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What Are Etheric Cords and When to Cut Them

What Are Etheric Cords and When to Cut Them

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It is easy to understand the things that we can see and touch. But when it comes to comprehending the unseen even the complex human mind fails. But the unseen exists and it makes its presence felt by its impact on us. One such unseen but very much real is an extension of us known as the etheric cords.

What are the Etheric Cords?

Etheric cords connect our energy bodies. These connections enable us to bond with each other. The tiniest interactions can lead to etheric bond formation. Etheric connections can be both good and bad.

The etheric cords are an extension of our energy bodies. They are energy structures that connect us to others. They are also known as energy cords, ribbons, and ethereal cords. It is that part of our energy bodies that enables us to make a connection with others.

Etheric cords are necessary to feel connected and bond with others. This connection can be a result of love and trust, but at the same time, it can also be the result of hate and fear.

We are born with etheric cords. They connect our energy bodies to other people, animals, places, and objects.

Etheric cords are the means through which we interact with each other. It is that connection that enables us to know if a person likes or dislikes us. It is formed with anyone at any time. Even the most general and tiny interaction can lead to the formation of an ethereal cord. The energy connections instill feelings of love, empathy, and sympathy. It also instills negative emotions of fear, hate, and anger.

It is beneficial for us to nurture the loving etheric bonds.  But, it can become damaging for us to maintain the negative ones. Knowing what etheric cords are and how to cut negative cords is essential. This is important to protect our health and happiness.

When our cords attach with someone we can tell what that person is feeling. This is possible as the connection allows us to tap into the energy bodies of others.

It is because of the etheric cord that a mother always feels connected with her children. She can always sense if her child is in any form of danger.

How Do Etheric Cords Get Created?

As soon as we are born, we get attached to etheric cords. As a baby, the first etheric cords that we get attached to are that of our parents. These energy connections get created when we think about something.

It can also get created when we talk about something or someone. This means etheric cord connections get created when we focus on something.

Mostly etheric cord connections attach with our solar plexus chakra. This chakra signifies personal growth and vitality of life. The solar plexus chakra is located on our upper abdomen. When our etheric cord connections become strong, it can shift its location to the third eye and heart chakras. In the same way, a deteriorating connection can come back to the abdomen area.

What Are Etheric Cords and When to Cut Them
What Are Etheric Cords and When to Cut Them

Etheric Cords Appearance

The etheric cords are usually visualized as floating silver strings. These connections can be strong, weak, thick or thin. Again, the connection may appear bright, sparkly, or dull. The appearance of the etheric cords depends on the type and quality of the connection made.

For example, etheric cord connections with parents, siblings, spouses, and lovers are usually very strong. Thus, they appear strong, thick, and bright.

Positive cords are beautiful and they reflect the presence of love in them. Contrary to these, negative cords can be thick or thin, but they appear dull and faded.

Talking to strangers in the streets also creates etheric cords. In this case, the cord is thin and weak.

Etheric Cords Connections in Romantic Relationships

Romantic etheric connections are made up of intense emotions and thoughts. A strong connection can enable partners to know what they are feeling. Healthy relationships are uplifting but they can turn toxic with time. Etheric connections in case of unhealthy relationships and breakups must be severed.

Etheric connections are very strong in the case of romantic relationships. The cords in romantic relationships usually connect two-person from heart to heart. Romantic energetic connections consist of intense emotions, thoughts, and feelings. These etheric cords are beautiful looking and they represent the sweetness of emotions between the two people.

Romantic partners often say that they feel connected to their partner and can easily sense what they are feeling. A strong etheric connection is responsible for such a telepathic connection between the partners.

If partners are wondering how strong their connection is with one another, there is a way to find it out. Just count the number of times you find yourself thinking about your partner. The more you think, the stronger the etheric connection is between the two of you.

Most love relationships have a positive and vibrant start to them. However, for some relationships, unfortunately, as time progresses it deteriorates. This also leads to the weakening of the etheric bonds. Over time, the once positive connections may turn into unhealthy cords.

Unhealthy Romantic Connections

Unhealthy cords are bad for a person. They take away the good and uplifting energy one felt before. 

But one great thing about etheric connections is that they are not permanent. Negative etheric connections can change to a positive one with some efforts. This is only possible if two people in the relationship make an effort to work on their relationship and connection.

When it comes to unhealthy and toxic relationships, it is best to cut the etheric connection. Cutting the etheric connection should also be the only option when one is dealing with a breakup.

There is no point in being attached to a person who doesn’t care for you. If they want to move forward even you need to cut the connection to be open to new opportunities.

Etheric cords in case of healthy romantic relationships connect the partners from heart to heart. Here the cords serve as a source of good energy exchange between the partners. In healthy relationships, the etheric connections are smooth and pink in color.

In the case of unhealthy relationships, the etheric cords connect one person’s heart with the solar plexus of the other partner. Such cords are dark and coarse in appearance. Unhealthy connections are controlling and draining towards one or both partners.

What Are Negative Etheric Cords?

Etheric cords as a psychic connection are good until they are positive. But when connections become negative they have to be cut. Before discussing how to cut negative etheric cords. People must understand what negative cord connections are.

Negative etheric connections are those that make one feel sad, angry, and jealous. These types of cord connections are usually draining. These lower down the energy vibrations of an individual.

A negative etheric connection weighs down people and holds them back. Some manifestations of negative cord connections are:

  • Feeling nostalgic over a bad past
  • Suffering from depression
  • Feeling hurt and angry
  • Stalking a person’s social media
  • Resentment

You can connect with another person through a negative cord. Negative etheric connections can also happen the other way round i.e. a person attaches their cord to you. In both cases, it is bad because the connection made stemmed from negative emotions.

Negative cord attachment takes place in:

  •  loveless marriages
  •  Breakups
  • Childhood neglect
  • having feelings of animosity
  • Jealousy
  • Feeling guilty

How to Cut Negative Etheric Cords?

Negative cord-cutting falls under the area of energy healing. By severing the cords that don’t serve us anymore we take the first step towards healing our energy bodies.

Cutting the etheric cord must be done regularly, especially when one has to talk to many people in a day. As mentioned above, etheric cords can be formed with anyone. So, it makes sense to cut them regularly. This stops the transmission of negative energy from others.

One should cut unwanted cords every day. If left attached for long they start to fester the energy body. This will lead to unhealthy mental and physical symptoms.

Etheric Cords Cutting Ritual

For this ritual, you need to be alone. Also, ensure that you are not disturbed while carrying out the ritual.

Start the ritual by first relaxing your body. Try to silence your mind and bring total focus to yourself. Take 2-3 deep breaths to relax both your mind and body. When you feel fully relaxed ask your spirit guides and protective angels to come. Request them to guide you in this ritual.

You may even chant a mantra like this:

“Dear angels and spirit guides, I call you to help me break away from all the negative connections. Help me let go of all the attachments that are bringing me down and are draining me. Let my attachment of love and happiness be protected. But free me of all the connections that no longer serve me. Let me be free of negative attachments now and in the future.”

You can use this mantra or create your own. Chant this mantra several times during your cord-cutting ritual. While chanting, visualize your bad etheric cords being cut by angelic swords. Thank your spirit guides and angels for their help in cutting unhealthy connections.

After the ritual is complete, take a warm relaxing bath. Also, remember to drink plenty of water. If the ritual has worked you will immediately feel lighter.

Etheric Cord Cutting

1) During Meditation

During Meditation
During Meditation

If you already have the habit of meditating each day then you can add time for getting rid of negative cords. Do your meditation as usual. When you are done with it, start imagining all the etheric cords attached to you.

Ask for spirit guides and protective angels to come to you. Request them to cut all the negative cord attachments. This will get rid of all the negative emotions.

While you are doing this, pray to your angels to protect the positive etheric cords. This is necessary to protect the positive bonds.

2) Visualizing cutting cords before going to sleep

Visualizing cutting cords before going to sleep
Visualizing cutting cords before going to sleep

A good time to cut etheric cords is at night time when one goes to bed. When you have some quiet time do the cord-cutting ritual.

Try to visualize your etheric cords. Look for any dull and thin cords floating from you. These are the ones that need to be cut. Thin cords arise from daily interactions with people. The dull cords are usually negative ones.

While cutting the cords visualize that your spirit guides or angels are cutting them with their sacred swords.

3) Praying at a quiet time during the day

Praying at a quiet time during the day
Praying at a quiet time during the day

The cords can be cut whenever you find some quiet time during the day. Just pray to your guardian angels or spirit guides to sever the negative cords. You can also chant the cord-cutting mantra in this case. Always imagine a protecting force helping you in getting rid of the negative cords.

Some people prefer to get rid of the negative cords whenever they come out of a crowded place. These crowded places are usually streets, shopping malls, parties, etc.

4) With the help of an energy healer

With the help of an energy healer
With the help of an energy healer

If you are not someone who has a strong visualizing power then going to an energy healer can be the best option for you. Many people feel that going to an energy healer is the best thing to do when they want to get rid of a strong negative bond.

Energy healers are people who can restart the normal energy field around a body. According to the beliefs of energy healing, physical and mental trauma can cause energy to stagnate at particular locations. This stagnated energy can lead to pain and further illness in the body. 

A strong negative bond can develop after the death of a loved one or after having a breakup. In such cases, the attached etheric connections were strong positive bonds. But, after some unfortunate events, they changed into negative bonds.

These negative cords are usually very strong because the person was close to this individual. Only cutting once cannot remove such strong negative bonds. Thus, in such situations, a person should consult an energy healer.

Final Thoughts

Etheric connection brings order in society. It tames the chaos in our world. These wonderful energy bonds enable people to feel love and warmth. But, at the same time, etheric connections can turn negative and hamper a person’s growth. In such cases, cutting away the negative cords is crucial.