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Horse Symbolism & Meaning

Horse Symbolism & Meaning

Horse Symbolism

“A man on horse is spiritually as well as physically bigger than a man on foot.” 

— John Steinbeck 

Horse symbolism is present in most cultures all over the world from prehistoric times. The Horse symbol is considered to be a good omen by people, although it’s meaning differs across cultures. Horses are hoofed herbivorous animals from the family Equidae. Spiritually, a horse expresses sexual energy and vigor. It is considered to be the impelling cause that keeps you up in life.

Horse Meaning

The Horse Meaning in the aspect of spirituality is change. You can harness the Horse spirit to transform your life. The Horse meaning denotes your strength to overcome difficulties in life. It is a reminder of the wild, adventurous spirit that flows through you. Just trust in yourself and let go of resistance. Let the Horse animal totem drive you to the right destination. 

Horse Spiritual Meaning 

The spiritual meaning of Horse animal totem is the freedom of expression. It urges us to become free and express ourselves fully. When Horse appears in your life it indicates your energy.

The horse spirit animal is associated with strong emotions and desires. Horse symbols are considered as motivating factors that can drive you towards growth and greatness.

Again Horse has also been connected with darker human instincts, death, destruction and misery. In the Bible, Horse has been a chief symbol of intelligence. According to Psychology, Horse represents the unconscious level of our human minds.

The Horse spirit animal is said to bring a message from the spirit realm and it asks us to be courageous, free and confident. 

Either it is a symbol of your high energy and sexuality. Or if you are someone who is suppressing yourself the Horse can come to encourage you to express your authentic self. It pleads you to stop self sabotaging and show your true self to the world. You are unique and there is no harm in showcasing your individuality.

Wild Horse Meaning

The wild Horse is a symbol of purity and virginity. The horn of wild horses was thought to have healing powers. 

Horse Spirit Animal  

The Horse spirit animal can appear in your life to teach a valuable life lesson. Do you see the Horse often? In real life or in your dreams? It could be because the Horse as a spirit animal is indicating a direction to you. It is urging you to focus your energies on your life. 

The Horse is asking you to stop wasting energies on unnecessary people and matters. Find what’s significant for you and put all your efforts there. Also, the wild animal encourages you to become courageous and dive within yourself. Understand the real “you” and what you want in life. Then chase your dreams with speed and determination.

Horse Totem

The Horse totem is a symbol of freedom. This spirit animal arrives in your life when you are ready for a change. It represents a new beginning, adventure and independence. The Horse spirit totem urges you to ride in new directions, to explore the unknown and rediscover yourself. This spirit totem urges you to free yourself from your own limitations and seek the unknown.   

Horse Power Animal

The Horse as a power animal enables you to find your inner strength. It encourages you to see the spiritual path. If you are mindful you will sense a strong force always backing you up.

The Horse power animal urges you to practice self love and take good care of your mind, body and spirit. With the help of this power animal, you will connect with your inner fears. You will feel strong and be prepared to overcome the challenges in your path. This power animal will lead you in the troubled times and illuminate your path while providing a wild courage to overcome all obstacles.

Horse Symbolism & Meaning | The Horse Spirit Animal
Horse Symbolism & Meaning | The Horse Spirit Animal

What does a Horse Symbolize? 

A Horse spirit animal can symbolize –

  • Freedom
  • Power
  • Nobility
  • Beauty
  • Courage
  • Sexuality
  • Fertility
  • Endurance
  • Competitiveness
  • Triumph
  • Extermination
  • Impulsiveness
  • Desire
  • Motivation
  • Instinctive impulses 

Horse as Your Spirit or Totem Animal 

When you have the Horse as your spirit or totem animal you have a high energy level. A Horse spirit animal person loves challenges and you love winning those. This spirit animal makes you focused, determined and confident.

With Horse as your spirit animal you are adventurous, bold and passionate in nature. You have high sexual drive. In general, you are extremely intuitive and courageous.

You are friendly and loyal but you love your own space. Horse spirit helps you to look for your inner spiritual power and you easily balance everything in your life. Although you are caring towards others you know how to express yourself and you love your freedom. 

Horse Symbolism

Horse is a symbol of courage and freedom. This noble animal signifies that you have the ability to choose for yourself. Even if you face difficulties in life at the moment, things will improve. The wild spirit of Horse urges you to be courageous and believe in your abilities.

On one hand, Horse symbolism asks you to own your power, on the other hand, it urges you to believe in your intuition and follow the path as suggested to you. The color of the Horse spirit animal is important because the message would differ in terms of their body color.

White Horse Symbolism

The white stallion is symbolic of knowledge and spirituality. If you see a white Horse it could indicate that you will encounter a spiritual lesson soon enough. Or maybe you will meet a spiritual teacher who would have a great impact in your life.

The ancient Bach Ma temple in Vietnam honors a white horse. According to a legend, a Vietnamese king got to see the location to build a citadel in his dream. He dreamed of a white horse that instructed the location to construct the citadel.

Black Horse Symbolism

The black Horse is a sign of death and rebirth. It could indicate the closing of one door and opening of another for you. This Horse urges you to have faith. Trust your gut feeling and take action. You don’t have to see the whole picture, just take a leap of faith and proceed in your life journey.

Brown Horse Symbolism 

The brown Horse is symbolic of trusting the higher power or the Universe. This spirit animal reminds you that the Universe always provides us everything we need. You must let go of attachments and you will definitely receive what you need. 

Red Horse Symbolism 

The red Horse is a symbol of anger. If you see a red steed it indicates that you are warned of your anger and vengefulness. Control your emotions or you will be in trouble. 

Black and white Horse Symbolism 

The black and white Horse animal totem appears in your life to urge you to have balance in life. Do some self reflection and find out in which areas of your life you are off balance. You must take appropriate action to improve your life. 

Grey Horse Symbolism 

The grey-colored equine appears in your life to urge you to dive within. Look for the silver lining and keep pushing. Grey horses appear in your life if things are not going in your favor it would soon enough.

Palomino (Golden) Horse Symbolism

The golden Horse is a symbol of spiritual awakening. It asks you to trust in yourself. You will receive divine help. Just keep going on.

Native American Horse Symbolism

The Native Americans treat horses with huge respect. To them, a horse is a symbol of success, strength, courage, power, triumph and authority. Horse spirit animals are considered to be a good omen that can help you overcome challenges. It can take your message to the spirit realm and assist you in your troubled times.

The Native American tribes regard the Horse spirit guide as “God Dogs” or a messenger to god. The blue Horse symbolism originated in the Native American tribes and was depicted in tribal dances.

Celtic Horse Symbolism

The Celtic people considered horses as protectors or guardians of humans. In the Celtic fables, there is the mention of deities who can transform into horses and protect the humans. There is also a fairy character, the Pooka horse depicted in a tale that took lost travelers to death.

African Horse Symbolism

 In ancient Egypt, the Horse was considered a symbol of courage, confidence and fortitude. Horse was deeply respected and its spiritual significance was that of victory and heroism. In the Northwest of Africa men ride on horses during festivals or weddings.

Horse Symbolism in the East

The Japanese consider the Horse as a spirit animal that God rides to arrive on earth. In the Chinese mythology, Horse is depicted as a symbol of courage, power, and integrity. The Chinese believe Horse as a noble and faithful animal. In the Chinese folktales often Horse is illustrated as a half-dragon, half-horse creature that could fly.

Horse Symbolism in Christianity

In the holy Bible, Horse has considerable importance. Also, Horse symbolism is based on color. The white Horse is depicted as a symbol of death. The black Horse is a symbol of life as well as death. Horse has been described as a sign of courage, nobleness and greatness. 

The book of Revelations depict that Christ will return to bequeath His justice upon the evil while riding a white horse.

Horse Symbolism in Mythology

The Horse has been depicted in various mythologies all over the world. In certain instances it is a half-human half horse creature. Again somewhere it is a beautiful winged animal or the unicorn. In Greek mythology Pegasus is a divine magical horse with wings. He could carry thunderbolts and wherever he hit with the hoof water would burst out.

In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna killed Keshi, an evil horse in a combat. Also, Surya, the Sun God is said to travel in a carriage driven by seven horses. The Celtics people worshiped a goddess named Epona who protected horses and ponies. 

Horse Omens 

  • Renaming a Horse is considered to bring bad luck.
  • Sudden encounter of a white Horse could indicate death. 
  • Horseshoe at your door could ward off evil spirits from your home. It is also considered as a charm for prosperity.
  • The face of a Horse is considered to be lucky.
  • Horse poop is considered to bring prosperity. 
  • It was believed that Horsehair has healing powers. 

Horse Dream Meaning

Horse dreams are one of the most common dreams. If Horse emerged in a dream it could convey different messages depending on the color or the behavior of the horse. White Horse usually appears in dreams to deliver a spiritual message while Black Horse comes to urge you to move in a positive direction in life. 

Here are the dream interpretations if Horse appears in your dreams.

White horse in your dream

It could indicate marriage happening soon. Either you or someone in your family might be getting hitched sooner.

In your dream if you were riding a white horse it could signify great friendships and support coming on your way.

Black horse in your dream

A black Horse can appear in your dreams to warn you about a relationship. It’s worth reconsidering the relationships in your life and stop wasting energy on people who do not deserve your trust or attention.

Horse carriage in your dream

When you see horses pulling a carriage, your dream signifies hurdles. You have to move forward in life overcoming challenges.

Running Horse in your dream

If you see one or multiple Horses running in the dream it could indicate your real life situation. Are you running away from something?

When you see Horse in a barn

In the dream if you see the Horse in a barn it signifies a new start. You will get rid of the old and begin a new life.

A flying Horse in your dream

When you see a flying Horse in the dream it suggests someone else is going to overtake you in life. Your competitor will beat you if you do not work hard.

Horse in your dream as a Symbol of Sexuality

In dream interpretation Horse is a symbol of sexual drive, according to Sigmund Freud. Depending on the dream it could represent your suppressed or raised sexual energy. 

If you dream about riding a tame Horse it indicates your strong erotic desires. But if the Horse in your dream is uncontrollable it indicates your exceeding sexual desires that need to be controlled.

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Horse in Literature 

This gorgeous animal has been cited in literature all the time! Some of the famous classics where Horse animal was referred are –

 Black Beauty (1877) by Anna Sewell

Call of the Wild (1903) by Jack London

The Red Pony (1933) by John Steinbeck

 National Velvet (1935) by Enid Bagnold

The Black Stallion (1941) by Walter Farley 

My Friend Flicka (1941) by Mary O’Hara 

The Horse and His Boy (1954) by C.S. Lewis

Horse Tattoo Meaning

  • In the world of tattoos, Horse is a cool design. Usually, Horse patterns will represent speed and strength. The winged horse tattoo indicates creativity, power and wisdom. 
  • The tribal Horse tattoos can be portraying a unique meaning to the wearer.
  • Celtic Horse tattoos with knots in the animal body indicates victory and strength.
  • The Horseshoe tattoo is a sign of prosperity and good fortune.
  • The flaming Horse tattoo indicates power and wild courage.
  • The position of tattoos has no special significance. So, you can ink a Horse tattoo on any part of the body you desire.

Here are some sample Tattoos –

Video about Horse Spirit Animal Meaning 

Watch this video about Horse Spirit Animal Meaning 

Our intention here was to bring to you all the information about Horse Symbolism. All the while, we have tried to give all the prevalent ideas, significance, and beliefs about the Horse across cultures in the world.

We do not encourage you to practice any of the ideas or customs presented here. This article is meant to be read for entertainment only. 

Closing Thoughts

Horse symbolism is a fascinating topic. Throughout the world, horses are usually considered with dignity among other animals. The face of Horse is believed to be lucky and many houses keep horseshoe to ward off negative energy and bring prosperity and good fortune. Horse tattoos are also quite popular. The Horse spirit animal guides us at moments of needs. It’s the energy that guides us to take our life path with courage and enthusiasm.