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The Anatomy of a Soul Contract

The Anatomy of a Soul Contract

What is a Soul Contract & How to Find Soul Contract?

As per Gaia, all humans exist as spirits before birth and after death. There is a pre-existing plan for our soul to live our best and most wonderful life on planet earth. Since it is all pre-decided, it is believed that we choose our soul relationships in the form of family members and friends.

These soul contracts help us in reaching our purpose in life. In short, these people help us learn all the things we should in our human form. These relationships are often said to have soul connections.

People with whom we share soul agreements make us feel happiest during our time on Gaia. However, there are some connections that leave us in absolute pain to help us move forward in life. Both love and pain exist in these relationships.

This is known as a soul contract. These relationships are a pre-birth thing and in no way can be avoided during one’s life on the planet. This also makes this whole belief quite interesting. In this article, we will talk about different aspects of a soul contract.

What is a Soul Contract?

Soul contracts are agreements that your spirit enters into before physically becoming a part of mother earth. 

Soul contracts are agreements that your spirit enters into before physically becoming a part of mother earth. Spiritually speaking, before a spirit takes birth, its guides help it. This is done by deciding the life scenarios and lessons it will need in human form to help evolve its soul.

A contract is established on the basis of these choices. This contract doesn’t only govern the relationships that will help you become your greatest version of the earth.

It will also govern the experiences, events, and circumstances. These will help you in finding your life purpose, soulmates, twin flames, etc.

The ultimate goal of soul contracts is to wake up your human self. It will also help you learn to separate your own ego from your soul.

This way, you can have your own spiritual growth. This growth regulates the capacity of your soul to have the best life experiences.

The Purpose of a Soul Contract

The basic purpose of a soul contract is to help every spirit move closer to unconditional love. As a soul, you grow and develop into your greatest version on earth.

This requires both love and pain to find your purpose and to give yourself the much-needed push to find your tribe in the world.

This concept was introduced by James Lovelock. It was based on the Greek Goddess of the planet, known as Gaia.

According to him, soul agreements or contracts were principles that suggested that organisms living on the planet were to affect each other’s surroundings.

Soul contracts fuel you enough to move forward in life. They bring you clarity in what was your soul’s purpose before you were born. Earth is a dense planet. Thus, there are a lot of negative emotions attached to everyone who walks on its soil.

When you meet your twin flame, some kind of energy of love or pain is channeled between you two. This energy helps you in your spiritual growth and helps you figure out your talents and gifts.

Once you decide the same, you can clearly see your life’s purpose. Your energy is then made of love and you attract tremendous possibilities in life.

This is the purpose of soul contracts, twin flames, and soulmates. If you have met any of them and you always do in your life, then you should know that it’s time for you to seek a major (positive) change in life.

The Anatomy of a Soul Contract
The Anatomy of a Soul Contract

What is a Spiritual Agreement?

These agreements are contracts that were made before the incarnation of a body on earth. They are made as spirits before a cloth (physical body) is provided to the soul.

These agreements are pre-decided and meant to neutralize one’s karma or actions from past lives or the past time of the same life. They help in balancing the karma of a person and teach them lessons that he or she wouldn’t learn otherwise.

These agreements are meant to bring deep and intense changes in our lives. They transform us into a better version of ourselves. These contracts make us feel loved and also cause a lot of pain to our mind and body.

Nonetheless, their contracts were necessary to completely change our energy and help us meet our higher selves.

There is a spiritual awakening followed by soul level growth which wouldn’t have been possible had we not completed or interacted with our spiritual pathfinders or angels.

What is a Karmic Contract?

When someone comes into your life to teach you a lesson related to your karma or actions, he or she is known as your karmic partner and your relationship is referred to as a karmic contract.

This person is in fact, one of the many soulmates that you will meet in a single lifetime. These people subconsciously help you in learning how to be whole.

They also help you see all the emotions that need to be healed in you before your contract is over with them. Once you learn all the things that you need to with the help of this person, your contract finishes with them and you move on to other things and people in life.

A karmic contract doesn’t have to be a lover. It can be a family member, a friend, parent, anyone whom you seem to have a strong connection with.

However, in many cases, it is usually a lover or a friend who turns out to be your karmic partner because the exchange of energy is quite intense in this kind of relationship.

A Karmic contract can be with either one person or many. If we do not learn our lesson from one person, the universe will send another one and keep sending them until we learn our lesson and thus, break the pattern for our soul to come out and breathe.

Once you are out of your karmic debt, it gets over and you can either use your free will to keep them in your life or let go of them completely from your life.

10 Signs You Are in a Soul Contract

Has it ever happened to you that you met someone and felt an instant connection with them? Well, if the answer to the same is yes, then, perhaps you have met your soulmate.

When you meet this person, your vibrational energy is far beyond normal and you are in a high vibration, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So, that’s a soul contract you have with someone.

Interested in knowing some other signs that you have found a soulmate? Well, here they are-

1. There is a feeling of knowing

There is a feeling of knowing
There is a feeling of knowing

You know you’ve met a soulmate when there is a feeling that you ‘know’ them from somewhere even if you have met for the first time or do not know people that well.

Just because you have met someone you feel intense connection does mean that you have a soul contract with them, but in no way, it means that you are meant to have a forever relationship with them.

Most soul contracts have quite painful relationships with one another because they work as a mirror and show what needs healing in ourselves. They are as painful as they can get.

2. You care deeply for this person

You care deeply for this person
You care deeply for this person

It might even not be in your nature but you know how to care about this person, and it’s mostly because you want to. Sometimes, you even feel their pain, literally.

This is what a soul contract does to you. In fact, you are connected through energies and this is how it should be.

3. You can completely be yourself with this person

You can completely be yourself with this person
You can completely be yourself with this person

You let your guards down with this person, and this comes to you effortlessly. Also, you know you will be loved and accepted for who you are.

You are completely weird with this person and be as twisted as you want to be because you know they won’t judge you at all for being yourself.

4. You recognize that this person is also your teacher

You recognize that this person is also your teacher
You recognize that this person is also your teacher

This person is so amazing to you that you would cross seven oceans with them. However, you also know that they are also your teacher and healer. They challenge you, trigger your emotions, and help you meet your very self—one that you didn’t even know existed.

Unfortunately, it is not easy for everyone to see their shadow side, which a soulmate, triggers very often. They find it better to leave the relationship or friendship than facing their own self and heal. Remember, soul contracts are agreements. So, they also come with free will.

One can choose to not heal him or her and would rather end their contract with their soulmate. In any case, you will keep meeting soulmates until your face yourself and heal what needs to be healed in themselves.

5. They challenge you

They challenge you
They challenge you

These soul contracts are done to bring you out of your comfort zone. Your soulmates are many times, completely different from you. However, this is often done for a reason.

They admire you to the point that you cannot imagine but they challenge you on every level – mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. However, these challenges bring out the best in you since you learn about yourself in the process.

6. You will be extra sensitive and feel obsessed about them

Whenever you will meet your soul contract, you will feel extra sensitive. You may easily get emotionally overwhelmed and anxious if they tell you anything objectionable.

You may get offended by the smallest reasons and feel the pain deep within.

You may feel too bad about what’s being said, as if someone had hurt you deep down the gut that is hard to bear.

Soul contract relationships are overly sensitive that leave a powerful impression in your psyche. They will challenge you emotionally by giving you pain and suffering that are important lessons for a lifetime.

7. You may break up and get back again unknowingly

As in these relationships the bonding is intense and strong, you may find that you people break-up and get back again in a particular lifetime. Somehow you will cross roads with your soul contract many times in your life, even if you do not want to.

This usually happens because you still bear some unresolved issue with them, a karmic bonding that was pretty strong to hold you people together and never allowed you to break free from them.

Soul contract ties are intense and laden with strong emotions that are hard to forgo.

You may feel that some unknown force is holding you back and you are unable to make progress in life without the help of your soul contract relationships, as if you’re destined to be with them until the karmic debt between the two of you is resolved and undone forever.

8. Abuse and misuse of each other’s emotions will be there

Soul contracts are formed to give life lessons. Usually these relationships are strong and emotionally overwhelming. You may find that the relationship is hostile and abusive from both ends. You and your soul partner may get involved in a lot of fights and abuse between each other.

You will take their abuse and shall abuse them in return. In most cases, this abuse is toxic and is done to teach one another some lesson in disguise.

9. You get to realize your shadow ‘self’

You will know that you are in a soul contract with someone if the other person shows your ‘shadow self’ explicitly.

It means they will make you confront your deepest fears and agonies that were kept in the unconscious realm and you never had the courage to face them in reality.

Your soul contract partner will help you to accept the broken parts of yourself and heal the wounds from within.

As these relationships go through a lot of emotional highs and lows, it teaches life lessons that are unforgettable and helps you realize your true purpose in life.

10. You will feel a strong connection beyond time and space

In a soul contract relationship, you will find yourself strongly connected to the person, as if some unknown force is constantly attracting you towards them.

Whatever you do, you will find it impossible to part ways. Your bond will never be broken even if a lot of time has passed until the karmic debt is cleared and the unfinished business between the two of you is resolved in a healthy way.

You and your soul partner will rise above time and space and will meet over and over again. The connection will never fade, no matter how far you people live away from each other.

A strong attachment and a feeling of togetherness, whether good or bad will keep both of you in one thread for a long time.

How to find your soul contract?

Soul contracts are specific life plans done before we are born on this Earth. The contract is formed with members of the same soul family.

It could be a parent, friend, or even your beloved pet. Sometimes these soul contracts are formed with unknown people who you do not know in a specific incarnation but may feel a strong attraction towards them, as if destiny has brought you people together in the same energy field.

A soul contract is a well-defined plan that the Universe creates for us to teach us important life lessons and move towards a higher realm of spiritual ascension and growth. The main purpose of this contract is to help us realize our purpose in a given lifetime.

You can find your soul contract by taking a note of the following things happening around you.

  • You will find yourself in relationships that are teaching you something either very pleasant and loving or toxic and humiliating.
  • There are some people reappearing in front of you quite often, maybe someone unknown to you but you can feel a strong attraction towards them. If this is happening many times in a particular lifetime, you will have to understand that you are in soul contract with that person. They are coming back again and again to resolve some unfinished business with you.
  • You will find your soul contract if you see a lot of suffering, pain, abuse, maltreatment in a particular relationship. It can be between lovers, married couples, abusive parents’ relationships, etc. Here the two souls are meant to be together to teach some important life lesson that is needed to break the soul contract forever.
  • You can also find your soul contract if you are related to someone who acts as a good friend, a loving partner, a helpful mentor or guide. They will help you grow, evolve, and move towards higher purpose in a particular lifetime.

Can You Break a Soul Contract?

The simple answer to the same is yes, you can break a soul contract. According to the soul contract theory, everyone has a free will to follow or not follow the soul contract that they agreed to sign before entering the realm of the earth.

This allows them to change their decision in human form.

Many people do not find the strength to face themselves after meeting their soulmate.

Thus, this triggers them to run in another direction, even if it means feeling a lot of pain. They continue doing this to every soulmate that enters into their life.

The souls who make others look at themselves, also start their healing inadvertently. This happens because of their influencing energy. However, it doesn’t happen to everyone who comes into contact with them.

It only happens to people with whom you have soul contracts. So, yes, one can break the soul contract and do follow his or her own free will.

Even though it is a free will to remain in a soul contract with someone, there are some soul connections, like twin flames, where even the meeting them can start a change in the energy field of the person in question.

Thus, when it is supposed to be an unbreakable soul contract, the transformation of both the partners is destined to happen. Even if both the partners are not in touch for years, the healing and the transformation continues to take place.

How Soul Contracts Affect People?

By now, you must have understood that soul contracts have the purpose of driving you to become your best version and live your purpose. However, there are many ways in which this contract affects other relationships of a person’s life.

Below are some ways in which the soul contract affects people and their relationship with others as well-

1) Soul contracts help in healing

As mentioned above, soul contracts are a part of the divine plan of our soul. Sooner or later, they will appear in our lives and show us where we need healing in our lives. These contracts help us walk through the tunnel of darkness and find the light within ourselves.

Meeting ourselves is quite a challenging task and one of the most difficult things to do in life but those who allow the process to complete knowledge that they are meant to do great things in life for then, they know their purpose.

All of these relationships are predestined and show up when you are ready to heal and live your purpose.

2) They bring you close to the energy of love

The minute we are born, we are being fed with the energy of both love and fear. As we grow up, we are conditioned to live in a state of constant fear—education, performance, marriage, life—everything. It is important to know that the energy of love is the most powerful, yes.

When you step into this energy, you learn things about yourself that you didn’t know existed inside you. With the energy of love, you become quite a good version of yourself and love pours out from you for yourself and the world.

3) Soul contracts raise your consciousness

One of the most healing things that soul contracts do to you is they help you become a better person by helping you raise your consciousness.

When you become woke, you understand that there is more to the planet than just working and living. You understand the vastness of the cosmos and how there are mysterious energies that help you on every step of life.

When you become conscious of your actions and everyone else’s, you not only raise your vibration as you heal yourself but you do the same to the world.

The world becomes better because of your high vibrations. Anyone who comes in your touch gets influenced by you and your energy.

4) You listen to your soul with their help

Once you have been touched by the energy field of a soul contract, even if it ends with pain, you learn to stop listening to your ego and lightly glide toward the calling of your soul.

This is the time when you understand that you are so much more than just a physical being doing human things.

You become so empowered that you start thinking of yourself as a superhero—only because you learn to understand your soul better than your ego. The whole process is of controlling the mind and learning to do the right thing no matter what.

5) Soul contracts help you find your unique purpose

Even if you are someone who has followed the same path all your life, for instance, you have completed a degree in law and worked your way to a good tier law firm, and then, you meet a soul contract, you will soon find out what is your true purpose in life and what you are actually doing.

You might have wanted to be a journalist or writer or traveler, but due to the pressure of society, you decided to be a lawyer. The energy of the person who is your soul contract will merge with yours and help you remember who you really are.

6) Soul contracts help you grow spiritually

When you merge with your soulmate for the first time, their energy starts affecting you immediately. It might take a while for the whole process to complete but your true soul contract will send you back to who you really were at the beginning of the birth.

You will release all the negativity that you have caught up during your time on earth and slowly, you will learn to change your energy from fear to love.

This will completely transform you as a person and you will shift from ego perspective to soul perspective. This is also known as spiritual growth where you balance all your bad karma to transcend into 5D from 3D.

7) Soul contracts give rise to synchronicity and guidance from the universe

When you balance your karma, you get aligned with your soul purpose, and then, your magical journey of life starts.  When you clearly know what you want in life, the universe, spiritual guides, and angels give you signs to help you reach your soul purpose.

During this time, you also experience various synchronicities, such as repeated numbers, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.

The universe starts working with you when you know you are following your true-life purpose. You become an observer rather than a participant and even manifest all your wishes into reality.

Closing Thoughts

A true soul contract is full of twists, turns, and depths. This means that in no way it is easy to enter into a soul contract. It is emotionally and mentally draining to leave your old pattern and embrace the new you.

However, once you embrace the new and the unknown, you finally give yourself an opportunity to meet yourself and when that’s done, you become absolute love.

Once you become love, anyone who needs healing and has a soul connection with you, if and when comes into contact with you, will immediately start his or her healing process because yes, once you are healed, you become their healer. 

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