Guide

The Dragonfly spirit totem has a bunch of positive traits like –


If Dragonfly is your spirit animal, you are compassionate towards others. You understand people because you are an empathetic soul.


You are kind hearted and cannot hurt others.


You are there for those who seek your help. People recognize that you are wise and ask for your advice. You love to share your knowledge with those who feel lost.


You have a life purpose and your personality inspires others. There is something in you that uplifts others. You are spiritual and people inspired by you want to walk in a spiritual path like you.

Lightness and freedom

Dragonflies represent lightness and freedom. Similarly, you have an ability to balance in life. When challenges are presented on your path, you bounce back.


The Dragonfly spirit animal depicts clarity. So, if it is your spirit animal, you understand what needs to be done and what can be changed to make life beautiful and merrier.

Negative Traits of the Dragonfly Spirit Guide

The Dragonfly spirit totem has some negative traits like –

Being too emotional

If Dragonfly is your spirit animal, chances are that you are too emotional, you hold onto things, and get sentimental easily.

Sensitive on petty matters

Often you are hurt and keep it to yourself. You are wounded by words spoken to you maybe carelessly. It could be someone who didn’t want to hurt you but get injured because you are too sensitive.

Respond fast

You have this habit of responding super fast. As a result, this can lead you to conflicts and troubles. You do not wait and think before taking an action or maybe just speaking or sending a text. It’s your nature to act too rashly.

Live in a dream world

Those who have Dragonfly as a spirit guide often reside in a fantasy world. So, you live in a bubble unaware of the real world that exists beyond.

Significance of Colorful Dragonfly and Symbolisms

There are many species of Dragonflies, colorful and appealing. Here, we will discuss some of the most important Dragonfly colors and the meanings attached to that.

1. Red dragonfly meaning

Red dragonfly meaning. Red Dragonfly spirit animal conveys a message of transformation and eternal love.
Red dragonfly meaning

The Red Dragonflies are a rare sight. It can appear surprisingly in the events of life and death. Therefore, the red Dragonfly meaning can be associated with both good and bad omens.

These beautiful creatures flap their wings in episodes of life and new beginnings as well as loss and death. Life and death are polar opposites and maybe this dragonfly represents a paradox.

Most importantly, red Dragonfly spirit animal conveys a message of transformation and eternal love.

The Japanese consider these dragonfly totems as sacred that signal the start of autumn. Native Americans considered the red Dragonflies as a symbol of hope. This insect appears after long periods of hardships or maybe after the loss of a loved one.

Native Americans believed Dragonflies as the “souls of the dead” that visit after death to signify the soul of the dead has taken form as a Dragonfly. This assures the soul of your loved one is free.

The color red can be associated with the color of the Root Chakra. Also, red is a color of passion. If you witness a red Dragonfly after the death of a dear one, it signifies the winged creature wants to comfort you and soothe your emotions. It gives you a gentle reminder to let go of emotional attachments and free your mind.

Mainly, a red Dragonfly is a messenger of spirit guides and it confirms a deeper meaning of life. It signifies that life is not just what appears before our plain eyes. Death is a reality we cannot escape but it is also an indication of life that was spent before. So, this Dragonfly reminds us of the reality and urges us to free our minds by abandoning emotional attachments.

2. Blue dragonfly meaning

Blue dragonfly meaning. A blue Dragonfly is a channel of new beginnings. It symbolizes your heart chakra awakening and that you must embrace any new change
Blue dragonfly meaning

The blue Dragonflies are reminders that challenges are presented in life for a reason. It urges you to take the lesson and move on.

A blue Dragonfly is a channel of new beginnings. It symbolizes your heart chakra awakening and that you must embrace any new change.

These spirit animals denote that blessings are on your way in the form of prosperity and great career changes. It assures you to take a leap of faith and do the work you must to reach where you want to.

The blue color represents creative energy. Therefore, blue Dragonflies could represent you are overflowing with creativity and ready to achieve huge success. Stay authentic and express clearly for the blue Dragonfly urges you to reach your highest potential and to stay unapologetic on who you are.

Take any chances or opportunities presented on your way. This spirit animal urges you to stay grateful for what you have. More blessings and opportunities would be showered on you. Just have faith and take the action needed.

3. Black dragonfly meaning

Black dragonfly meaning. Black Dragonfly chiefly represents uniqueness, the ability to stand out. It symbolizes privacy and aloofness.
Black dragonfly meaning

If you have always loved Dragonflies, the black ones might surprise you. The color black is somber, it is associated with qualities such as elegance, formality, and a rebellion streak. Without black, the other colors would not be appreciated. Black gives a sharp contrast to other colors. Because of this black is an important color in our lives.

The black Dragonfly chiefly represents uniqueness, the ability to stand out. It symbolizes privacy and aloofness. It’s okay to keep your life private, you might not want attention and that’s alright

A black Dragonfly encourages you to go deep and do some self reflection. This spirit animal wants us to abandon shallow thinking and be absorbed in deep thoughts. What is working in your life? And what is not? Allow yourself some alone time to analyze your own life.

4. Green dragonfly meaning

Green dragonfly meaning. Green Dragonflies are messengers for new relationships and beginnings. This beautiful creature reminds you to open your heart for love to enter your life.
Green dragonfly meaning

The color green represents Mother Nature, growth, fertility, and new beginnings. Green is also the color of prosperity.

Our heart chakra is considered the green chakra. So, green color is the color of heartfelt emotions and feelings.

Green Dragonflies are messengers for new relationships and beginnings. This beautiful creature reminds you to open your heart for love to enter your life.

The Green Dragonfly can also symbolize that wealth is coming your way. Therefore, if you see this creature, consider it a reminder for good health, prosperity, true love, and openness with family and friends.

How To Know if Dragonfly is Your Spirit Animal?

The Native American belief is we do not choose our spirit animals. It is the other way round, or they choose you. Also, it is possible to have multiple spirit animals. As you start doing self-reflection and walk on the spiritual path, gradually you will start recognizing your spirit animal.

The more you become aware of your true life purpose you start receiving messages from spirit animals.

Have you seen a dragonfly more than once on important junctures of your life?

Do you have a special liking towards these beautiful creatures?

Have you ever dreamed about dragonflies?

Reading this article do you feel an affinity towards Dragonflies?

If answers to one or more of these questions are, “yes” it is possible that Dragonfly is your spirit guide!

Watch this video on the secret world of Dragonflies

Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning

If you sense that Dragonfly is your spirit guide or you just love Dragonflies, you can opt for Dragonfly tattoos. Before you get inked, know a few details about the Dragonfly tattoos.

  • It acts as a reminder of positivity, prosperity, good fortune, courage, and balance.
  • These tattoos are symbols of freedom.
  • Dragonfly tattoo designs are the second most popular insect design tattoos after butterflies.
  • Some think of these designs as feminine, nonetheless, anyone can have a small dragonfly tattoo!
  • Opt for a tribal dragonfly design or a 3D pattern in bright colors.
  • If you are bold enough, request the tattoo artist to make a huge Dragonfly on your arm or back.
  • From tiny designs to just an outline, tribal patterns, black and white to artistic designs, Dragonfly tattoos captivate the human eye.
  • This power animal can boost your confidence as you flaunt it on your skin.
  • Dragonflies are spiritual messengers that bring good luck on our way.

Here are some sample designs of Dragonfly Tattoo –

Closing Thoughts

If you have often seen Dragonflies flying around you, it could be because it is your spirit guide! When Dragonfly is your spirit guide, you will often find unexpected ideas in your head. Start taking action on these inspiring ideas. Also, pay attention to your dreams. This winged creature can appear in your dream to convey a deep message.