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What You Allow is What Will Continue!

What You Allow is What Will Continue!

What you allow is what will continue!

Do you wake up every morning feeling as tired and stressed out as the night before? Is the thought of getting ready for the office itself completely demotivating? With a heavy workload, insensitive higher-ups, and irresponsive subordinates around, are you one of those troubled souls who dread going to work? If yes, just step back for a moment and take a look at the situation sans self-pity. You are ignoring the writing on the wall: “What you allow is what will continue”.

‘What You Allow is What Will Continue’ – Meaning

We can see there is a reason these seven words & self-worth go hand in hand. We can’t change the behavior of others but we can change the way we respond and accept their behavior. ‘What You Allow is What Will Continue’ means you have to love and respect yourself enough so that you can discontinue, reject, refuse, anything that you should no longer allow in your life – including people.

How to Implement ‘What You Allow is What Will Continue’?

Sometimes we are so caught up in the routines of our everyday life that we don’t pay heed to simple obvious solutions. These can make a world of difference to things we always wanted to change but didn’t know where to begin. Here’s how you can get going on the path of uncomplicating your problems.

Start by asking these four essential questions: 

  1. What are you allowing?
  2. Is there any reason for allowing it?
  3. What is the cost of allowing it?
  4. Have you made a new decision and action?

What Do You Allow? 

Accepting the reality in its totality is the first step towards simplifying the knots of worry in your everyday life. If you are bearing the brunt of the excesses at the office, home or in a relationship then it’s time to take charge of yourself. Instead of sleepwalking through reality, try coming to terms with it. Only when one chance upon these words – “What you allow is what will continue”- does one realize that something is totally amiss.

Admitting to oneself that something is going wrong and cannot be tolerated forever results in problem-solving.

What You Allow is What Will Continue!
What You Allow is What Will Continue!

What is Your Reason for Allowing it?

If you have allowed something to continue, there may be several reasons responsible for that. While external factors are not in our control, our response to these factors definitely is. What is also significant is the acceptance that often the devil is not outside but within. You didn’t rise to the occasion and hence what you allow is what will continue. Here are some reasons to consider. 

  • Self-neglect – Have you been neglecting your health and well-being? 
  • Self-respect – Are you low on self-confidence and allowing yourself to be treated disrespectfully? 
  • Self-doubt – Have you been doubting yourself and your capabilities?

What is the Cost of Allowing It?

Our every action has its consequences. Ask yourself, ‘what will be the future outcome of my present actions?’ For example, if procrastination is the problem, remind yourself that it will ultimately result in last moment panic. Likewise, not taking care of your mind and body will result in illness. 

What is Your New Decision and Action?

Once you’ve identified the problem, the reason and the possible outcome, it’s time to make a decision and stick to it! Are you willing to improve your situation? How determined are you? At the end of the day, don’t forget that you have control over your actions, and what you allow is what will continue. Try the following simple methods to implement your decision.

Be the Change – One Step at a Time

Change is not a dramatic turn of events that will happen on one fine day. It’s a gradual, steady and consistent transformation that comes from within. Whether it’s something as basic as getting yourself into the habit of a morning/evening walk or something far more complex as walking out on someone, you need to take slow but steady baby steps. But remember, no further delays. 

Listen To Your Body & Mind

With growing distractions from technology and other changes in lifestyles, we have stopped listening to ourselves. It’s time that we change that. For instance, adequate rest, leisure and a healthy routine for self are as important as work. Don’t walk into traps created by self or others. If you allow self-neglect then it will continue.

Stretching your limits all the time to achieve unrealistic objectives is not the same as pushing the envelope to challenge your goals occasionally. Listen to yourself.

Being Happy is a Necessity, Not a Luxury 

“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.” How true is that!

As a toddler and growing child, we have always done things that gave us joy. But somewhere down the line, adulthood distances us from our roots to stay grounded and happy. We start feeling guilty for giving into satisfying simple joys in life.

Doing nothing; sleeping without waking up to alarms; indulging in favorite past-times at any given point in time; seems like distant dreams. When you deprive yourself of the need to be happy, what you allow is what will continue!

Give Yourself Some Time & Space

While pursuing the change with full commitment is important, you also need to take a break. As you strive to bring about the desirable changes in your routine, do not be too harsh and unrelenting on yourself.

Give your thoughts break from “what you allow is what will continue” to “what you would like to do today”. For all you know, intermittent breaks yield path-breaking solutions to all your woes.

Final Thoughts

What you allow is, indeed, what will continue. So it’s time to take over yourself… time to allow positivity to take over… Positivity is a state of mind. And, it’s infectious too! So, take control of your life and steer it in the direction you want it to go.