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How To Experience Non Duality? A Guide To Find True Peace

How To Experience Non Duality? A Guide To Find True Peace

How To Experience Non Duality A Guide To Find True Peace

Are you wondering about how to experience non duality

The feeling of nonduality is unique and usually involves emotions like free judgment and anticipating possibilities. 

Once you start experiencing nonduality, you can live and cherish the present moment automatically. It allows you to get rid of the inhibitions.

You become much more aware of the things around you and can consciously control your breath. 

But it is completely in your hands whether you want to experience non duality or not. This is because the experience of the feeling depends on your mindset and how you want to perceive the happenings around you.

So, c’mon, let’s start knowing more about it here…

What Is Non-Duality?

Nonduality is when there is no primary difference between the observer and the observed. It means maintaining parity between the inner and the other world so there is no sense of discrepancy at all. 

We classify the world into different categories, like objects, people, and even events. But the reality of the world is not as compartmentalized as it seems. To feel like you are fulfilled and achieve content, it is important to be non dualistic in nature. 

Humans have evolved since time immemorial. And to make our lives easier and compliant with the laws of nature, there has been an evolution in thought as well. 

The advent of dual thinking has allowed humans to better adapt to the environment. The essence of nonduality helps us achieve a more fulfilling life. 

So, are you wondering how to experience this? Well, let’s keep reading…

How To Experience Non Duality?

Every individual is unique, and hence, their approach can be quite different from the others. However, the basic step to experience non duality focuses on raising your self-awareness.

So, here are some of the best ways to experience nonduality:

1. Practice Focused Meditation 

To achieve nonduality, one of the best ways is to practice focused mediation. As the name suggests, in this technique, you will focus your meditation on the present rather than the past and the future. 

Usually, your mentor will ask you to focus your breath on just one thing – your breath. This makes you extremely aware and ensures that you do not keep focusing on the past and let that harm you. 

You need to be consistent with this form of meditation and ensure that you practice the same with conviction. Then, you will eventually experience non-duality.

2. Shift Your Perception 

When you start shifting your perception from one standpoint to the other, it can bring about a lot of change in your life. It can bring about valuable non dual experience. The only thing that you need to do is be aware of this. 

To practice this, you must notice the patterns of dualism and immediately change the perception as soon as you feel something similar. 

This will allow you to be in control and experience nonduality, which is very important to flourish in life.

3. Form Mystical Connections

The term “mystical” itself refers to an experience that is somewhat magical in nature. Hence, it has the power of helping you to experience nonduality. 

“Forming mystical connections” refers to a peaceful union with the universe and what seems to be positive and life-affirming. 

To make sense of the mystical connection, the use of psychedelics has been quite potent. However, it’s advised to administer them under expert supervision.

Other than that, you can also study mystical traditions and related spiritual texts from worldwide to get a better idea. You can also undergo spiritual surrender, explore rituals to connect with the divine or practice mind-expanding practices.

4. Build Positive Qualities

It is not possible to experience non-duality unless you embrace the positive qualities of life. These include patience, gratitude, and self-awareness. 

All these will allow you to stay at the moment. This will help you begin your nonduality experience. During the process, you need to be very careful about how you perceive the world and who are the mentors who are guiding you towards the feeling of nonduality.

5. Practice Mindfulness

Nonduality as an experience means unifying the self with the universe. This is not possible until you practice mindfulness and are aware of the present moment. The more you practice the virtues of mindfulness, the more you will enhance the approach as well. 

As you live in the moment, it frees you from the suffering of the past and the anticipation of the future. The more you start practicing mindfulness regularly, it becomes much more precise and you will be able to slowly experience non-duality. 

6. Free Yourself From Suffering With Yoga

To experience non duality at its best, you must learn and practice how to free yourself from suffering. The source of suffering in life is a dual nature. We say something, and on the contrary, we mean something completely different.

The sense of separation between you and others is the start of suffering and duality. The more you can get rid of this sense, your experience with nonduality will improve.

For this, you must follow the basics of yoga. Yogic practices can free your mind from all sorts of suffering and distinction.

7. Make Your Visual Field Analogous To Conscious Experiences 

Finally, the last way to experience the best of nonduality, start holding your visual field compliant to the conscious experience.  

Our eyes work with us like a camera. Vision might be compared to an ongoing movie where –people, cars, trees, buildings, and all other things seem to constantly appear and then disappear. 

Throughout the day, everything changes in our sight, but there’s no need for us to actively create or control it. 

Nonduality exists when we can achieve a complete parity between what we are seeing and what is getting embedded into our consciousness.  

A word from TheMindFool

According to nonduality preachers, a non-dual state reveals the real you and how you are constantly developing. Without nonduality, it is impossible to make sense of the real nature of humans and the world around you. 

So, practice nonduality, and it will bring in a sense of peace and complete surrender to your inner self.