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Abundance Prayer – Does it really work?

Abundance Prayer – Does it really work?

Abundance prayer

Prayers are an integral part of our culture. Every religion has given importance to prayers. People travel to distant places to pray at a holy shrine for themselves and their loved ones. We also do our prayers in the quiet corner of our homes. An abundance prayer, as the name suggests is a prayer to receive abundance.

It is a request to God or the Universe or the Creator to open the gates of expected and unexpected abundance. Now, this prayer for abundance and prosperity is not a desperate call, it is an earnest request to form a deep rapport with God. 

What is an Abundance Prayer?

The abundance prayer is a specific request to God to receive infinite riches.

The abundance prayer is a request to the infinite Source to take us in the midst of infinite abundance. It is an ancient form of calling God to become more abundant in life. We are surrounded by the abundance of God.

But our minds are burdened by thoughts and so we fail to recognize the infinite riches. Earlier people read from the Holy Bible and prayed for wealth. Nowadays it could be a prayer to God or a few affirmative statements for prosperity.

The key to achieving the desired result is repetition. You must read these lines daily or as often as possible.

What is Abundance Prayer and examples of Abundance Prayer
Abundance Prayer

Abundance Prayer Examples : 

  • Several prayers are available on the internet but The Decree of Abundance by Maureen Moss is one of the best!
  • Positive affirmations for wealth and prosperity are also used as a personalized prayer for Abundance. Some examples of using affirmative statements as a form of abundance prayer are –
  1. I am worthy of prosperity.
  2. I attract money.
  3. I am attuned to the frequency of prosperity.
  4. I open my mind to receive abundance.
  5. My mind is freely and fearlessly attracting wealth.
  6. Prosperity is good to be true for me.
  7. I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance.
  8. I love being rich.
  9. I am receiving money every day.
  10. I am always attracting wealth and prosperity.

Select your prayer based on your faith and belief. If you are a religious person you can create the prayer by selecting a few lines from a religious book. Otherwise create it in any other way you like. Most importantly, you have to read the same lines every day. An abundance prayer yields results when you repeat the same statement again and again.

Why Does The Abundance Prayer work?

This prayer creates an impression in the mind about abundance and prosperity. With repetition, the message sinks into the Subconscious mind.

In earlier times people considered that prayer for abundance is all about faith in God and requesting the Almighty earnestly.

But if you want to understand it scientifically I can give you a logical explanation! An abundance prayer works as it reprograms our Subconscious beliefs. Because most of us have been conditioned with limiting beliefs about money from early childhood, therefore, repeating the prayer re-conditions our beliefs.

When you recite the prayer repeatedly it becomes imprinted in your Subconscious replacing the old disempowering beliefs. To put it simply, this prayer does work! Whether it’s a call to God or not, reciting the prayer would open the mind to receive abundance.

It doesn’t really matter if you have a strong religious faith or not, this prayer will still work for you! You don’t have to read from a religious scripture if that’s not a good idea for you. Make your own prayer of abundance with affirmative sentences. Affirmations work for everyone and is a powerful tool to bring positive changes in life. Just make it a daily habit to read your own abundance prayer.

Abundance Prayer and the Law of Attraction

A prayer for abundance enables the Law of Attraction to act in our favor. With the repetition of the prayer, we start focusing on the ideas of prosperity. This starts attracting money to us.

According to the Law of Attraction, everything is energy. And similar energies would come together! According to the law, words and thoughts are also energy. Therefore when we use our words and thoughts in a focused manner, it would materialize.

Because if you are saying the prayer every day you are obviously focusing on the ideas of wealth. As a result, wealth would materialize in your real-life experience.

You start getting new earning opportunities or unexpected riches in your way! This is called as manifestation. By practicing the abundance prayer you will start manifesting wealth.

Most importantly, an abundance prayer is a powerful tool to use the Law of Attraction in your favor! 

How to practice Abundance Prayer?

You can practice this prayer at any time and as often as possible. The more you repeat it, the more it would be effective for you.

You can learn and recite an abundance prayer. Or you can write it in a diary and read it from there. It works faster if you make it a daily practice. With each repetition, your belief coupled with faith works in a myriad of ways to manifest your desires.

By impressing your mind with an abundance prayer you flow with the river of life. You change your mindset towards wealth and prosperity. Here, you are not trying to force things to happen in your favor! Besides that, you are not also begging desperately. You are just opening the doors of unexpected avenues and God, the abundant world of lavish expression.

To allow the abundance to enter into your life you have to believe in your prayer and repeat it several times. If money is tight, do the prayer more often! 

So what if you are going through a financial crisis, this prayer will help you to walk fearlessly into life. Most importantly, understand that this prayer could be said both by the rich and the poor.

The prayer helps to manifest a flow of abundance nevertheless. If you need money do the prayer multiple times a day. Remember, belief is important. That’s why our religion taught us to offer prayers to God. So that we can keep faith in Him.

Most importantly, if you are reading the wealth affirmations believe that it would work too! Trust in your affirmations because without the belief it will not work for you. 

Abundance Prayer Video

The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer

The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer

Prayer for money abundance

Prayer for money abundance

Prayer for financial abundance

Prayer for financial abundance

The Bottom Line

An abundance prayer helps to replace our limiting beliefs. Whether your prayer is a call to God or a few lines of money affirmations, it works by reprogramming the Subconscious mind. Our thoughts of life never stops flowing, therefore a prayer for abundance will channel those thoughts in the right direction.

Besides that, the prayer will motivate us to take purposeful fearless actions. Whatever be your life and life situations, practice the prayer sincerely and regularly to improve your prevailing circumstances.