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Spider Symbolism – Everything You Want to Know

Spider Symbolism – Everything You Want to Know

Spider Symbolism

Spider symbolism signifies patience, courage, and will power. Spider is considered as a spirit animal that denotes feminine energy and their skillful weaving of elaborate webs indicates perseverance and tact for the desired outcome.

Having the spider as a spirit animal will help you to intelligently weave every step of your destiny. Keep reading to find out how spider spirit animals can inspire, help, and guide you.

Spider Meaning

Spider is an insect that appears in many Native American fables. The most popular one is of Grandmother Spider who spins the web of time and is aware of the past as well as the future! The Spider spirit guide is considered with importance in Native American history.

Spider is related to communication & coordination. Spider gains a lot of control by weaving but once the prey is wrapped up, this control is complete.

As spider is of eight legs numerology considers spider with the symbol for infinity. Spider shows the complete life cycle – the beginning and the end. If a spider web is demolished, the spider recycles it and weaves it anew. So spider shows how a person can learn from negative experiences and use them for our gain.

Spider Symbolism – what do spiders symbolize?

Spiders have been considered as powerful animals in Native American mythology. A spider has been considered symbolic of creativity, individuality, patience, and skillfulness.

Spider is considered as a power animal that symbolizes creativity, self-dependency, patience, and skillfulness.

Because you are reading this article, it is an indication that you are about to understand your soul purpose and place in this world. The symbolism of the spider spirit is to consider your flaws from a different light by focusing on the self-transformation process. Spider symbolism stresses on planning your task beforehand than rushing into things. It also encourages you to hold patience and view problems from a different angle.

Spider Web Symbolism

The Spider will weave a web to capture the prey. Spider’s web in the Native American concept is a symbolism of life. Just as a spider weaves to manifest its desires so should we.

The intricate webs represent our efforts that will give rise to our expected outcome. We should be mindful of the choices we make in our lives. Because as a spider would weave a web, similarly we are weaving the wheels of our destiny.

Spider Symbolism – Everything You Want to Know
Spider Symbolism – Everything You Want to Know

What is a Spider Spirit Animal?

The Spider spirit animal enters your life as an indicator of creativity. If you have been stuck in life, now is the time to rise and shine. Spider spirit guide acts as a messenger from the higher power to urge you to reconnect to the divine feminine energy within yourself. The spider creates its world by spinning their webs. Similarly, we create our world with the actions we take.

Therefore, Spider spirit animal suggests to pause and reflect on your life. Are you spending your time and energy to build your dream life? Or are you wasting it all on negative and useless matters?

What is A Spider Totem Animal?

Spiders are delicate beings but nature has bestowed them with immense power to strive and survive. The Spider represents that we can spin the webs of life and create the future we want. Whenever you face challenges and feel like giving up, call on this spirit animal guide to lead you the way. Observe the aspects of your life and if you need to change anything, change by spinning an energetic web around you.

In real life, the Spider acts as a spirit totem that wants you to have control over your destiny. Your spider totem wants you to celebrate your feminine energy and live life fully. Some people are born with a Spider totem. Excellent writers often have a Spider totem which is why they can play with words so beautifully and weave magic in their writing.

White Spider Meaning

The color white signifies purity, hope, confidence and enlightenment. A white spider symbolizes patience and receptive ability. It is often associated with feminine energy and creativity. 

A white spider is also sometimes related to dark aspects of personality such as pride and judgmental character.

Although many of us fear spiders, spider dreams are considered to be good. If you see a white spider in your dream it is a sign of some huge monetary gain and success. A white spider spirit animal is symbolic to prosperity, great career and fame.

Spider Meaning in Different Cultures

Native American Culture

In the Native American tradition, spiders are often associated with protection. In their folklore, there is mention of a spider woman who visits every village to protect the newborns. She weaves a magical web to protect children from any harm.

 From this legend comes the symbolic dream catcher. Native American mothers particularly of the Ojibwe tribe started to create dream catchers themselves to protect their children from bad dreams and bring only the good ones.

West Africa Culture

In the folktales of West Africa, there is a character named Anansi who is a God-like figure who can transform into a spider. He is strong, intelligent and defeats various creatures.

Greece Culture

In Greek Mythology there is a story of a woman weaver Arachne. The story is beautifully depicted by the Roman poet Ovid. Arachne was a talented weaver who challenged the goddess of crafts, Athena in a weaving contest. Arachne produced a flawless tapestry and won the competition. Out of anger and jealousy, Athena started beating the talented girl in front of others. Out of embarrassment, Arachne committed suicide.

After her death, however, Athena realizes her mistake and repents. She then turns Arachne into a spider so that she could weave all over again.

European Culture

In the European fables, spiders have been depicted in a completely negative light. Its venomous nature, the secret attacking mode has been depicted to cause harm and villainy. Spiders have also been accused of causing the Black Plague.

American Culture

The superhero character that became famous worldwide is Spiderman. He is a Marvel Comics character who got a spider bite as a young boy and attained superpower. Spider man is a protector of common people. He fights with the super-villains to protect the ordinary people.

Indian Culture

In India, spider symbolism has been connected with illusion or Maya. The spider webs are depicted as magical, mysterious and sometimes evil. The webs are symbolized with feeling trapped in the villain’s den. Spiritually, the spirit totem indicates that it’s not always what you see. The Indian folklore warns against deception through the portrayal of a spider sitting on its web and watching.

Egyptian Culture

Around 4000 years old spider art has been deciphered on the rocks of Egyptian desert. In ancient Egyptian folklore, Neith is a goddess of wisdom and weaving. She was considered to be the creator of the universe. There is a spider connection with this deity because of her spinning a web-like design as a part of the creation process.

Spider Spiritual Meaning

1. Spider spirit animals are messengers to change

A spider crawling into your life indicates your life purpose. Through a dream, it can signify the direction you should be taking. You should focus on Spider totem animals. They often usher changes in the life path. Maybe you are not in your Soul path and the Spider instructs you to make some big changes in life.

2. They are symbols of good luck

Some people overcome their dark aspect and move in a totally new path after following the Spider spirit animal. They are saved from wasting their whole life! The shifts they make and the changes they bring help them to have a better life.

3. Spider spirit animals as symbols of creativity

The Spider spirit animals are the creator of the world they live in. They spin the web and build their world. Therefore, the Spider is considered a symbol of creativity. They are often said to possess the feminine energy that signifies creativity.

4. They are symbolic to patience & wisdom

The spider webs are built with care and a lot of endurance. This is why the Spider symbolism is often connected to patience and wisdom.

5. They are a connection to the higher power

In your dream whether you see baby spiders or a spider web, it’s presence in your life signifies that you are being provided with counsel from the source or higher power. Try to remember the dream and try to figure out the meaning. A dead spider could signify that you are killing your creative spirit. If a spider weaves in your dream it could denote new possibilities for you.

6. They are symbol to life spirit and destiny

The Spider represents that you have control of your destiny. It provides you hope and urges to take the necessary action to fulfill your goals.

7. Spider spirit animals are a connection to your shadow self

The Spider symbolism also indicates the dark aspect of you. The negative beliefs and thoughts are weighing you down and stopping you from waking in life. The Spider is signifying the shadow self that is harming you. It is, therefore, your responsibility to be awakened and discard any beliefs that do not serve you.

How To Interpret Spider Symbolism in Dreams

1. If you see the Spider in your dream it could be because the spider totem is offering you guidance. Pay attention to the messages that were delivered to you in your dream. It could be related to an important decision you are about to make. Or it could be a wake-up call for you. Dreams do convey us valuable advice and solutions. By paying attention to the details you would be able to gain perspective on your life.

2. Often dreams about spiders refer to a feminine element in your life. This dream symbol could indicate a female figure you already know! Pay attention to this image if she could assist in your dreams or act as a guide. This could also represent qualities that are considered feminine, for instance, creativity, patience, and tactfulness.

3. Interpreting your dream will also involve deducing the meaning of the feelings and reactions you experienced in the dream. How was the entire experience? Maybe it was peaceful and enticing! Or perhaps the dream was scary and threatening.

4. In your dream, if you wanted to kill a spider it could be because subconsciously you are repressing some of your feelings. If the dream was a scary one it could mean that some aspect of your personality is not aligned with your higher purpose. In a negative dream, the Spider symbolizes your deepest fears.

A Few Positive Traits of the Spider

If you consider the positive traits of the Spider spirit animal you can learn to become more creative, resourceful, and patient. Similar to the Spider, give your efforts into creating the life of your dreams. Create intricate webs of time and patience. Instead of feeling trapped, take charge, and build your life.

A Few Negative Traits of the Spider

There are several people who are mortally afraid of spiders. They find spiders scary, repulsive, and even dangerous for the poisonous spider bites. But you must not look into the dark side if you are interested in implementing the Spider symbolism in the greater aspects of your life. The Spider spirit animal indicates a different aspect of your personality. It highlights your shadow self.

The Spider spirit animal points out some of your negative traits such as the feeling of unworthiness and other self-limiting beliefs. Maybe deep down you feel that you are unloved and unwanted or that you are dissatisfied with yourself. Your deepest fears and negative beliefs can ruin your life. Therefore, the Spider indicates how you are harming yourself.

How To Know If Spider Symbolism Will Have An Influence on You

So are you interested to know if the Spider symbolism will have an influence on you? Keep reading because we would be giving you all the clues.

1. You have a combination of boldness and softness in your character

You have a combination of boldness and softness in your character
You have a combination of boldness and softness in your character

When a spider weaves, it is quite gentle and vulnerable. On the other hand, it is strong when capturing its prey. So you must take a note from the Spider spirit animal. While working on your projects stay calm and gentle but when you are done and the opportunity arrives to claim your fortune you must grab it boldly.

2. You understand that patience is a virtue

You understand that patience is a virtue
You understand that patience is a virtue

Are you someone who understands that good things in life take time to materialize? Yes, doubts creep in your mind at times but you don’t let it overpower you! You are quite rational and value patience and perseverance. Just like spiders spin their web with utmost patience and keep persisting on their efforts.

3. You have a creative streak

You have a creative streak
You have a creative streak

A giant spider spins the web with a creative touch. Similarly, you tap into creativity in various aspects of your life. In fact, creativity is an aspect of your personality! You find joy through creative expression. And it does not mean you have to have great artistic skills! It is that you have a flair for creativity. Maybe the way you pen down ideas in a journal or arrange the books in your bookcase, you give a creative touch on things you do.

You find innovative ways to accomplish a task. And that you dislike doing routine jobs and regular, everyday tasks! You have a desire for adventure and exploring new things.

4. You understand that it is you who can build your life

You understand that it is you who can build your life
You understand that it is you who can build your life

Many people complain about others and blame their circumstances for the challenges they face in life. But you are not one of them! Deep down you totally believe that only you can create the life you want. You know that you are accountable for everything in your life. Ultimately the web that you have spun is your responsibility. You understand that if you make a mistake you have to face the consequences.

5. You have a complicated life

You have a complicated life
You have a complicated life

Spiders have an unpredictable life and they do not spin a balanced web. If you are a person going through difficulties and uncertainties in life you must pay attention to the Spider animal totem. If you fail to notice its message it could be that you won’t be able to proceed in your life path.

When To Call on Your Spider Spirit Animal

• The situation is such that you need protection and stability in life.

• You understand that action must be taken to reap the rewards. However, you need some guidance.

• While chasing your dreams you seek guidance.

• There is a strong sense of self-belief in the qualities you possess.

• You are feeling trapped in a creative rut.

Spider Tattoo Meaning

Although real spiders frighten many people the spider designs are quite popular in tattoos. This is partly because the spider tattoo designs look good on the skin and also because spiders are associated with myths, culture and spirituality. 

Spider tattoos have symbolic significance. They symbolize artfulness, balance, creativity, patience, feminine energy and life. The spiders create intricate webs that symbolize patience and artfulness. Realistic spider tattoos are quite attractive to a number of people. What’s more, these patterns could be inked on any body part!

Some Spider Tattoo Designs –

Spider Web Tattoo Meaning

Spider web tattoos have always been in the negative light because of its huge criticisms. This pattern is often associated with jail inmates and criminals and so many people are skeptical of getting it inked on their skin! 

In the 1970s and 1980s, the web tattoos were inked by notorious murderers, members of gangs, racists and other criminals. Even now, the prisoners mostly opt for the spider web tattoos other than the teardrop tattoo. 

A spider web can portray danger or a tangle of lies. Although in some cultures it is also considered as a sign of fate. In modern times, web tattoos are becoming popular in the tattoo parlors because the tattoo also represents the web of life.

Some Spider Web Tattoo Designs –

Spider Web Prison Tattoos and Meaning

Spider and spider web tattoos are quite common among the prisoners. The inmates wearing this tattoo might want to represent their time in prison. Tattoo designs of prisoners denote the numbers of years he will have to spend in the prison.  

The meaning of such prison tattoos can be broad. It can signify that the serving time for the prisoner is long. Also, in the prison systems, these tattoos represent the crimes of the inmates. Spider web tattoos in prisons are quite unique among the prison gang. 

In the Russian prison system, if an inmate has a tattoo positioned in between his thumb and index fingers, it indicates drug addiction and thievery.

Closing Thoughts

Spider Symbolism is quite an old and popular Native American concept. According to this belief, Spider is considered as a spirit animal and it represents creativity, patience, and change.

A Spider symbolizes good luck and guidance from the higher power. You can get messages from this spirit animal through dreams.