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20 Strong Signs Of A Spiritually Gifted Person – Know About Your True Powers

20 Strong Signs Of A Spiritually Gifted Person – Know About Your True Powers

20 Strong Signs Of A Spiritually Gifted Person - Know About Your True Powers

Are you looking for signs of a spiritually gifted person? Perhaps you are deeply intuitive or are feeling strange sensations. 

You don’t understand what’s happening, but it feels as though your senses are heightened. Or some spiritual beings are trying to connect with you.

If this sounds familiar, c’mon, let’s get right into it!

20 Signs Of A Spiritually Gifted Person

Lately, you feel that you’re somehow different from the people around you. You hear, feel, or even smell things they can’t. Initially, you assumed that you were overthinking things. Or, that exhaustion is playing with your mind. 

But now you’ve come to terms with it. Something is seriously up and you believe it’s a type of spiritual gift. 

So, let’s dive in to know whether your assumptions are right!

1. You hear guided voices

Spiritually gifted individuals often have a strong sense of intuition. This manifests as inner guidance or a “voice” that offers insights, advice, or direction.

If you believe in the presence of spirit guides or guardian angels who communicate with you through inner voices or thoughts, you are spiritually gifted.

2. You are extremely empathic

Some spiritually gifted people are more attuned to others’ energy and emotions. This makes them highly empathic

So, you may be able to pick up on subtle emotional cues and vibrations from people and their surroundings.

A deepening of spiritual awareness leads to increased empathy. As you explore your spirituality, you often become more compassionate and understanding of others.

3. You feel a strong connection with nature

If you’re spiritually gifted, nature can provide a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. Being in nature helps you feel more balanced and grounded.

You’ll feel a deep spiritual connection to the natural world. You see it as a manifestation of divine energy or a source of spiritual inspiration.

4. Your sense of smell and taste is sensitive

Another sign is that you often notice fragrances that others don’t. In spiritual and holistic belief systems, people claim that certain senses are heightened as part of their spiritual awakening or sensitivity. 

It is believed that when one aspect is enhanced, such as spiritual sensitivity, it may indirectly influence other aspects, including sensory perception. 

5. You often experience lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is when you’re aware that you are dreaming and may have some level of control over the dream. People can have lucid dreams only if they have deliberate practice and intention. If you’re having these kinds of dreams easily, you’re a gifted one.

6. There’s a pressure around your third eye

The third eye is associated with the sixth chakra, or the “ajna” chakra. This chakra is believed to be related to intuition, insight, and higher consciousness. 

If you feel pressure around your forehead above the middle of your eyebrows, it’s seen as an activation or alignment of this energy center. This is a sign of you being gifted.

7. Animals are attracted to you

Animals are naturally drawn to spiritually gifted people as they radiate positivity and calming energy

Do you often witness animals being friendly to you? Does it happen even if you don’t offer food?

If yes, this appeal to animals is a sign of your positive emotions and energies.

8. You feel an intangible force touching you

Spiritually gifted individuals are often more attuned to subtle energies and spiritual presences. They may have a heightened awareness of spiritual entities or energies in their surroundings.

So, notice if you feel sensations of touch on your body even when you are alone. If you do, that’s a positive sign.

9. You wake up between 3 to 4 am

The early morning hours, particularly between 3 to 4 a.m., are associated with energetic shifts, heightened spiritual activity, or a deeper connection to the spiritual realm. This phenomenon is often called the “witching hour” or “spiritual awakening hour.”

If you experience restlessness or awakenings during this time, you’re spiritually gifted. 

10. You like to meditate regularly

If you’re spiritually gifted, you’ll be drawn to meditation to find inner peace and calm in your heightened and sensitive states. 

Via meditation, you access higher states of consciousness and connect with a higher power or the universe. You also feel interested in binaural beats and subliminal messages. 

11. The moon cycle affects your energy

Another obvious sign of being spiritually gifted is that your intuitive and psychic abilities will be heightened during specific moon phases – such as full moons or new moons.

This happens because spiritually gifted individuals are often highly empathetic and emotionally sensitive. Lunar phases influence emotions, and spiritually gifted people may be more acutely aware of these emotional shifts.

12. Your emotional tension creates weird occurrences in the surrounding 

Emotions carry energy and vibrations. If you’re spiritually gifted, your strong emotions will have heightened energies. They can affect the energy field of your environment. 

So, if things fall or the weather changes based on your mood, that’s a major sign.

13. You experience prickly sensations

Spiritually gifted individuals have heightened energy sensitivity. This can manifest as tingling or energetic sensations. 

So, if you’re one, you may feel subtle shifts in energy, chakras, or auras during meditation or energy work. It’s because of the activation of your third eye that enables you to experience the other world.

14. You know in advance when something’s off with your body

If you’re spiritually gifted, another sign is that you may feel imbalances or disturbances in your physical bodies. You can tell if you’ll fall sick or get hurt even weeks before!

15. You’re not afraid of death

If you’re spiritually gifted, you’ll have strong spiritual beliefs. They’ll provide you with a sense of the afterlife or the continuity of the soul beyond physical death. These beliefs can offer comfort and reduce the fear of death.

Rather than being afraid of death, you’ll accept death as an inevitable stage. A strong connection to a higher power, God, or the universe provides a sense of purpose and trust in this divine plan.

16. Your visions/dreams often come true 

Notice if you often witness events happening in real life that you saw in your dream. Or, you dream of people you haven’t met in ages. Then, within a few days, you meet them. If you see future events this way, you’re definitely spiritually gifted. 

17. You often sense spiritual beings

Being spiritually gifted can make you more receptive to subtle spiritual presences. You may feel shifts or vibrations in the energy field when spiritual beings enter your space.

18. You easily catch lies

If you’re spiritually gifted, you’ll have a strong sense of intuition. It’ll let you pick up on subtle cues, inconsistencies, or energy shifts in a person’s behavior or words that suggest deception. 

If you experience situations like you already know any person is lying, you have something special.

19. Strangers often ask for help

Spiritually gifted individuals are often seen as sources of wisdom, guidance, and support. This is because they have an open-minded attitude. This creates a safe space for strangers to share their concerns and seek counsel.

So, if strangers like to ask for your opinions and thoughts on matters, that’s a good sign!

20. You need to isolate sometimes

Spiritually gifted people are more susceptible to sensory overload from external stimuli, such as noise, crowds, or intense emotions. Isolation provides a break from overwhelming sensory input.

​If you also need breaks and feel like gaining the drained power again, then you’re gifted with some special abilities. 

A word from TheMindFool

If you notice most of these signs in yourself, you’ve got your answers. The spiritual realm has definitely gifted you with superior powers of intuition, empathy, and heightened awareness.

These gifts can serve as sources of wisdom, healing, and inspiration, not only for your personal growth but also for others seeking guidance and support.

Nurture these gifts, whether through meditation, mindfulness, or a deep reverence for nature and the interconnectedness of all life.

Understand and honor these gifts and work on the path the higher realm wants you to!