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15+ Different Types Of Spiritual Practices You Can Practice

15+ Different Types Of Spiritual Practices You Can Practice

15+ Different Types Of Spiritual Practices You Can Practice

There are various types of spiritual practices, each of which has its very own proforma of practice as well.

If you’re interested in beginning a journey in the world of spirituality, you need to think wisely. Based on your beliefs, culture, time, and interests, you can follow different spiritual practices and regain peace and harmony in your life. 

So, if you can’t wait to know more, dig right in!

18 Types Of Spiritual Practices

Following spiritual practices is not just a way of life; it is the only way to move forward for some people. 

However, spiritual practices are not always dependent on your religion. Their essence is to foster a sense of positivity and oneness. So, they are often beyond religious divisions. 

And, some of the most popular forms of spiritual practices include:

1. Prayer

The first form of spiritual practice that most people have indulged in at least once in their lives is prayers

Different people pray in different ways. However, its sole purpose is communicating your thoughts and feelings to the almighty – God, the universe, or nature.

2. Energy Healing

Each of us is unique, and we possess a unique energy. While some have a very positive energy, others have a negative aura. But the essence of the same can be healed as well. This is known as energy healing or clearing

Energy healing works on every level of your life, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. This will completely purify your energy levels and ensure that you feel energetic.

3. Running 

Yes, you read it right! Any form of exercise which cleanses your system is known to be a spiritual practice. 

Many people practice running as a spiritual practice; this one needs much devotion. Running awakens your spiritual chakras and makes your body much more responsive. 

It helps calm your mind and realign your thoughts, which is the major purpose of any spiritual practice.

4. Yoga

Yoga is one of the strongest forms of spiritual practice, and it has the power to alter your mind and body completely. 

People practicing yoga for quite some time can realign their thinking patterns and have unique control over their bodies. 

“Yoga” is derived from the Greek word “Yuji,” which means union or yoke. The only purpose of yoga is to bind the mind and the body together.

5. Chanting

Chanting can be of various forms. While some people love to chant “Nam Myo Rhenge Gyon,” others chant “Om.” One of the major reasons behind chanting is to attract positive cosmic energy and tap into the senses. 

If done correctly, chanting has the power of vibrations and makes the universe work for you in many different ways. This spiritual practice can purify and heal you from within.

6. Breathing Exercise

Controlling your breathing and knowing how to alter it is a major spiritual practice. There are different types of breathing exercises like pranayam and kapalbhati. They can lower stress levels, decrease fatigue, and even combat heart issues.

7. Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the ability to be aware even in your dreams. Some people foster the sense of being awake even during dreams, allowing them to feel the dream much better. 

Not only that, dreams often have many hidden meanings. Lucid dreams let you understand those with more depth.

8. Affirmation and Manifestation

Both affirmation and manifestation are very favorable spiritual practices. They make you exceptionally positive from within. 

They help you affirm and hold on to the positivity. People who practice this believe that positivity will attract good things in life.

9. Mysticism

Mysticism has been related to many religions. However, the essence of this practice is union with the almighty. It is a belief that if you give in everything, the almighty will connect to you. 

Although it was connected to Christian mysticism for a long period, mysticism has now evolved as a unique practice. It is the want and practice to feel God and connect to him.

10. Hoodoo 

As most people would know, Hoodoo is also called “conjure” or “rootwork.” Simply put, it is a folk magic tradition that originated in the Southern United States, particularly among African-American communities. 

Hoodoo practitioners believe in the power of herbs, candles, roots, and various rituals to influence and manifest desired outcomes. 

The practice requires you to work with spirits and ancestors and form a deep connection to the natural world.

11. Visualization

Though a simple practice, the implication of visualization is catastrophic. It involves using the power of mind to create mental images of desired outcomes. Usually, individuals practicing visualization focus on one goal: healing or reiki. 

Many believe this practice is associated with the law of attraction, where you attract good or bad things towards you depending on your intention. The process does not need a lot of tools or arrangements, and hence, it is simplistic in nature.

12. Animism

Animism is a practice that believes that each element of nature – be it animals, plants, rocks, or even inanimate objects tends to have a soul. It focuses on the interconnectedness between living and nonliving things.

Animism practitioners believe that these spirits play an important role in shaping the world.  This is one of the oldest spiritual practices and is the foundation of many indigenous religions worldwide. 

13. Shamanism

While many people associate this practice with something negative, Shamanism is a very relevant form of spiritual practice. 

The ones who practice this are known as Shamans, and their unique ability includes communicating with ones who are dead or spirits. They are believed to be the medium between the dead and the real world. 

Shamans have many unique abilities and are known to be spiritual healing masters.

14. Tantra

Tantra is one of the most versatile forms of spiritual practice, and the best part is that it is associated with different parts of our life. 

Originating in ancient India, there are different layers of Tantra. While some practice the positive side of Tantra, others also follow the dark side. Tantra is extremely powerful and can completely revolutionize your life. 

The major essence of Tantra is that it can be characterized by its focus on integrating various aspects of life. This includes the spiritual and the physical realms to achieve a heightened consciousness and self-realization.

15. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the most beneficial practices, and it can increase your mental capabilities to a great extent. 

Simply put, mindfulness is being spiritually aware and paying detailed attention to the current situation. 

Most documents mention that this originated from Buddhist traditions. It has been embraced in contemporary secular contexts to reduce stress, enhance well-being, and promote mental clarity. 

The more you practice mindfulness, the more you are calm and focused. This practice is also known to have a positive impact on the realignment of your chakras.

16. Tarot Reading 

Tarot reading is a very popular form of spiritual practice. A tarot reader uses a deck of tarot cards to gain insight into one’s life. This includes personal, educational, monetary, and similar aspects. A standard tarot card deck includes 78 cards, and there are many scenarios in each.

It is important to understand that tarot card reading is not similar to fortune telling. Here, the individuals just focus on a possibility and then provide an interpretation of what nature has suggested.  

17. Social Spirituality

This type of spiritual practice is usually felt when you are around other people. A practitioner usually wants to be around people so that they can feel the higher calling. 

One of the most common ways to feel this kind of spirituality is by being in religious groups. Social spirituality is difficult to achieve and needs much practice before you can feel it.

18. Authoritarian Spirituality 

This spiritual practice is felt in a hierarchical structure of things or authority. People believe that only when they follow certain rules and restrictions do they feel this kind of spirit quality, which is usually connected to religion. 

Some people think that practicing too much authoritarian spirituality can lead to the formation of extremist ideologies.

A word from TheMindFool 

Spirituality has a different definition for everyone; hence, the manifestation is also unique. However, the major essence of every spiritual practice is to let go of your ego and connect with the almighty or the supreme power. 

People who follow spiritual practices without any kind of inhibitions and greed are the ones who benefit from it the most. 

So, remember to let go of the hopes of gaining something and enjoy the journey!