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20 Dreams About Tornadoes and What They Mean

20 Dreams About Tornadoes and What They MeanUpdated on September 29, 2020 | Published on August 1, 2020
Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, Psychiatrist

20 Dreams About Tornadoes and What They Mean

A tornado is a localized, violent, and destructive windstorm. It mostly occurs on land, and it has the characteristic funnel-shaped, long clouds that extend towards the ground. A tornado may destroy everything in its wake as it moves forward. Why, then, do some of us have dreams about tornadoes?

Dreaming about a tornado can have several meanings, ranging from disturbances ahead in life, to violent thoughts, and overwhelming relationships. These dreams can also represent an unpredictable force. This force is uncontrollable and will show up in your life without any warning. In any case, it is clear that dreams speak to us in a coded language. Also, dream interpretation is highly subjective. 

Let’s look at some of the most common meanings of tornado dreams. But before we do that, let’s try to understand why dreams have meanings. Additionally, why it is worth it to analyze them?

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Types of Dreams about Tornadoes and Their Meanings

Why Do We Dream and Why Do Our Dreams Have Meanings?

Dreams are very complex. Science has long wondered why they are so complex and bizarre, and most importantly, why they have meanings. 

According to a study conducted at the Max Planck Medical Institute in Germany, when we sleep, our hippocampus transfers our short term memories into the neocortex. This is done for long term storage. It is during this transfer of information that some data gets randomly snatched up by our mind. It starts showing up as dreams. Oftentimes, our dreams have very little to do with the literal content of our memories. But they can be interpreted to figure out what is bothering our subconscious mind. 

Having said that, let us now look at the most common meanings of tornado dreams. 

Dreams About Tornadoes & Their General Meanings

Here are some generalized meanings that can be associated with all types of dreams about tornadoes:

1. Fear of Change

Dreaming about tornadoes can be an indication of fear of change. This may be because of a variety of reasons. Ignorance, denial, or repression of our intuitions that tell us that we need to make a change are some of them.  

Intuitions are a way for our subconscious to let us know that something is about to happen or change. But we tend to ignore it if it’s an unpleasant change. Similarly, ignorance and denial of the situation won’t change the reality of it. A tornado in your dreams is your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that your are ignoring your intuition. By doing so, you are creating a situation that may uproot your life in the same way a tornado uproots things in the real world. 

2. Obsessive Thoughts 

Air is generally considered a symbol of our thoughts, and our thoughts are not stable. They are the motivation behind our actions and emotions. This is why when you see a tornado in a dream, it serves a dual function. First, it symbolizes your thoughts running here and there. Secondly, it symbolizes the dangerous emotions that can rise up from such a thought process. 

A tornado in a dream may indicate that you are having obsessive thoughts over a particular subject. You are letting these thoughts spin inside your mind over and over again. Or it can mean that you are emotionally confused. Metaphorically speaking, you cannot stop spinning in circles in the waking world. In such cases, tornado dreams act a symbol of the fact that you have reached a dangerous point. Now, you can no longer control your thoughts or emotions. 

20 Dreams About Tornadoes and What They Mean
20 Dreams About Tornadoes and What They Mean

3. Anxiety

Recurring tornado dreams can often be symbolic of anxiety. And this anxiety can be temporary over an upcoming event, or it can be generalized anxiety. The former is less often manifested as tornado dreams. The deep-seated generalized anxiety that is located deep within the psyche often shows up as tornadoes in dreams. 

This is usually disconnected from the everyday anxiety of waking life. Instead, it is THE chronic worry or fear that something sinister is waiting in the shadows. Tornado dreams, especially when they are recurrent, symbolize the chronic worrying. Specifically, over the fact that something may be waiting over which you are completely powerless. No matter how much you prepare for the event, it will either ruin you completely, or take away everything that you love no matter how much you prepare for it.  

4. Addiction to Drama

Some people are metaphorical tornado chasers. They keep themselves occupied by engaging in drama. Some examples include staying in dysfunctional relationships, making irresponsible decisions, etc. They do this despite knowing that all of this drama will have negative consequences for them. Also, they do this because then they keep their focus on the outer world and its chaos. So, it becomes easy to ignore what is really going on inside. 

They become so embroiled in the chaotic lifestyle; and they don’t see that something inside their mind is broken. They have no time for reflection, healing, or rest. Because they are only reacting to the daily drama of their life. In such cases, dreams of tornadoes call their attention to their addiction to drama. 

5. Emotional upheaval and self-destructive behavior

Tornadoes are destructive and dynamic in nature. Therefore, it is natural that tornado dreams signify emotional upheaval and destructive behavior. When you feel strong emotions like rage and confusion brewing, or you feel as if you are powerless to stop something, it is likely that you will see destructive forces like tornadoes in your dreams. It can also mean that there is a potentially destructive situation in your waking life. And that you need to get it under control.

Showing tornadoes in their dreams is a way for your subconscious mind to call attention to our emotional state, destructive situation, or harmful behavior.  You should take a long and hard look at both your emotions and thoughts because if you keep spinning out of control, you will end up creating disturbances in your life. 

Types of Dreams about Tornadoes and Their Meanings

Depending on the situation in which you are in the dream, tornado dreams can have different types of meanings. For instance, the meaning of a dream in which you are caught in a tornado would be different from a dream in which everything around you is destroyed by the tornado except you. 

Following are some of the most common types of tornado dreams. Read on to find out what dreaming about different types of tornadoes means. 

1. What does it mean when you dream of watching a tornado from afar?

If you are looking at a tornado in your dream from far away, it can mean that a new challenge is coming up in your life or soon you will be seeing a new relationship emerge. Depending on the gender of the dreamer, the meaning of watching a tornado in a dream can also be different. 

For instance, if you are a man and you dreamed of watching powerful tornadoes, it is possible that you have some problems or conflicts you need to resolve at work. On the other hand, women often dream of tornadoes when there is a conflict or problem within their relationship. If you have had an argument with your partner, it may manifest as a tornado in your dream as well, especially if you are a woman. 

Moreover, studies have also shown that pregnant women are likely to see tornadoes in their dreams. So, if you are a woman, it can also mean that you are pregnant in the waking life. The distance from which you are watching the tornado is also important. If the tornado is far away, it can be indicative of the fact that it will not damage you. 

2. What does it mean when you dream of being caught up in the middle of a tornado?

If you have ever dreamed that you are caught up in the middle of a tornado, it could be an indication of the fact that you feel as if you are stuck in the middle of your own emotions we’re not fighting to get out.

Another interpretation of this dream is that someone might be controlling you, and you do not have any control over your own life. Too many problems leading to overwhelming confusion can also result in this type of dream. 

3. What does it mean when you dream of trying to escape from a tornado?

If you have been dreaming that you are trying to escape from a tornado, it is indicative of a desire in the waking life to escape from any conflicts. This means that you would rather run away from a difficult situation, Or keep your emotions and thoughts suppressed in order to maintain the hard money and peace, instead of facing your difficulties head-on. 

4. What does it mean when you dream of surviving a tornado?

If you were stuck in the middle of the eye storm and you somehow managed to survive the tornado in your dream, or if you see a tornado destroying everything around you and somehow you managed to make it out alive, this can have a positive meaning.

It may be indicative of the fact that you are progressing in your waking life and temporary problems that were initially bothering you are getting resolved slowly. This can also mean that you’re coming out stronger and happier out of a difficult situation in waking life. 

5. What does it mean when you dream of watching a tornado destroy everything around you?

If you dream of a tornado that is wreaking havoc around you and destroying everything in its path, it is indicated or a situation in the waking world where you are faced with a certain situation or dilemma, and you have to figure out its consequences. 

6. What does it mean when you dream of your family and friends being stuck in a tornado?

If you watch your near and dear ones caught in a tornado in a dream, it may be a sign that you need to focus on events that may affect your family and friends in the real world. It is possible that you are neglecting their well-being and this is the only way for your subconscious mind to remind you to check up on them. 

7. What does it mean when you dream of several tornadoes?

If you dream of several tornadoes at the same time, it may be indicative of the fact that you are someone who has mood swings quite often. It can also mean that you are surrounded by people who are sometimes violent, either in their actions or in their words. Lastly, this type of dream can also be a symbol of a volatile situation or relationship, and this may be the only way for your subconscious mind to get out of such a volatile relationship

Additionally, the scale of the tornadoes, as well as the exact quantity will be proportional to the problems and external stressors in the waking life. For instance, if there are a lot of tiny little things that are bothering you, you will see a lot of little, skinny tornadoes. But if there is a lot going on and the anxiety and worry of the situation Is being you down to the point that it is too much, you may see either a big storm, or a bunch of huge storms. 

8. What does it mean when you dream of tornado warnings?

If you see that you are hunkered down in your basement and waiting for a huge tornado to hit, while shielding your neck with your own hands, you can hear the sirens for the tornado screaming in the distance, it is specific to a very common scenario that almost all of us face. 

Such a dream is very common among people who tend to spend a lot of time worrying and preparing for something that may never even affect them in the long run. In fact, as mentioned above, a tornado warning dream is especially common for people who may have undiagnosed anxiety disorders. 

Additionally, it is also possible that being in a basement is indicative of the fact that you are prepared for whatever big change life is about to throw at you, maybe even more prepared than you think you are. In such cases, the dream may be a way for your subconscious to let you know that you need to relax and trust your own skills. 

9. What does it mean when you dream of being stuck in a car in a tornado?

If you dream of being stuck in a car while a tornado rips and rages outside, it is indicative of the fact that you may be lacking clarity about something in your life that is stressing your mind. Being trapped in a car may be a symbol of feeling overwhelmed or unprepared, and being vulnerable and unsure about how to handle the situation at hand. It is also possible that you are experiencing indecision about a particular subject in your life, and the storm outside is a manifestation of the worry engulfing your mind. 

10. What does it mean when you dream of being carried away by a tornado?

In most cases, people wake up before the tornado gets to them. But if the tornado sweeps you up and you find yourself being spit into the Sky, it’s a pretty disturbing sign of your subconscious telling you something extremely grave and serious. 

Essentially, your mind is telling you that whatever it is that you are worried about, you’re getting carried away by it. You are letting your parts and emotions go all over the place and you are worrying yourself to the point that your normal routine and Peace of Mind is completely disturbed. In such cases, it is recommended to take some time out and figure out what’s happening in the waking world that is disturbing you so much. 

11. What does it mean when you dream of trying to save someone from the tornado?

If you are trying to get someone or something out of the harm’s way and the tornado comes for them, it is worth evaluating your relationship with this person or thing. 

For instance, if you are dreaming of trying to save your child from the tornado, it may be an indication of your worry about some issues the child may be facing for example academic problems or bullying. In the dream is a manifestation of your desire to protect them. Moreover, any anxiety over the relationship can also show up like a dog in the path of the tornado. This is the cause of dogs usually act as a symbol of friendship and loyalty in dreams. 

12. What does it mean when you dream of hiding from a tornado in your childhood home?

The setting of your dream can also be helpful in clarifying what exactly is bothering you. If you are hiding from a tornado in your childhood home, it is possible that your subconscious mind is troubled by something that happened when you were living there. It can also be a symbol of unprocessed childhood trauma. 

Because even though suppressing your trauma is a great coping mechanism, it will inevitably lead to self-destruction. Even if it feels comforting at the moment, sooner or later, it will end up hurting you or your loved ones beyond repair. 

13. What does it mean when you dream of a tornado with a mouth?

If you dream of a tornado that has a big mouth that is either wordlessly mounting at you, or trying to say something to you, it is possible that you are subconsciously afraid of being reprimanded by a superior person or a person in authority. It is also possible that you are afraid of being discovered because you know you have done something wrong and are afraid of being discovered. 

If in the waking world, you feel that there is something you have done wrong and the consequences of which you are powerless to stop, make sure to dig deeper and face your demons instead of running away from them. 

14. What does it mean when you dream of being trapped in the eye of the tornado?

Dreaming about being trapped in the eye of the storm can be a symbol of deceptive circumstances in which you may think that you are safe, but what is really happening is you are ignoring the danger outside. This is especially true for people in abusive relationships who are ignoring or in denial about the situation they are in. 

If you see yourself trapped in the eye of the tornado in your dream, be honest with yourself and to pay attention to your life. Get your house sorted before it is leveled to the ground by the symbolic tornado. 

15. What does it mean when you dream of lightning and thunder accompanied by a tornado?

If the tornado in your dream is accompanied by lightning and Thunder, it can have several meanings. Since we are not able to control this type of weather, it is possible that such a dream may be indicative of an outside force that is heading towards you.

Depending on what happens next in the dream, it can also symbolize fear of what’s coming, or if you are huddled inside your house, it can mean that you are prepared to deal with the oncoming adversity. 

16. What does it mean when you dream of different colored tornadoes?

The color of the tornado in a dream is as important as its shape and size. For instance. A black tornado is often indicative of depressive, melancholic, and sad thoughts. In some extreme cases of clinical depression, it can even indicate thoughts of suicide.

On the other hand, a blue or white tornado can mean that someone close to you is about to offer you some helpful advice. 

17. What does it mean when you dream of being killed by a tornado?

Being killed by a tornado in a dream means that your emotional dam is about to burst and your temper is getting short. It is possible that you may be feeling a strong need for revenge and vengeance too. It is time to ask yourself if you are angry at someone who hurt you in the past or not. On the other hand, if you dream of other people being killed by a tornado, it is possible that you are feeling extremely uncomfortable by a situation in waking life. 

Whatever the case may be, it is time to sit down and do some self reflection. Learn how to forgive and let go of the past. Figure out what is making you uncomfortable and work out a solution. 

18. What does it mean to dream of a tornado funnel?

The tornado funnel is an indication of a warning. It can mean that you are about to face some heavy destruction in the future, but it also implies that you have the power to stop this destruction. If you listen to your gut and make the right decision, you will get out of the problem. 

The tornado funnel is your mind’s way of telling you to trust your intuition. It also represents the feeling of burden and too much stress. 

19. What does it mean to dream of things flying in the sky because of a tornado?

If you see random objects being sucked up by the tornado and flying in the sky, it means that you are being reckless and careless, and this is going to negatively affect the people in your life. Depending on what objects you see flying in the sky, the dream can also have different meanings. 

For instance, if your house is sucked into the sky, it means you will ultimately learn how to be more responsible. On the other hand, if you see a car caught in a tornado, it means that there are some hidden forces at play that are preventing you from moving forward in life. 

20. What does it mean when you dream of strong winds in a tornado?

Strong winds accompanied by tornadoes often mean that there are invisible forces at play here. It can also signify that your subconscious mind is getting ready to connect to a higher consciousness and develop the strength and power that comes with it.

But depending on your reaction to these winds, it can also have negative connotations, like feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed in the waking world. 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning of A Tornado Dream?

In the spiritual world, tornado dreams can mean that you are leaving behind traditional boundaries and developing your own values and characters. You are becoming more independent too. A tornado joins the Earth and the sky, and in spiritual terms, a tornado dream represents the joining of these two elements, which can also be seen as a symbol of rebirth and emerging from difficulties. 

What Is The Biblical Meaning of A Tornado Dream?

The biblical meaning of a tornado dream is inadvertently related to the internal emotional upheaval you are experiencing. Maybe you are trapped in a sensitive and difficult situation, or have suppressed anger and frustration towards someone. Or maybe you are holding on to the negative emotions in your life

In other words, it is time to take a step back and try to interpret what your tornado dreams mean by asking yourself some difficult questions. Which brings me to my next point…

Tornado Dream Interpretation

If you often dream about tornadoes, it is time to sit down and ask yourself some serious questions.  

  1. Do you feel confused about any particular aspect or part of your life?  
  2. Do you often feel overwhelmed by a particular situation?  
  3. Have you felt disappointed about something lately?  
  4. Are you engaging in self-destructive behavior?  
  5. Have you heard some strong emotions and experiences lately?  
  6. Are you trapped in a volatile or chaotic situation or relationship? 
  7. Have you been around someone who has experienced overwhelming emotions lately? 
  8. Do you have a lack of self-control around someone or in a particular situation? 
  9. Have you been experiencing emotional outbursts lately and feel like everything inside you is building up and you need a release? 
  10. Has there been a sudden dynamic shift in your life? 

Tornado Dream Associations

Here is a brief summary of the positive and negative associations of tornado dreams:

Positive associations

  • Overcoming difficult situations
  • Starting over
  • Working on something new and exciting
  • Ability to open up and express your emotions
  • Financial gains
  • Success in standing up for yourself
  • Finding solutions to problems no one has solved yet
  • Strong and passionate feelings for another person

Negative associations

  • Inability to control emotions
  • Volatile relationships
  • Disappointment and frustration regarding failed plans
  • Insecurity and instability
  • Anxiety and chaotic thoughts
  • Confusion over a recent decision
  • Bad health
  • Panic and rage

On Parting Thoughts 

All of the questions mentioned above need to be answered before you can start making sense of your tornado dreams. And most importantly, if you feel that you are severely disturbed by these dreams or wake up feeling shaken, and then it is possible that you might be experiencing an anxiety or depressive disorder. In such cases, you should consult With a therapist and get some professional help.