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20 Clear Signs You Are A Mystic

20 Clear Signs You Are A Mystic

Signs You Are A Mystic

So you are looking for signs you are a mystic, probably because someone thinks you’re one. But before you find that out, you must know-

What Is A Mystic?

A mystic person refers to those who experienced the presence of the divine without performing any rituals. It’s a spiritual seeker who wants to let go of their ego and dedicate their entire life toward the truth that they’re a part of the divine. 

Now, if you’re curious whether you’re the same, let’s find the answers here…

20 Signs You Are A Mystic

Most people imagine a person meditating on a mountain or devoting their life to god as a priest. However, there is no strict definition of a mystic. Rather, you can check whether you are one with the following signs…

1. You cherish experiences the most

If you’re a mystic, a tell-tale sign is that you won’t like being restricted by bookish principles and philosophies. You are born with some extent of knowledge and trust your morals and inner self more than books. 

So, you believe that the only path to learn about the ultimate truth is to experience it firsthand. You think you can do it only through deep and personal interactions. 

Of course, you may still seek others’ opinions and perspectives, but you won’t solely rely on them.

2. You have questions about your existence

One of the greatest signs of being a mystic is that you will question why you or anyone else is born. 

You may be able to understand the reason behind how one action leads to another and together builds everyone’s fate. But you don’t know how life works in the universe. 

This leads to your extreme curiosity about the existence of life.

3. You don’t mind uncertainty

Mystics don’t have the answer to every action and incident in the world. They don’t know what the next moment has for them. However, they always feel that there’s a master plan behind everything that happens. 

They also have faith in themselves and their bond with the universe. They trust that they can interpret any signs from the universe. 

So when you face uncertainty, if you feel that there’s a deeper message from the universe, you’re a mystic!

4. You rely on intuitive powers

If you’re a mystic, it doesn’t mean you don’t believe in books and scripts. But you depend more on your intuition for your insight. You also seek similar intuitive powers in people you associate with. 

5. You don’t believe in spiritual hierarchy

Different cultures, religions, and traditions have different spiritual hierarchies. Some prioritize wisdom and guidance from spiritual powers. Others shed light on connecting with the divine and individual spiritual empowerment.

If you don’t like these spiritual hierarchies, you’re a mystic. You don’t think a single path alone can help you attain divinity. You understand that every individual has a unique route to divinity, and no path is inferior to the other.

6. You have personal rules

A common sign of you being a mystic is that you have a personal set of morals. These are beyond the usual social norms and traditions. Your morals are formed solely based on your intuition and experience. 

7. You encourage internal growth

Mystics believe that spiritual rituals and practices are meant to improve your internal growth and insight and not as a part of worshiping higher powers. For the same reason, they can’t follow strict religions. 

They believe that the journey of personal growth must begin from the inner self. It’s not ordered or guided by others. 

If you also believe in growing internally through rituals and chase growth by yourself instead of being dictated, you’re a mystic.

8. You perceive love as a life source 

If you’re a mystic, you’ll believe that the source of life is love. Love is not a single emotion within one person. It’s a universal energy that flows through every living being. 

You perceive that you only feel a fragment of love in your life through your loved ones. On the other hand, the love engulfing the entire universe is much more. 

9. You never claim that you know everything

One of the most down-to-earth signs of mystics is that they never say that they know everything. 

If you think that the universe is endless and hides extremely complex mysteries for you to decipher, you’re a mystic. 

Although you know more than others, you still believe there’s much more to know. So, you also don’t believe in preaching to others.

10. You’re deeply connected with nature 

If you have a close connection with the natural world, you’re most probably a mystic. You feel calm and comfortable when you’re in nature’s lap, around plants and animals. You also believe that nature has great power to connect you with the spiritual realm.

11. You can feel others’ energy 

A tell-tale sign of being a mystic is that you can notice everyone’s energy. You can tell whether a person is sick, happy, sad, angry, or something else. You don’t even have to talk to them. 

The aura of the other person gives away a lot. Unlike others, you notice that pretty easily. You may also use your understanding of them to guide others.

12. You’re sensitive to subtle signs 

Another evident sign of you being a mystic is that you can sense everyone’s emotions through their energy. You often notice the subtle cues that most people ignore. 

For instance, you notice the slight sorrow in a person’s voice even when they crack jokes. Or you can notice people’s distressed body language, which shows they are not okay. 

13. You have a connection with psychic abilities 

If you have had psychic abilities since childhood, you have learned them over time, or you want to cultivate them, you’re a mystic. 

14. You don’t believe the world revolves around you 

Being a mystic, you notice that everything in the world is interconnected. So, everyone depends on each other for survival. Thus, you can’t act selfish and always focus on the greater good. Nothing you do is solely for your individual benefit.

15. You prioritize kindness and forgiveness 

A significant sign of mystics is that they don’t hold on to grudges. So, even if it’s tough, you will forgive and move on. You understand that you can be at peace only if you let go. 

You know that good karma will follow you back only if you show kindness. But you know better than to give your ill-wisher a second chance at hurting you. So, you show kindness to the next person and not the mean people.

16. You let go of attachments 

Being a mystic, you understand that if you get attached to temporary things in life, you will suffer when those disappear. 

So, you love your closest people and everything important in your life. But you’re just not attached to them. This way, you can deal with broken relationships, lost jobs, and even death better.

17. You don’t compete with others 

As a mystic, you’ll feel that any kind of competitive spirit attracts pain and disagreements. You believe that the only way to live in peace is to be compassionate, loving, and understanding. 

You drop the competitive nature, but that doesn’t imply you don’t strive to be better. You work on your goals silently and avoid showing aggression.

18. You never fit in with kids your age 

Throughout your childhood, did you always feel that you had nothing in common with the remaining kids? Did you struggle to make friends?

If yes, that’s another indicator of being a mystic. Probably, people thought you were shy, awkward, or even stuck-up. Instead, you were drawn more towards people with more wisdom.

19. You prefer to spend time alone 

This sign implies that you prefer to spend time with yourself and introspect about life rather than go out and be a party animal.

You may or may not be introverted. But you prefer to take time to reflect on life in solitude.

20. You don’t chase materialism 

A great sign of being a mystic is that you don’t chase riches and luxuries. You lead a minimalist life without branded cars, jewelry, or clothes. 

You don’t want to go to the most expensive restaurants on weekends. You don’t upgrade your gadget to the latest ones all the time.

You know that these things aren’t the way to happiness. Rather, they only make people greedy and sad if they can’t attain it.

A word from TheMindFool

Unlike popular beliefs, mystics are not always nuns, priests, or religious ascetics. After all, it has nothing to do with your profession. Instead, it’s all about your own beliefs and morals. 

So, if you believe you’re nothing out of the ordinary but notice most of the abovementioned signs, you are indeed a mystic. Don’t fight your fate. If you feel perplexed by this revelation, seek a spiritual guru instead to sort out your feelings!