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How Medical Intuitive Supports Your Holistic Health?

How Medical Intuitive Supports Your Holistic Health?

How a Medical Intuitive Supports Your Holistic Health

Most people pay attention to their bodies only when they feel ill. We then rush to a doctor to treat us, and this cycle repeats. While modern medicine is a life-saver, it is not a disease-preventer. It treats our symptoms but does not always have a wholesome healing ability. That’s where alternative medicine practitioners such as a Medical Intuitive comes in.

A Medical Intuitive uses their intuition to guide their understanding of your system. Hence, you get an insight into what is happening inside your body on an energy level.

First of all, this method can support you to take care of your holistic wellbeing. Second, it can help you understand yourself better. So you can then be well-equipped to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle. To align yourself with the picture of complete health and prosperity.

So let’s understand who a Medical Intuitive is, what they do, and how we can make use of their healing technique.

What is a Medical Intuitive?

A Medical Intuitive specializes in perceiving the energy field of a human body. They are able to use intuition to sense the internal condition of a person. Based on which, they give readings about the state of a person’s holistic health. A medical intuitive uses this knowledge to find the root cause of a person’s illness or disease.

A Medical Intuitive is often called an energy healer with psychic abilities. A person who is both a medical intuitive and energy healer may go by the label “energy healer” or “intuitive healer”. That is if they don’t have any medical training. They practice in other energy healing streams such as bodywork, counseling, energy work.

Some renowned Medical Intuitives are –

  • Edgar Cayce
  • Phineas Parkhurst Quimby
  • Caroline Myss
  • Dr. Barbara Brennan

How Does Intuitive Medication Work?

A Medical Intuitive scans your body using their intuitive abilities. So they are able to sense the areas which are not aligned with your health and well-being. This process allows you to find out the root cause of your health issue. Be it emotional physical.

Our bodies are self-healing by design. Diseases and illnesses happen when the body is not able to recover completely. Because of any external or internal event.

The root cause is the initial event that causes your body to lose its balance (homeostasis). Furthermore, this cause starts off a series of events in your body that show up as symptoms. Not all symptoms are physical in nature. They can manifest as mental illness, mood swings, or feeling of unease as well.

When the symptoms are physical, we consult a medical professional to get them treated. But medical diagnosis is not designed to detect the root cause and treat it. This gets addressed by medical intuition practice.

Medical Intuitives explain the effects that the energy imbalance has created in you. Both physical and emotional. So they can connect the non-alignment of the energy to an event that may have caused the health issue. Above all, this information can help you relate a certain illness or disease to a past cause.

You don’t have to have an illness to book a medical intuition session. Some people consult with a Medical Intuitive in a proactive manner. As it can help you detect and correct any imbalances before they manifest in your body or mind like a disease.

Medical Intuitive vs Medical Diagnosis

A medical diagnosis uses Allopathy to treat detected symptoms. It doesn’t always focus on the “why” part. Whereas a Medical Intuitive uses intuition to receive holistic information. It focuses on finding the root cause of the imbalance to restore one’s health.

Medical Intuition vs Medical Diagnosis
Medical Intuition vs Medical Diagnosis

Medical diagnosis helps when you have serious health issues in your physical body. When you express your complaints, the medical professional looks for related symptoms. They observe the part of your body showing the most number of symptoms. And then you’re referred to an expert.

Often, the doctor treating you has undergone medical training in a specific specialization. Hence, the diagnosis usually involves working on a specific organ or organ system. They recommend a known pre-defined treatment model for you.

We trust allopathic treatments because they have worked for other people in the past. For people with similar symptoms. That is why this method does not further dig into the root cause of the problem. Unless there are other visible symptoms.

In other words, medical diagnosis is very useful for immediate relief from complaints. For instance, in cases of fractures, trauma, infections and so on. Whereas, a healing technique such as medical intuition can help in preventing illness. And treat all the effects of the root cause, not limiting to the visible symptoms only.

A session with a Medical Intuitive is not a replacement for medical diagnosis. But they can complement each other very well. You can give the reading to your doctor to get the necessary medical treatments. A healthcare professional can test the readings from the healing session. And look into those areas for further examination.

Medical Intuitive Readings

After a session, a Medical Intuitive gives you the complete report of your system. Including the psychological and anatomical profile of the root cause of your problems. Moreover, they are able to trace your core imbalances to the very source. Be it your organs, bones, specific muscles, glands, aura or chakras. Besides, they can also detect the timeframe of your original trigger.

A Medical Intuitive reading gives information about how our past causes have manifested. In the form of physical injuries, toxins, emotional patterns, illness residue, energy imbalances. After the reading, they give you an action plan. And this supports you to heal or treat the root cause of your condition.

Closing Thoughts

Alternate healing practices like medical intuition allow you to be more self-aware. So why wait for your health to go bad before addressing the cause? Medical intuition can support you to avoid getting sick and foster good health. And who doesn’t want that! May you get a better understanding of your body and achieve greater health.