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15 Calming Spiritual Rituals To Restore Your Energy

15 Calming Spiritual Rituals To Restore Your Energy

15 Calming Spiritual Rituals To Restore Your Energy

Spiritual rituals can help you connect with your own spirituality. For this, you don’t have to follow a specific religion or join a community. 

When you partake in these rituals, they help you recharge and rediscover yourself. You awaken spiritually and can feel more optimistic. 

To reap all these benefits, let’s get started…

15 Spiritual Rituals

When you practice spiritual rituals, you know yourself better. You nurture your relationship with yourself. 

Unlike what most assume, these rituals have nothing to do with cults or following difficult traditions. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started…

1. Begin or end the day with yoga

Yoga is a relaxing way to get your body moving without putting excess pressure on yourself. This spiritual ritual helps you connect both with your mind and body. 

Choose a few postures that work the best for you. You can connect with a yoga tutor as well. Give yourself 10 minutes to practice it effectively.

You can either do it in the morning. Unwind your muscles and have your daily dose of caffeine and news tabloids. 

Alternatively, you can practice lightweight yoga with healing music at night. It will help you get rid of any stiffness and promote relaxation. 

2. Declutter and cleanse

Your home is your safe haven, and you get most of your energy from the vibe your home gives. So, one of the best spiritual rituals is to deep-clean your home. 

To begin, remove the items that you don’t need or use anymore. It might be old clothes or even books you haven’t touched in ages. Pack and donate them to help the community.

Next, dust and mop the entire place. Open the window, and let the warm sun rays and fresh air in. This will make your room smell fresh, and you’ll feel spiritually refreshed. 

3. Set intentions with crystals 

Healing crystals are organically built from various elements of the Earth. These naturally-made stones are formed over thousands of years. These are some of the great objects to perform spiritual rituals.

Hold a crystal you feel connected to in your palms. Breathe in and visualize your goals or how you wish to feel for a few minutes. Make sure you feel the crystal’s energy and try to communicate with it clearly.

Repeat this daily to set your intentions. You can also carry the crystal in your pocket or bag, where you can touch it whenever you need an energy boost. Or keep it somewhere you can see it and let it work as a visual reminder to chase your goals.

4. Write on paper

On a piece of paper, write your hopes and dreams. Repeat this daily and focus on the probable ways to reach your goals. You can then fold this paper and keep it safe in your pocket. 

5. Chant affirmations to manifest

There are misconceptions about affirmations being wishful thinking. However, affirmative words have the power to make you believe in yourself. 

So, when you wake up in the morning or before going to bed, repeat affirmations. You can also write down the affirmations to avoid wasting time thinking about them. 

Positive self-talk will eventually make you more confident and believe in yourself.

6. Recharge in nature

This is one of the easiest spiritual rituals, and you have many ways to practice it and connect to nature. For instance, walk barefoot on grassy and calm places and feel the ground under your feet. 

You can also work with indoor or outdoor gardening plants. During the activity, be mindful of the sensation of soil and water on your fingers. Smell the scent coming from the plants. 

If you’re outdoors, listen to the sound of trees rustling in the wind, birds chirping, and animals playing about. You can also sit at your favorite spot in nature and enjoy.

7. Burn your fears

This is an ancient ritual that’s been practiced by people from all walks of life. On a piece of paper, write down all of your worries, negative emotions, stresses, and fears. You can even pour in any regret or feelings of vengeance. 

Once you write it all down, burn down the paper. See the words turning into ashes. Imagine the smoke cleaning your life and taking away all the negativity. This ritual will help you let go of all the bad feelings.

8. Set new goals with the new moon

Another ritual is about setting intentions during the new moon. The new moon is symbolic of fresh beginnings. 

To practice the ritual, you must set intentions on a new moon using the crystal method (explained in ritual #3). Or write your goals on paper (as in ritual #4) on that night. 

Another way is to smoke your place using sage on a new moon. 

9. Relax while bathing

Most people know bathing as a form of self-care. But it also works as a spiritual ritual. It gives you the moment to cleanse, reenergize, and refocus. 

For this, use herbs, detoxifiers, and essential oils – like chamomile, sage, lavender, tea tree, or rose. Put it all in the bath water and soak yourself.

Alternatively, pour a small amount of everything into a bowl of water to dilute them. Dip your fingers and rub every energy center of your body – head, throat, chest, and so on) with it. 

Or you can slowly pour this bowl of water over your head and make sure you rub it on your body well. Envision the water taking away all the stress from your life. Then take a shower or bath. 

10. Let the wind take away a feather 

The force of the wind has been considered a sacred power for centuries. Wind is symbolic of life, while feathers are symbolic of the Earth. And this ritual symbolizes acceptance and surrender. It works best for those who feel emotionally burdened and want some relief. 

For this, use a feather. But you can also use a light leaf or dandelions. Go outdoors where it’s windy, hold the object in your hands, and envision your problems. 

Once you’re done envisioning those, let the wind take away the object or blow it away. Watch it float away and imagine it taking away your problems.

11. Light and blow out a candle 

Get in a quiet room and make sure nobody disturbs you. Light a candle or tea light and hold it. Focus on the flame and think about your intentions. 

Whether you want to forgive someone, overcome setbacks, heal from some wounds, and so on. Repeat your intentions like a chant. When you feel satisfied and calm, blow the candle out. 

12. Pray regularly 

For this, you may follow your religion and pray to a deity. But even if you don’t follow a specific religion or deity in mind, you can still pray to the Universe or your ancestors.

So take your time to sit in a desirable place – somewhere you already pray or a space where nobody will interfere with you. Then pray your heart out.

13. Exercise to be at peace

Exercises like hiking, swimming, or even running calm your mind. They let you focus on the moment and focus on your breath and body movement. 

You can do any exercise of your choice. Just make sure to focus on your body, movement, and mind. Be mindful and conscious of the moment.

14. Meditate with breathwork

This is an all-time favorite and easy spiritual practice. Choose a space where you can calm and focus without any interference. 

Sit in a comfortable position, focus on your breathing, and connect with your soul. You can try different kinds of breathworks. Research and find what works for you.

15. Show gratitude 

At the end of the day, write down in a journal two to five things you feel grateful for. If anyone helps you, thank them or repay them in some other way. 

You don’t always have to wait for others to support you. Sometimes, perform an act of kindness, and you will receive it back someday. 

A word from TheMindFool

Remember, you can also create unique spiritual rituals based on your particular religious or cultural beliefs. They will work as well and offer you relief and peace. 

Lastly, don’t push yourself to follow any particular frequency for these rituals. It doesn’t matter if you practice it several times a day or once every alternate day. Make sure you’re comfortable with it, and it’ll be effective.