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What Is A Symbolism Of A Star? – Complete Guide On All Sorts Of Meanings

What Is A Symbolism Of A Star? – Complete Guide On All Sorts Of Meanings

Are you curious about the symbolism of a star?

Since childhood, we have been taught that stars represent brightness, talent, and many other beautiful things. But there are many other, much more intricate meanings behind it. 

Well, if you want to know the deeper and lesser-known meanings of a star, then this think piece will help you out! So come, let’s start!

Symbolism Of A Star

In astronomy, a star is a celestial body that is primarily made of gasses and is extremely hot. In fact, a star is so hot that there is constant nuclear fusion and fission taking place in it, which makes it shine so brightly. 

From this, a star is often a symbol of shining brightly and being rich and splendid. But there are many more symbolisms about in different areas of life. So, let’s explore!

1. Goals and dreams

One of the most significant symbols of a star is the achievement of goals and dreams. When you have a dream, people will advise you to look upwards at the sky and get inspired by the millions of twinkling stars up there. 

Focusing on your goals basically means that you’re moving upward in life. And stars represent the passion that you have in your heart while achieving these dreams.

2. Not giving up

Another positive symbol of a star is the determination that one has in life. You must have heard of the popular phrase “Reach for the stars,” right? 

Well, reaching for the stars shows that no matter what happens, we will always keep striving for what our hearts desire, whether it’s something related to our personal or professional lives. When you reach for the stars, you refuse to give up.

3. Togetherness

Even though this isn’t a very well-known interpretation of a star, this celestial body also symbolizes togetherness, especially in a family. 

Since many stars twinkle together in the sky, they represent a family shining brightly through thick and thin. 

When you look up at the stars, they will remind you of the importance of your loved ones and how we are all a part of one large family!

4. Resourcefulness

Since stars are basically giant gas balls that run on their own energy, they are also seen as a symbol of resourcefulness. 

Moreover, stars are held together by the power of their own gravity. Therefore, they represent the enormous power one can have if one only believes in themselves. 

Just like a star can shine on its own, you, too, can do amazing things if you have enough confidence!

5. Being special

We often refer to special people as stars. Whether it’s a film star or the most cherished person in your household, you must have referred to them as a star at some point, right? 

Well, this is because famous and special people have made a name for themselves and have shone brightly among others. Who knows, maybe even you are the star in the room on many occasions!

6. Hope

Polaris, or the North Star, was used by sailors and explorers to find directions. With time, it popularly became known as the symbol of hope and navigation. 

Whenever someone is lost, either literally or figuratively, they can refer to a star for guidance. 

If you are unable to decide on what to do, simply looking at the stars can give you a ray of hope that everything will be fine.

7. The human body

You might know that the human body is made of different elements like carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. But did you also know that it contains elements that have literally originated from stars? 

Well, elements like zinc and copper, found in the human body, have been thought to originate right from the Big Bang! This is why people often say that the human body is nothing but stardust!

8. Time

Our ancestors used stars to calculate the lunar calendar. Specifically, they formed the Nebraska Sky Disc, which was inspired by the stars. 

When this archaeological relic was found, people believed that symbolized time. Since the stars that we see in the night sky were formed millions of years ago and will continue to glow for another million years, they symbolize timelessness.

9. Knowledge

Astronomy is easily one of the most fascinating subjects on earth! No matter how much you study the sky and its elements, you can never get tired of learning more! 

Stars, an important component of astronomy, also represent knowledge. This is probably why the best students in the class often get rewarded “star” marks or a small star-shaped sticker for their achievements!

10. Magic

Did you know that stars also symbolize magic in many cultures? Well, it’s absolutely true! In fact, wizards and magicians can often be seen wearing purple robes with stars drawn all over them. 

Since stars are mystical and powerful, they represent the immense knowledge and secrets that magic holds. Even if we don’t understand magic, it does contain similar powers!

Symbolism in Different-Pointed Stars

In religions like Judaism and Christianity, the star plays a very important role. In fact, based on the edges of a star, it can have various meanings! Now, let’s see what each kind of pointed star symbolizes!

1. Four-pointed star

The four-pointed star is a very common symbol found often in churches and synagogues. It represents the star of Bethlehem and also the cross of Christ. 

In spirituality, it represents the qualities of eternity, secrets, and great aspirations. A lot of Christians also believe that a four-pointed star is the Morning Star or the symbol of the fallen angel Lucifer.

2. Five-pointed star

The five-pointed star is seen as a symbol of divine power and knowledge. The pointed edge at the top represents the human spirit and how every human is connected to natural elements. 

The remaining four edges represent water, earth, air, and fire. Earth is the element of the north, while Fire is the element of the south. Water is considered to represent the direction of the west, and Air represents the east.

3. Six-pointed star

A six-pointed star is the symbol of David, the hero of the Jews. It is commonly drawn as two overlaid equilateral triangles and can be seen in many religious places and functions. 

In Hinduism, a six-pointed star represents the union of masculine and feminine energy, which is the joint energy that rules the universe. Many people also use this symbol as a talisman to protect themselves from evil.

4. Seven-pointed star

A seven-pointed star is regarded as the symbol of the archangel Anael, who watches over humanity and protects them. It can also represent the sphere of Venus, the goddess of love. 

In occult practices, a seven-pointed star symbolizes creation and perfection. This means that the creator of the universe, or the most powerful being, has made perfection in their creation!

5. Eight-pointed star

An eight-pointed star often resembles a snowflake. 

In Hindu traditions, this star is the religious symbol of the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. Here, the eight kinds of wealth are victory, patience, knowledge, health, nourishment, prosperity, mobility, and riches. 

In pagan traditions, this star is the symbol of the goddess Venus and the eight phases of the planet Venus.

6. Nine-pointed star

In many faiths across the world, the number nine is considered a holy number. Since it is the highest single-digit number, it represents the highest level of consciousness or knowledge that one can attain. 

In Bahai traditions, many temples are nine-sided, and followers of this faith worship the nine-pointed star. 

Alternatively, a nine-pointed star can also represent the nine Greek muses.

7. Ten-pointed star

Jesus is said to have ten loyal disciples who are represented in the ten-pointed star. This special star symbolizes the Kabbalistic Tree of Life or the origin of all forms of life on earth. 

Other meanings of the ten-pointed star include authority and confidence and symmetry. This star is not only difficult to draw but also represents perfect symmetry, which is also found in nature.

Other Symbolism of a Star

Other than religion and spirituality, you can find stars in a variety of different places. Let’s now see what are the most common places where you can find a star!

1. In art

Creative people, namely artists, have always applauded stars for being so bright and beautiful. 

The timeless piece by Vincent Van Gogh, known as “The Starry Night,” is loved by people all over the world, even today. It portrays the artist’s intimate connection with the stars and how the swirly skies move in rhythm with the stars. 

Different art pieces show stars in different ways, which are open to various interpretations.

2. In flags

Numerous flags have stars on them. However, in different flags, stars can mean completely different things. 

For example, the fifty stars on the flag of the United States symbolize the fifty states. But the four stars in the flag of New Zealand represent the Southern Cross constellation. 

Again, the singular star on the flag of North Korea, Vietnam, and China symbolizes the strength and power of communism.

3. In romance

Shakespeare coined the term “star-crossed lovers” to depict couples who were destined to stay apart throughout their lives. 

On the other hand, the term “written in the stars” refers to a relationship that is destined to last forever, no matter what comes between the two individuals. Therefore, stars can symbolize both positive and negative things in love.

Symbolism of Star Tattoos

Stars also have a variety of meanings when it comes to tattoos. So, let’s check what the most popular ones have to say…

1. Nautical or Compass Stars

These stars helped sailors navigate through the water. So, they symbolize guidance through the dark, safety, protection, faith, and your ultimate goals. 

2. Shooting Stars

The tattoo is a symbol of good fortune and luck. It also implies your desire to succeed in your goals or make a wish come true.

3. Tribal Stars

It symbolizes the inked person’s background, culture, and even intense passion for all kinds of history and culture.

4.  Pentagram Stars

This tattoo has the five-pointed star on a circle. They carry a variety of symbols, like life, darkness, magic, and evil. It also has different cultural and religious symbolism. 

If the tattoo is facing upward, it implies protection and balance. If it’s facing downward, it symbolizes the dark and evil.

5. Celtic Stars

This symbolizes the tattoo-getter’s heritage, infinity, and interconnectedness. It also depicts three important parts of life – 

All of these aspects together are a symbol of infinity and connection in life.

6. Small Star

This is a symbol of protection and guidance to a better life. It’s a representation of the North Star, which also guided slaves to freedom. 

A word from TheMindFool

So, dear reader, the significant meanings of stars hold both positive and negative meanings. So the next time you look up and see a star, don’t forget to remember what these symbolize in your life!

And if you see a star symbol up close, focus on the details. Remember the sign and look it up. It might be a special symbol from the spiritual world!