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15+ Fascinating Spiritual Wellness Activities To Push Out All Negativity

15+ Fascinating Spiritual Wellness Activities To Push Out All Negativity

15+ Fascinating Spiritual Wellness Activities To Push Out All Negativity

Nowadays, many are showing more and more interest in the realm of spiritual wellness activities because of the unbelievable benefits it brings. 

In a world filled with noise, distractions, and the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to lose touch with your inner self and spiritual well-being. 

But these activities let human beings feel grounded and calm and channel positive energy throughout their bodies, 

So, if you’re interested as well, dive right in!

18 Spiritual Wellness Activities

The path of spiritual wellness leads to a deeper connection with your inner self, a stronger sense of purpose, and a profound sense of spiritual fulfillment.

It’s a sanctuary for those seeking solace and meaning amid the chaos. This journey lets you discover the beauty of living mindfully, nurturing your soul, and finding spiritual resonance in every moment.

C’mon, let’s learn the different ways to embark on this transformative journey. 

1. Do spiritual plantation

Cultivating spiritual plants deepens your connection with the natural world and fosters a sense of unity with the Earth and its energies. 

Some spiritual plants are lavender, sage, rosemary, tulsi (Holy Basil), and aloe vera, but you can explore many other options.

When your plants are ready to be harvested, do so with gratitude and a sense of ceremony. You can use the harvested plant material in your spiritual practices, such as smudging, herbal teas, or essential oils.

2. Use crystals to increase positivity

Crystals are a part of the natural world. So, working with them can help you feel more connected to the earth and its energies and promote a sense of peace and positivity. 

One of the most common ways to work with crystals is to meditate with them. Sit in a quiet, comfortable space, hold the crystal in your hand, and focus on your intention. Let the crystal’s energy help you connect with your inner self and promote positive emotions. 

You can also carry a small crystal in your pocket or wear it as jewelry to keep its energy close to you throughout the day.

Alternatively, you can place crystals on your desk at work or in your bedroom to infuse the space with positive energy.

3. Restrict negative media from your feed 

Avoiding negative content and media helps clear your mind of clutter and distraction, allowing you to focus on your spiritual practices and self-reflection. 

Establish clear boundaries for when and how you engage with the media. Determine specific times and limits for media consumption.

Unfollow or unsubscribe from social media accounts, news outlets, or content sources consistently that provide negative or distressing information.

Curate your social media and news feeds to include more positive and inspiring content. Follow accounts that promote well-being, personal growth, and spiritual awareness.

4. Experiment with art therapy

Art therapy provides a non-verbal means of self-expression. It lets you communicate your emotions, thoughts, and spiritual experiences that are difficult to express with words. 

Allow your intuition to guide you. Experiment with colors, shapes, and forms. 

Don’t worry about creating something that looks a particular way. It’s about expressing your inner world. After you complete your artwork,  take time for self-reflection.

5. Meditate for 5 minutes daily

Practicing mindfulness meditation for just 5 minutes a day can have a significant impact on your spiritual wellness, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life. 

Set a timer for 5 minutes so you can fully immerse yourself in the practice without constantly checking the time.

As thoughts, sensations, or distractions arise, acknowledge them without judgment and gently guide your focus back to your breath.

6. Use smudging for space cleanness 

Smudging involves the burning of herbs or plant materials, often sage or Palo Santo, to purify and cleanse a space of negative energy. 

You will need a smudging tool, such as a bundle of sage, Palo Santo wood, or another herb or resin-like frankincense or myrrh. You’ll also need a heatproof container like an abalone shell or ceramic dish.

Starting at the entry point of your living space, walk through each room, waving the smudge around clockwise and focusing on corners, doorways, and areas with stagnant energy. Imagine the smoke purifying the space.

7. Spend time with animals

If you have pets, try to deepen your bond with them through quality time spent together, petting, playing, and even meditation or relaxation with your animals. 

Spend time in natural settings like parks, forests, or by the water, where you’re more likely to encounter animals in their natural habitats. Take time to observe and appreciate the wildlife around you.

Set up bird feeders or baths in your yard or balcony to attract and nourish local bird populations. Observing and caring for birds can be a rewarding and spiritually uplifting practice.

Visit or volunteer at animal sanctuaries, rescues, or shelters. Spending time with rescued animals can be a heartwarming and enlightening experience.

8. Dance to release stuck energy

Movement and dance have been used for centuries in various cultures to release emotional blockages and connect with one’s inner self. 

Begin to move your body in a way that feels natural to you. There are no right or wrong moves; the key is to express yourself authentically. Allow your body to respond to the music and your emotions. Let go of any judgments or self-criticism.

9. Connect with nature

Seek out a natural environment like a beach, a park, a forest, or a backyard where you can easily come into contact with the Earth’s surface.

The most common way to ground yourself is by walking barefoot on the Earth. Whether sand, grass, soil, or natural stone, take off your shoes and socks and walk slowly and mindfully. 

If walking barefoot is not an option, you can sit or lie on the ground.

It is believed that grounding helps balance the body’s energy and promotes overall well-being, both physically and spiritually.

10. Make your uplifting music playlist

Uplifting music can elevate your mood and bring positivity into your life. Select songs that resonate with your intention and make you feel uplifted and positive. These can be songs with meaningful lyrics, soothing melodies, or energizing rhythms.

When you listen to your playlist, do so mindfully. Pay attention to the music, its rhythms, lyrics, and how it makes you feel.

Update your playlist periodically to keep it fresh and aligned with your current intentions and emotional needs.

11. Soak in salt baths

Salt baths are believed to cleanse and purify your energy field, helping you release negative energy and restore balance.

Pour Epsom salts or your chosen bath salts into the bathwater. Typically, a few cups of Epsom salts are sufficient for an average-sized bathtub, but you can adjust the amount based on your preference.

As you soak in the bath, imagine the saltwater cleansing your energy, removing negativity, and restoring balance.

12. Follow the cacao ritual

Cacao is often associated with opening the heart and facilitating emotional release. It allows you to connect with your emotions and inner self.

Purchase high-quality ceremonial-grade cacao. Ensure it’s pure cacao without additives, such as sugar or milk. You can find ceremonial cacao from specialized suppliers or online retailers.

Hold your cacao cup with reverence and take your first sip mindfully. Feel the warmth and the presence of the cacao. Sip slowly and savor the flavor.

13. Make a meditation altar or sacred space

A dedicated space helps you focus on meditation, prayer, or spiritual practice without distractions. 

Choose a quiet and undisturbed area in your home or outdoors to create your meditation altar or sacred space. 

It can be a small corner of a room, a garden, a balcony, or a space that feels appropriate to you.

Before setting up your altar or sacred space, clean and clear the area. Once you remove clutter, you’ll ensure it feels fresh and inviting.

Keep objects that hold personal meaning for you and resonate with your spiritual beliefs. Common items include candles, incense, crystals, statues or images of deities, inspirational books, prayer beads, and flowers.

14. Practice oracle or tarot self-readings

Oracle and tarot cards can provide valuable guidance and support when facing life’s challenges or seeking direction. 

They can be therapeutic tools for processing emotions, healing past wounds, and finding closure.

These readings can clarify complex or confusing situations, allowing you to see your path more clearly.

15. Explore different spiritual teas with herbs

Many herbs used in spiritual teas have calming properties. They promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Ensure that the herbs you use are of high quality, whether you buy them dried from a reputable source or harvest them yourself.

Prepare your herbal tea using your chosen herbs. You can make herbal infusions in tea bags or use loose herbs in a tea ball or infuser.

16. Practice spiritual chanting

Chanting can be a form of mindfulness meditation, enhancing your focus, concentration, and presence in the moment. 

Start chanting your mantra or prayer at a pace that feels comfortable for you. Repeat it consistently, either silently or aloud.

Feel the emotions and vibrations associated with the mantra. Let them resonate within you and create a sense of peace and connection.

17. Make a gratitude list

Select an appealing journal or notebook and dedicate it to your gratitude lists. Reflect on the things you’re grateful for and write them down. 

Be specific, and express your appreciation for both small and significant blessings. It could be the people in your life, experiences, nature, or even everyday items. 

Make it a habit to write gratitude lists regularly. You can do this daily, weekly, or as frequently as you like.

18. Utilize aromatherapy with uplifting scents

Uplifting scents can significantly enhance your mood, helping you feel more positive, optimistic, and joyful. 

Aromatherapy with uplifting scents can reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and inner peace. Select the scent or combination of scents that align with your intention. 

Use the uplifting scent as a focal point for meditation or mindfulness practice. Inhale the scent slowly, focusing on your breath and the sensation of the aroma.

A word from TheMindFool

Remember that spiritual wellness is not about perfection but the willingness to explore, learn, and grow. The practices discussed here are tools to help you navigate this path, and they can be adapted to suit your unique needs and beliefs.

Integrating these practices, you may experience a sense of clarity, a deeper connection with your inner self, and a newfound purpose. 

With each breath, each moment of presence, and each step you take on your spiritual journey, you are not just transforming yourself. You are also contributing to a more harmonious and compassionate world. 

Embrace the beauty of each practice and let it become a sacred ritual in your daily life. 

May your spiritual wellness flourish, and you find a sense of deep contentment, purpose, and enlightenment in all you do.