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Spiritual Protection – Activate The Divine Shield

Spiritual Protection – Activate The Divine Shield

Spiritual Protection - Activate The Divine Shield

Lately, if others’ vibe is affecting your mood and feelings, you need to seek spiritual protection. You can also start practicing it if you feel people around you are toxic or too negative. 

It can help you protect your energy field and shield you from being drained when you’re in contact with them. 

So, if this concept sounds new to you, let’s learn the basics first!

What Is Spiritual Protection?

Everyone has energy within and all around them. This energy is invisible but has a high vibratory field, and it senses other energies – whether from the environment or people. 

The highly sensitive energy field then gets affected – even negatively – by external energies. It leads to different moods around different people and places. 

Spiritual protection is all about cleansing and protecting your energy field. It helps you get less affected when you encounter different energies. 

Now, you must be thinking about why people are so concerned about this concept. Let’s know it here…

Is Spiritual Protection Important?

The external energies you encounter in daily life are seeking a source of energy for nourishment. 

If you pick these energies and don’t practice spiritual protection, they may penetrate deep within your aura. It’ll make you feel depressed, exhausted, tired, and unmotivated. 

Some benefits of spiritual protection are

  • Happiness, satisfaction, enthusiasm, appreciation for life
  • More self-love, self-respect, self-appreciation
  • Harmonious connections, peace at home and work 
  • Mental clarity, wisdom, inspiration, intelligence
  • Better bond with your spirit guides and divine protectors
  • Positivity, getting rid of anxiety, fear, and worry
  • Better sleep, faster healing from ailments, reduced body aches. 

But are you wondering what’s aura? Let’s know it here…

Concept Of Aura

In general, your aura is an energy field of the molecules of your body. All human beings, animals, plants, and even inanimate objects have an aura. But it’s easier to sense the aura of living beings than non-living things. 

Your aura can change color, strength, and width depending on your mood. Joy shows a bright and strong yellow shade. Depression and sickness make it grey, brown, translucent, and weak.

The aura consists of seven layers – each connected to your seven chakras. Let’s know all about them:

1. The Etheric Body

It’s the closest layer to your body and creates a connection between your physical body and the remaining aura layers.

2. The Emotional Body

The next layer symbolizes your emotions and feelings. It determines your emotional state and balance. This becomes dull when you’re stressed.

3. The Lower Mental Body

It has a higher vibration than the previous one. The layer connects you to your consciousness and symbolizes your mental thought patterns and mind state.

4. The Astral Plane

This connects the gap between higher and lower aura layers. It activates during sleep and expands away from your body. It’s connected to your heart chakra and symbolizes your relationship with others.

5. The Etheric Template

This depicts the energy you emanate from your body. It is the strongest when you stay aligned with your true goals and purpose.

6. The Intuitional Plane

It connects you with higher realms with its high frequency. With it, you can be more tuned with your intuition as it’s connected to your third eye.

7. The Spiritual Plane

The layer has the highest vibration and is farthest from your physical body. It’s connected to your crown chakra, symbolizes your soul, and contains your soul contract.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to learn the art of spiritual protection…

How To Practice Spiritual Protection Yourself?

There are a few simple ways to practice spiritual protection. All of those are explained here in detail:

1. Ask the higher powers

Ask the God you pray to, angels, or spirit guides to always accompany and protect you from negativity. This can be a type of prayer or meditation. 

Don’t expect the spiritual realm to help you during desperate times if you don’t call for them. They have limited power to interfere in your life, but your call can make things better. 

If you don’t have a special prayer, chant, or mantra, you can come up with something that feels right by yourself.

2. Surround yourself with a spiritual shield

This is a fast and effective way to protect yourself spiritually when you sense negative energy. 

For this, you must ask your spirit guide or guardian angel to envelop your body in a protective layer of energy and light. Visualize yourself being surrounded by colored light. Choose the color of light based on your purpose, like the following:

  • White: It’s supposed to protect you from all sorts of harm, crime, and physical attack.
  • Gold: It has the highest vibrational color, which is associated with a call for high-vibration archangels. This is used for general protection and to boost your vibrational rate.
  • Green: You seek healing and rejuvenating powers through this when sick.
  • Lead Shield: This protects you from the toxic energy of conflicts, when you feel vulnerable, and so on.
  • Mirrored Glone: When you feel vulnerable and sense someone might attack you (even if verbally). It bounces away all bad energy just like a mirror reflecting power.

Once you visualize the light, the higher powers instantly bless you with a protective shield. 

You may be able to feel a bubble of light, chill, tingle, or vibration surrounding you. But if you don’t feel it, don’t overthink. Trust the higher powers, and you’ll be protected.

However, these shields sustain for 8-12 hours usually and much less in negative circumstances. So, you must follow the same ritual all over to re-shield yourself. 

3. Use protective objects

You can also spiritually protect yourself by keeping protective objects with you. It can be talismans, religious symbols, and crystals. 

To activate them, you can empower the object by enveloping them with an energy shield using the last step. You can also seek a religious or spiritual guru to bless the item. 

Out of all of these, the most powerful and high-vibration object is crystal. But to use them properly, you must know some of the basic crystals with their purposes:

  • Black Tourmaline: Gives protection, grounds, dispels negative energy
  • Tiger’s Eye: Protects, grounds gently, promotes understanding of core issues, promotes clear professional decisions
  • Hematite: Grounds, improves rationality, promotes clear understanding, strength, and focused energy
  • Black Obsidian: Gives protection, cleanses
  • Citrine: Cleanses energy, blocks negative energy, promotes mental clarity
  • Blue Kyanite: Cleanses energy, boosts psychic abilities, connects with guides, promotes dream recalling, brings peace
  • Selenite: Cleanses energy, connects with guides, gives spiritual insights, brings clarity
  • Smokey Quartz: Grounds, cleanses, heals, stimulates chakra, brings peace
  • Clear Quartz: Gives protection from angels and spirit guides, brings clarity, amplifies other crystals
  • Pyrite: Protects from negative energy

4. Practice energy cleansing

Burn safe or palo santo in a room. The smoke and the herbs have high vibratory energy. This will align with your core energy and protect you from negatives.

5. Boost the health of your auric field

A healthy and high-frequency auric field is less likely to be attacked by negative energy. To attain this, follow this routine:

  • Take care of your physical health: Exercise, eat healthy, avoid toxic food habits, and follow a good sleep routine.
  • Spend time in nature’s lap: Walk on the ground barefoot, try gardening, go hiking.
  • Practice positive self-talk: Chant affirmations, write good things about your day in journals, and stick post-its with encouraging words all around your home.
  • Follow your heart: Do things that make you happy, like your hobby or self-care, or spoil yourself by buying what you need.

Other than these steps, you can also improve the level of protection. So, let’s know that here…

How To Boost Spiritual Protection Via Grounding?

Grounding has a great impact on your aura, mind, and overall spiritual protection. It prevents you from feeling disoriented, confused, clumsy, daydreaming, dizzy, or forgetful.

So, here are the basic steps to practice it:

  • Take a few deep breaths for a while
  • Relax your body and calm your mind
  • Imagine a root growing downwards into the Earth from your root chakra (at the base of your spine) and connecting with Mother Earth
  • Visualize roots growing from your foot soles and connecting with the Earth
  • Imagine yourself soaking in all the nurturing energy from the environment
  • Take as much time as you want
  • Recenter yourself by taking a few more deep breaths

Note: You can practice this whenever and as many times as you want. 

A word from TheMindFool

Spiritual protection is not a choice but a must-do nowadays. The stressful times have impacted everyone’s aura more or less. So you won’t be able to meet a lot of people with great positive energy fields. 

Thus, it’s better to seek ways to shield yourself from it. And when your energy field is protected, you will attain spiritual growth much faster!