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5 Reasons why you have to Encourage Yourself

5 Reasons why you have to Encourage Yourself

why sometimes you have to encourage yourself

You never know how important it is to encourage yourself unless you do not experience its power. Back in my childhood, I was chosen to play the central character in the annual play. At first, I was very excited. But gradually, the excitement paved way for nervousness and I began to wonder if I would be able to face the audience during my time on the stage.

My class teacher was the first to notice this nervousness during the rehearsals just before the D-day. She took me aside and told me the words of encouragement that I needed to hear. Of course, I still forgot a few of my lines on stage but I played my part very confidently. That day I learned that it was very important to encourage yourself, no matter what you do.

When you are facing hardships, getting discouraged is easy. The challenge lies in finding the courage to overcome the trial. Irrespective of the problem you face, you should never feel discouraged. Because once you do, it is not long before fear and regret take over your mental well-being. This will remain true even when you are facing a life and death situation. Today, I want to share some thoughts on why you should encourage yourself. 

Here is why sometimes you have to encourage yourself

1. You will learn that you are unique

No two people will have the exact same set of skills. So, if you are different, it is perfectly normal. Interestingly, most of us do not realize this simple fact. There are times when people around you will make you feel worthless. But keep reminding yourself that they are wrong.

You were born with a purpose and the abilities that you possess are indeed unique. You may not realize it but when you are discouraged, you soon fall into depression. This is what leads you to push away friends from your life, without even realizing it. 

why you need to always encourage yourself
why you need to always encourage yourself

2. You will be attractive

Do you know that encouraging yourself to do more fuels a positive and happy attitude in life? This also makes you more attractive in your personal life. Interestingly, research shows that people are more productive when they are happy. When you are attractive, people find it easy to approach you. Additionally, they would want to be friends with you. The law of attraction works like a magnet. One way it can attract people but the other way it can also repel them. Always remember that people come into your life for a reason. You just need to point your magnet in the right direction and the results will be surprising.

3. You learn to be there for others

Of course, your problems can be painful. But an excellent way to encourage yourself to move on is to help others battle their problems. Be there for friends as well as a family when they need you. Sometimes you may not be able to resolve their issue but just letting them pour their heart out also eases the situation. What’s more is that when you feel low, you can actually look back and think of all the good that you have done for others. This will surely make you feel better. 

4. You will see the bigger picture

Clarity of thought leads to clarity of action. But this clarity can only come from the ability to see beyond the obvious. Unfortunately, if you are discouraged, this ability becomes clouded. You tend to ignore the obvious facts and totally forget about the long-term impact. This leads to a depressing state-of-mind where nothing seems to work. However, when you encourage yourself, you push your mind to look for a solution and automatically start analyzing the long-term impact.

5. You will never miss opportunities

Sometimes you tend to give up a little too soon. Sadly, in many such cases, the solution is very close. It’s just that we lose the ability to work towards it. Therefore, keep encouraging yourself to work harder. You may not find a solution instantly, but if you keep trying, you will surely get there. After all, once you start the marathon, it is just a matter of time before you make it to the finish line.

Closing thoughts

Sometimes encouraging yourself will be very difficult but if you look within, you will find a reason. But there will be times when you will fail, irrespective of the number of times you try. This still does not mean you should give up. It simply indicates the need to realign your goals and pursue them with greater determination.

Occasionally, you should just take a break, sit back and let the mind rejuvenate. Also, remember that a breakthrough is always around the corner, you just need to keep looking until you find it. When you are discouraged, you lose focus. Therefore, if you intend to live a happy and healthy life, it is very important to stay focused and keep encouraging yourself.