Did you see a 

Double Rainbow?


The primary rainbow is the representative of the material world and the secondary rainbow of the spiritual world.

It is a knock from the new beginnings


Since rainbows are also considered to be the link between the earth and heaven, it is also said to bring new beginnings or opportunities.


Yes, a message that might either ask you to take the leap of faith or take a break from your current path. They are also often interpreted as a sign to start afresh.

A symbol of Hope

An experience so rare in the Universe is bound to bring some good. It can be anything – good fortune, good omen, or maybe just a piece of good news.


The deceased have reached heaven.


If you witnessed this universe’s beauty at a funeral, then it’s a joyful message from the deceased on their arrival to heaven.


Native Americans also believe that if you experience a double rainbow, you are likely to find your soulmate sooner. So, for all of you who are seeking love, this rare rainbow is your cue! 😉


If any of you were blessed with the fortune of experiencing a triple rainbow or quaternary rainbow, we already envy you.

"Double Rainbow Meaning" 

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