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170 Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day

170 Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day

Morning affirmations

A boring lousy day usually disappoints us. But have you wondered what makes your day boring? For once, it could be the lack of morning affirmations on your part. Did you wake up and remind yourself about the positive things in life? Most of us wake up to the blaring alarm sound and from the first bell, a race against time begins.

Many of you are always running behind the deadline and tend to miss out on the beauty of using positive affirmations to start your day!

What Are Morning Affirmations?

When you wake up every morning, you have the power to decide what your day will be like. Being happy and successful is possible only if you wake up every morning feeling healthy and strong. A good way to do this is to rely on positive thoughts, keep the negative thoughts at bay. This involves a bunch of simple activities like practicing self-care, reading motivation quotes, creating a positive environment, etc. All of these can be comfortably included in your morning routine. Daily affirmations help in completing the miracle morning.

Affirmations are just positive thoughts for a good morning. And the entire concept of morning affirmations is based on starting your day with positive thoughts. This is something that various mental health experts will agree to. Our mind has a lot of power provided we are able to steer it in the right direction to create positive thoughts. When you feed your mind with positive thoughts, it automatically motivates you to push boundaries and achieve more.

Benefits of Morning Affirmations
Benefits of Morning Affirmations

Benefits of Morning Affirmations

Yes! We have all read so much about the importance of starting your day on a positive note. It gives you the much-needed motivation to pull through all the tasks of the day. But that is not all. There are some key benefits of relying on morning affirmations to start the day. The same are listed below:

  1. You become aware of your thoughts. This way you can stop all the negativity from making its way into your mind.
  2. You will be encouraged to focus more on your goal.
  3. You will feel healthier and happier, this is a big boost for your physical and mental health
  4. You will learn to look for happiness in the simple pleasures of life. Things that you were previously ignoring will now be soothing.
  5. Morning affirmations are a gentle reminder to the soul. It helps an individual realize his or her potential in a better way.
  6. You will notice an improvement in the relationship with the people around you.
  7. The positivity will help you look at the silver lining in every challenge that comes your way.

How To Practice Morning Affirmations?

Now that we have spoken at length about the obvious benefits of morning affirmations, you would want to know how to practice morning affirmations. It’s really easy! You need to spare 10 to 15 minutes for the job, as soon as you wake up. There are different ways, one can practice morning affirmations. We are listing some of them for your reference.

  1. You can maintain a journal and write down these affirmations. But write it as you mean it!
  2. You could just speak it aloud.
  3. Another way to practice morning affirmations is to write them down on a notice board that you put up in the bedroom.
  4. You could record them and listen to them whenever you have time during the day. 
  5. You can also make it like a morning prayer that you say when you wake up.

Good Morning Affirmations

Here is a look at some affirmative statements that can be included in your morning routine to feel good and happy:

  1. My happiness will multiply today.
  2. I will look for happiness in the simple joys of life.
  3. I will try to be the reason for at least one person’s happiness.
  4. I will not let the down side of any situation, inhibit my ability to look at any positive impact.
  5. My goal is to attract happy people today.
  6. My happiness is not dependent on how others judge me.
  7. I thank the Lord for all the mercies.
  8. I will let the positivity of happiness flow through me.
  9. I am blessed with abundance.
  10. I will try and avoid complaining.
  11. I will compliment at least one person today.
  12. I will be a patient listener to everyone who approaches me.
  13. I will give unbiased opinions and speak my mind.
  14. I will not let the grief or disappointment from yesterday affect me today.
  15. I will be kind to people.
  16. I will make peace with myself.
  17. I will pursue one hobby that I love.
  18. I will take time out to appreciate the natural beauty.
  19. I am unique.
  20. I will embrace my flaws and not be embarrassed by them.

Morning Affirmations for Health

Here is a look at some affirmative statements that can be included in your morning routine to feel healthier

  1. I will work to become healthier
  2. I will focus on improving my health.
  3. I need to exercise daily.
  4. I promise to give myself a healthy life.
  5. I will invest some time in self-care.
  6. My focus will be on making smart dietary choices that help me stay.
  7. I will include at least one salad in my daily meal.
  8. I will eat my meals on time so that I can stay healthy.
  9. I need to practice yoga and meditation to ensure that I can live a healthy life-physically and mentally.
  10. I will try to walk as much as I can.
  11. I will participate in one activity that relaxes my mind.
  12. I will go for that much awaited swim today.
  13. I will reduce my screen time and take ample number of breaks to minimize the stress on my eyes.
  14. I will be regular with my health check ups.
  15. I will not hesitate to consult the doctor if there is something bothering me.
  16. I will minimize the consumption of junk food.
  17. I will include healthy beverages in my daily diet.
  18. I will spend more time walking or enjoying a book, instead of binge watching a series.
  19. I will try and inspire at least one person to become fit.
  20. I will not let the stress from work impact my health and well-being.
Some Morning Affirmations to feel good and happy
Some Morning Affirmations to feel good and happy

Miracle Morning Affirmations to Heal

A common problem with many of us is that we often get into arguments/unwanted altercations that make life difficult. The burden of these arguments damages the mind. However, this damage can be healed. Here are some miracle morning affirmations to help your body heal:

  1. I need to give my body time to heal.
  2. I will avoid arguments, just express my opinion.
  3. I will be be a patient listener.
  4. I should be willing to step into the other person’s shoes to understand their viewpoint.
  5. If people have hurt me, I will not hold it against them. It is their karma.
  6. I need to be willing to see things in all roles.
  7. There is no emphasis to always be right. I can be wrong, it is perfectly normal.
  8. Pain is not always bad. I should be willing to learn the lesson that pain has to offer.
  9. I will celebrate even the smallest goals that I achieve. I deserve it!
  10. I will not set high expectations because that can cause hurt.
  11. I will work on improving the quality of relationships. If I improve them, it will improve my life.
  12. I will treat people with compassion because what I give is what I get.
  13. Every situation is an opportunity to grow for me.
  14. I will let go of the past if I want to heal from within.
  15. I will be kind to myself. Occasionally pampering myself is a great way to heal the mind and body.
  16. I will be willing to create peace, the longer I extend the argument, the more heartache it will cause.
  17. I will invest time in activities like yoga that contribute to the healing of my body.
  18. I do not let the negativity from people around you sink into your life.
  19. I will look at the healing process as an opportunity to pursue self-growth.
  20. I promise myself to live life to the fullest.

Positive Morning Affirmations

Here is a look at some of the positive statements to start your day the right way:

  1. I will work towards completing the toughest task on my list.
  2. If I try, I can do it.
  3. I am going to maintain a positive approach towards all conversations during the day.
  4. I will not let the negative attitude of people around me deter me from achieving my goals.
  5. I will not give up.
  6. I am not perfect and that is okay.
  7. I will aspire to improve myself and not randomly ape the traits of people I like.
  8. My friend or family may or may not agree with my opinion.
  9. I can be wrong.
  10. I will not hesitate to accept the feedback.
  11. Every opportunity is a chance to improve. 
  12. I am happy.
  13. I will look for the brighter side in every situation.
  14. I believe in my capabilities.
  15. I have the ability to make smart decisions.
  16. My positivity and confidence is a strong motivation for me.
  17. I am grateful for all that I have achieved.
  18. I will trust my friends and family, giving them a fair chance.
  19. I will inspire others around me.
  20. I will let go of all the negative feelings coming from the people around me before I end my day.

Powerful Morning Affirmations for Success

Here is a look at some affirmative statements that can be included in your morning routine to achieve more success:

  1. I have all that it takes to succeed.
  2. Even when I fail, I will look at it as an opportunity to succeed.
  3. I will be the best at the task that I take up.
  4. I can make the right choices.
  5. I will not let the people around me take advantage of my beliefs.
  6. I will not let anyone make me feel inferior.
  7. I will celebrate every step that takes me closer to success.
  8. I will acknowledge and appreciate everyone’s contribution in my success.
  9. I will not hesitate to say ‘No’ to something I don’t believe in.
  10. I am brave enough to step out of my comfort zone.
  11. I will look at my success as a journey and not just one destination.
  12. I will succeed, no matter how long it takes.
  13. I will not be let down by the failures.
  14. I will be a great team leader and a co-worker.
  15. I will not take any shortcuts to be successful.
  16. I will not hesitate to go beyond my existing job description to be successful at work.
  17. I will respect the opinions of my seniors and my subordinates.
  18. I will not disregard any idea that I come across until I have evaluated it thoroughly.
  19. Every step is a step towards success.
  20. I will not do anything that my conscience does not agree with.

Morning Affirmations for Kids

Teaching kids to be motivated is a great way to mold them into being wonderful adults in the future. Here is a look at some morning affirmation for kids:

  1. I will try to learn at least one new thing today.
  2. I will make new friends.
  3. I will listen to what my teacher tells me.
  4. I am the best.
  5. I will make myself proud.
  6. I will be kind to everyone around me.
  7. I will try and be helpful.
  8. I will be respectful to everyone.
  9. I will not hesitate to ask questions
  10. I will work on the feedback that I was given yesterday.
  11. I will complete my schoolwork in time.
  12. I will go to bed on time so that I can wake up early for my school.
  13. I will thank everyone involved in making my day.
  14. If I hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly, I will apologize.
  15. I will be happy.
  16. I will be confident.
  17. Good things will happen to me.
  18. My actions can change the world.
  19. I will spread the positivity within me.
  20. I will thank the lord for all his love and blessings.

Monday Morning Affirmations

Going back to work after a weekend is never easy. Most of us hate the sound of Mondays because it leads to a long week of work load. However, not many of us realize that we value weekends or holidays, simply because we have all experienced Mondays! So here is a look at some powerful morning affirmations to jump start your week.

  1. I can achieve all my goals for the week.
  2. I am capable of doing whatever is allotted to me.
  3. I will be a patient listener for everything that my subordinates, colleagues, and superiors have to say.
  4. Any idea can be a big idea; I will not underestimate it.
  5. I will set small targets for each day of the week and reward myself for achieving them.
  6. I will report to work on time and complete my tasks before deadlines.
  7. I will appreciate the work done by the people around me.
  8. I will cut down on my caffeine intake to shift to a healthier lifestyle.
  9. I will pursue at least one of my hobbies.
  10. I will not let the stress from work travel home with me.
  11. If I make a mistake, I will accept it and work towards improving it.
  12. I will not argue but I will express my opinion firmly.
  13. I will look at the positive side of every challenge thrown to me.
  14. Appreciating my colleagues does not take away my credibility.
  15. I will try to help others beyond my existing profile at work.
  16. My boss can only help me improve my career so I will take his/her feedback.
  17. Maintaining a positive work environment depends on my actions.
  18. I will not waste my time gossiping about others.
  19. I promise to make the most of every single day.
  20. I will enjoy Monday!

Morning Gratitude Affirmations

Gratitude is one of the biggest virtues in life, we must all cultivate it. The simple act of being thankful or expressing gratitude helps each one of us develop compassion and evolve into a better human being.

  1. I am thankful for whatever has come to me.
  2. Being kind to others will make me a better person.
  3. I will do at least one good deed today.
  4. I will not refuse anyone who approaches me for help.
  5. I will avoid hurting people through my words or action.
  6. Every person has a unique personality and I will respect this difference.
  7. I will remain forever humble.
  8. I will not demean anyone.
  9. I will try to help as many people as I can.
  10. I will not forget to say my ‘thank you’ prayers every day.
  11. I don’t need to fake my emotions.
  12. Even the challenges coming my way are God sent and will help me emerge stronger.
  13. I am grateful for all the problems that I have managed to survive.
  14. I am grateful for waking up this morning.
  15. I will try to realize my purpose in life.

I Am Morning Affirmations

Always remember that you are enough. You can achieve all that you want to, provided you believe in your ability to do so. Here is a look at some self centered morning affirmations to boost your confidence.

  1. I am happy.
  2. I am confident.
  3. I am capable.
  4. I am a good human being.
  5. I am hopeful.
  6. I am a fighter.
  7. I am not wired to give up.
  8. I am not afraid of taking the difficult path.
  9. I am willing to face my fears.
  10. I am made for better things.
  11. I am willing to take feedback.
  12. I am going to express my opinion politely.
  13. I am not afraid to fail.
  14. I am lucky.
  15. I am going to live my life in the best possible way.

Morning Affirmation Quotes

There is nothing like an inspiring quote to put you on the path for practicing morning affirmations. Here is a look at some quotes that can surely make your day:

1. “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nothing is better than preparing yourself by saying that you need to make the best of every available opportunity.

2. “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

– Roald Dahl
“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” ― Roald Dahl

Positive thoughts add to the calmness that your personality radiates. This makes you a more approachable person.

3. “Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be.”

– Groucho Marx
“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be.” ― Groucho Marx

Your destiny lies in your karma, you are responsible for your destiny so take charge of it.

4. “Being miserable is a habit; being happy is a habit, and the choice is yours.”

– Tom Hopkins
“Being miserable is a habit; being happy is a habit; and the choice is yours.” ― Tom Hopkins

You should not let the negativity from the surroundings let your spirits down. There is always a solution to every problem, you just need to look for it. 

5. “I wake up every day and I think, ‘I’m breathing! It’s a good day.”

– Eve Ensler
“I wake up every day and I think, ‘I’m breathing! It’s a good day.” ― Eve Ensler

We should all be thankful for whatever we have. Even the breath that you take is a gift from the lord.


Morning affirmations are a simple inclusion in your daily routine that can lead to various lifestyle changes. As time passes, you will see they positively impact every aspect of your life. Each one of you is the architect of his or her life. Therefore, what we make of it, is entirely up to us. You can make your own affirmations for everything that matters to you. Once you practice these affirmations on a daily basis, you will surely see a difference in the way you are living life.

Additionally, morning affirmations are like a positive start to the day, they just set your mind in the right direction. Remember that your affirmations can go beyond what we have suggested above. Our recommendations are not sacrosanct but they will surely inspire you to look at the brighter side of life.