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You Are Enough: 4 Ways to Use This Phrase Positively

You Are Enough: 4 Ways to Use This Phrase PositivelyUpdated on November 15, 2020 | Published on November 8, 2019

You Are Enough: 4 Ways To Use This Phrase Positively

Enough is a very subjective term. There is no common benchmark to define a standard as to how much is enough for anyone. Most of our problems arise because we constantly try to fit into the other person’s shoes. Somewhere down the line, you start questioning your efforts and ability to fulfill the other person’s expectations.

The quest to look for a convincing answer simply internalizes your problems and further weakens your confidence. Often you are blinded by the quest. Instead of realizing that you are enough, you constantly question yourself wondering whether you are enough. This is a vicious pun and in order to connect with your true potential, you need to break it!

How does it all start?

You are enough: These are simple words but understanding and truly implementing their meaning in your daily life can be quite a challenge. You define how much is enough for you. And this is where the trouble starts. In most cases, this definition is based on the expectations of other people. Therefore, it will change every day. This also means that if you continue to tread on this path, you will never meet your goal. Then you will question your efforts wondering if you are doing enough?

The sad part is that most of us find it easier to be compassionate with others. This results in us being way too tough on ourselves. We tend to judge every move that we make. However, when you will sit back to evaluate, you understand that this approach is not fair. 

You are enough: The mantra

This phrase is a powerful mantra that motivates you to believe in your capabilities and work towards achieving your goals. However, you do not benefit by merely reciting the mantra. You need to understand its true meaning and say it like you actually mean it. In the article that follows, we talk about some simple tips that can help you adhere to this mantra and make you believe that you are enough.

It is okay to not be perfect

If people around you tell you to be perfect, they are mistaken. You are born with a unique set of skills and imperfections. It is okay and in fact quite normal. When you come across people who insist on perfection, you need to ignore them and move on with life.

There is nothing wrong with trying to be perfect but when a person becomes obsessed with this perfection, it can be dangerous. Simply because it will prevent you from seeing the positive efforts in everything that you do. Interestingly, according to a 2018 research, the blind pursuit of perfectionism is often a weakness and not a skill.

Keep reminding yourself that you have a unique set of skills that can be different from the others. Focus on using these skills to achieve the best possible results.

Appreciate yourself

The first step towards believing that you are enough is to appreciate the efforts that you take. For instance, you may not succeed in completing a project but you still have a reason to celebrate if you achieve a milestone. Instead of criticizing yourself, focus on nurturing your skills and going ahead. Each time you do this, you are fueling a positive attitude that goes a long way in building your confidence. 

You Are Enough 4 ways to use this phrase positively
You Are Enough 4 ways to use this phrase positively

Stop questioning your self-worth

An antique Rolex timepiece is valued in a museum but you will not find takers if you try to sell in the grocery store next door, isn’t it? Similarly, your skills will be valued if you put them to use in the right place. There is a possibility that discovering the right place will take some time but it is usually always worth the wait.

If you keep doubting your abilities based on the rejections that you experience, you will end up losing your self-confidence.

Don’t let others bring you down

Every day may not be your day! On some days, you are likely to face rejections or fail at whatever you are doing. Sometimes the failures bring down your morale considerably and that is okay. On such occasions remind yourself that you are enough. Tell yourself that you have it in you to pursue even bigger goals and overcome the failure.  As long as you remind yourself that you are enough, others will not be able to pull you down. 

Concluding note

Each one of us is born with a unique set of skills. What you are able to do easily, others may find it very difficult. Even the vice versa is completely true.  So stick to nurturing what you have. Remember that the world appreciates you for being you. So don’t get into the rat race and struggle to change yourself. Your true identity is what sets you apart from the crowd and this differentiation will help you achieve your aim in life. So, keep telling yourself, no matter what, you are enough!