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7 Eye-Opening Spiritual Development Stages Explained

7 Eye-Opening Spiritual Development Stages Explained

7 Eye-Opening Spiritual Development Stages Explained

If you’re curious about spiritual development stages, it is not a linear path – but a kaleidoscopic odyssey. In this, you might explore a different path from the other person or jump between paths.

You delve into the depths of your inner selves, seeking meaning, connection, and a higher understanding of the universe. 

If you are in constant search of how to build spirituality, dive right in for the various stages.

Spiritual Development Stages 

From the initial stirrings of awareness to the full bloom of spiritual enlightenment, the stages of this journey are as diverse as the colors of a sunset. 

Each step unfolds with its challenges, revelations, and moments of profound insight. It’s a quest that transcends the tangible, venturing into the ethereal landscapes of consciousness and wisdom. 

So, fasten yourself and go through the spiritual tapestry of existence, where self-discovery and higher consciousness await at every turn.

1. Innocence 

The journey commences with innocence, enveloped in the joy and bliss of a healthy and loving family. Everyone is born with this since childhood. 

A profound connection to the Divine and the Absolute prevails as you – the spiritual being – are acutely awake. 

However, this awareness gradually diminishes as societal norms and expectations encroach. They divert attention from the divine essence within. 

A select few manage to sustain this divine connection and bask in spiritual greatness amid the challenges of the external world. 

2. Fear and Ego

As you progress through life, the ego emerges. It casts a shadow over the pure love experienced in the initial stage. 

The realization dawns that you are at the mercy of external forces. Fear, along with its accompanying emotions, begins to overshadow the spiritual core. 

It becomes a prerequisite to please those in authority for personal fulfillment. It leads to the construction of personality and the weaving of life-defining stories. 

3. Power

Driven by the desire to overcome fear, individuals seek success in various aspects of life. 

Education, career, and family become focal points as a means to gain control and establish a sense of security.

For many, this stage marks the culmination of growth and spiritual development, as the pursuit of material desires and power consumes their existence. 

However, for others, a yearning for a deeper meaning prompts the transition to the next stage.

First Choice

At this juncture, individuals face a pivotal choice. Some opt to remain entangled in material desires, perpetually seeking power and control. 

Meanwhile, others embark on a journey of spiritual awakening.

4. Giving

This stage signals a shift from self-centered pursuits to a realization that life extends beyond personal power and material accumulation. You start pondering how you can contribute to others’ well-being and serve the world. 

While the act of giving begins, it may still be driven by ego. You have expectations of recognition or personal satisfaction.

Second Choice

The second choice emerges when you elevate your giving from ego-driven to selfless acts of love and compassion. 

You relinquish any attachment to recognition or rewards and embark on the true spiritual journey, unburdened by constraints on growth.

5. The Seeker

This stage signifies a commitment to regular spiritual practices and a growing longing for Enlightenment. 

Decisions stem primarily from the heart center, the fourth chakra, as you delve into the deeper meaning of existence. 

To seek understanding, you engage with teachers, gurus, literature, and transformative practices. 

Then, the throat chakra opens as you – the seeker – progress on the path to self-discovery and higher consciousness.

6. The Sage

In this phase, Cosmic Consciousness emerges, leading to a full awakening of the mind. You become an observer of your actions and recognize your role amidst various other roles. 

The fear of death dissipates, and you acknowledge life as just another role. Although basic yogic powers become accessible, a distinction between the giver and the recipient remains.

Third Choice

At this pivotal juncture, the mind is fully alert, yet traces of ego persist. 

Now, you either succumb to a false sense of uniqueness and falsely assume the journey’s culmination or embrace humility and devotion. 

The latter involves acknowledging the ego while preventing it from overshadowing the path, leading to genuine spiritual progress. 

Then, the sixth chakra opens, fostering insight and spiritual inspiration.

7. Spirit

Complete awakening of the heart characterizes this stage, marking the experience of Divine and Unity Consciousness. 

Unity prevails and eliminates distinctions between the giver, given, or giving, as well as the sense of ‘I’ or ‘me.’ 

Despite residing in the world, you are no longer confined by it. Pure joy defines the spiritual practice, with all chakras open and spiritual energy flowing freely.


Upon reaching the seventh stage, choices cease to exist as you harmonize seamlessly with nature. 

Needs are met effortlessly, and you embody the Totality. As you progress through these stages, the material world may initially attract you, while the spiritual path might seem difficult. 

However, if you follow the second one, it eventually leads to the realization of the True Self and eternal bliss.

A word from TheMindFool

At every crossroads of your journey, you face a choice between truth and illusion, the material and the eternal. 

The ego persistently seeks to exert its constraining influence on you. Make thoughtful choices, as every action becomes a spiritual endeavor when done with mindfulness. 

Discover your unique path and cultivate inner peace. Consistency and discipline in your spiritual practices are crucial. If you happen to stray, don’t be discouraged. 

Over time, your spiritual journey transforms into a way of life akin to a vibrant oasis amidst the otherwise mundane desert of existence.