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25 Amazing Spiritual Signs From The Universe You Should Never Ignore

25 Amazing Spiritual Signs From The Universe You Should Never Ignore

25 Amazing Spiritual Signs From The Universe You Should Never Ignore

Spiritual signs from the universe are one of the strangest blessings you can ever get. They always make you feel “What a cool coincidence!”

But, in reality, that’s the universe’s way of telling you they got your back. Some of these signs have literal meanings about significant areas of your life.

They solve your problems or even point at important things you’ve ignored consciously. So, if you’re eager to know in what ways these appear, let’s get started!

25 Spiritual Signs From The Universe

Sometimes, life and fate hit you with the hardest situations. You feel all the doors are closed, helplessly waiting for you to be saved. But a part of your mind also says, “Saviors only appear in fiction.”

But you shouldn’t demotivate yourself in such situations. Instead, pray for help and look for these signs…

1. Synchronistic Meetings

When you think of someone and meet them out of the blue in reality, this coincidental phenomenon is called synchronistic meetings. This shows that the universe is pleased by your actions and thus blesses you this way.

It can also take the form of phone calls or text messages from them without any reason for the other person to contact you.

Alternatively, it can happen that someone helps you with just what you need or gives you the answer you were looking for.  

2. Consecutive Manifestation

The commute to your office was not crowded, unlike other days. Your sadistic boss didn’t attack you today. The canteen had your favorite meal as well!

If good things happen to you at a stretch, those are definitely rewarding signs from the universe because you’ve made good choices.

3. Dreams

Of course, all dreams aren’t signs from the universe. But some are!

You can track these if you practice writing a dream journal every morning. Further, before going to bed, chant, “I shall remember all important messages from my dreams tonight.”

Some common and significant dream symbols are snakes (messages about transformation) or spiders (warnings about deception and criticism).

Look up the meanings behind each symbol you see to find important messages.

4. Instinct

When you’re with a particular person or doing a particular task, you get a really strange and negative feeling. You’re confused because that person treats you well or the task is supposed to be rewarding.

These signs from intuition are a result of your mind picking up off-putting clues regarding the person/task. This is a warning sign sent by the universe to protect you.

5. Patterns and Numbers

If you repeatedly see particular numbers or patterns everywhere around you at random times of the day, those might hold special messages from the universe.

If you see numbers like 111, 11:11, 222, 2222, and 12:34, or 717 and 3433, always look up numerology meanings behind them.

6. Colors

In the spiritual world, different colors convey different symbolisms. For instance, indigo is a symbol of mental health improvement. So, if you see this color repeatedly, you need to focus on your mental state.

On the other hand, red conveys stability, security, and great fortune. If you see lots of red around you, and it’s definitely not an event with a red theme, that’s also a great sign. Especially if you’re struggling with money at the moment, it’s a blessing in disguise about better days!

7. Recurring Words and Phrases

If you repeatedly hear or see the same word or phrase everywhere in different situations, that’s an answer from the universe to your questions.

It might also be a spiritual sign to research that particular word/phrase. You might have some special connection with it, so think hard.

8. Unfamiliar/Unusual Words

You repeatedly hear a word that you don’t know the meaning of, and it makes you feel strange.

This way, the universe asks you to try to know about its meaning and connect it with its context. You might be guided to a new path that’ll help you improve your life.

9. Losing-Finding Things

Through these incidents, the universe uses your attachment toward certain things to send you messages.

For instance, when you lose something precious, you remember the things associated with the object. This might be a sign to let go of something. It’s true, especially if the object wasn’t letting you move on.

On the other hand, when you find something, it also jogs memories. But these might be about people or things that need to stay in your life.

10. Animals

If you repeatedly see a particular animal, that can also be a spiritual sign, especially if it’s your spirit animal.

Be extra alert if you notice it repeatedly or during times of need. The animal may appear in reality, in dreams, or even show up as a symbol.

It symbolizes the universe is supporting you or it wants to bring you comfort by reminding you of the presence of lost near ones.

You must find its symbolism ASAP once this happens.

11. Breaking/Malfunctioning Things

You turn on your laptop in the morning to log into work. But your system doesn’t respond. You need to get it fixed, and you set out to the service center right away.

Meanwhile, you get some morning sun on your way. Owing to your work, you can hardly go out much. You also meet a friend who gives you some important information.

If such repetitive coincidences in your favor happen, it’s probably a spiritual sign!

Alternatively, it can happen that you compose a message and hit send, but it fails. You try to buy something online, but the purchase fails. Or, you turn on your car, but it doesn’t turn on.

12. Random Strong Emotions

For no reason, you suddenly experience overwhelming emotions like fear or sorrow. Though you don’t know why it’s happening, the name of a special person pops into your mind.

You rush to check whether they’re okay. In these moments, you prevent a mishap just in the nick of time, or you learn some bad news.

All of these are the universe’s ways to warn you of dangers in your loved one’s lives.

13. Déjà vu

“I’ve been here.”  “I feel I’ve met this complete stranger.” “The same has happened to me before.” – but it only hasn’t, and you’re having a déjà vu!

Especially if déjà vu happens repeatedly revolving around the same person, thing, or object, that’s definitely a sign. You’re asked to pay close attention to that/them. This experience probably has some hidden solutions to your problems.

14. Weather

The universe uses the weather in a variety of ways to synchronize with or help you. For instance, when you feel gloomy and on the verge of crying, it starts raining. Or, when you want to feel spiritually cleansed or get rid of baggage, you hope for it to rain.

You accomplished something great, but there’s nobody to celebrate with. Then, a strong gust of wind hits your back like a pat.

15. Scent/Smell

While doing your chores at home, you suddenly get a familiar scent – which is not supposed to be there at your home. You’re then reminded of a special person or moments from the past.

You know how deeply this scent was involved in your life. And this is the universe’s way of reminding you of the person or experience. This might help you solve a particular issue in your life.

16. Songs

Whether you’re driving with the stereo on or jogging with your earphones on blast, you suddenly hear a song with heart-touching lyrics. The lyrics tell you exactly how to mitigate your real-life problems.

This is another way the almighty might guide you through difficult times in your life. You just need to take a leap of faith with the advice.

17. Sudden Complication

When you’re all set on a plan but suddenly face a complication, it’s the way the universe asks you to reconsider. The plan may get delayed or canceled, or you’ll face major issues with proceeding with it.

Sometimes, it’s just better not to fight against such sudden and unexplained complications. It shows that you’d be protected from something.

18. Unexpected Gift or Solution

You need some money to enroll in a course but don’t have it. Your aunt sent you a gift in cash because she couldn’t attend your birthday last month.

The universe has its own way to solve your problems. If you pray enough for it, it might send you just the thing you need.

19. Sudden Physical Health Concern

This is when you get sudden goosebumps, upset stomach, nausea, or even throat pain. The sudden factor warns you about someone around, a task you’ll undertake, or the destination you’re headed to.

All of these show that even your body is anxious about your next step and wants to stop you on your way.

20. Recurring Particular and Common Health Issues

If a specific sickness returns in your life repeatedly, even after treating the issue, it implies you’re neglecting some aspect of your life.

Throat and thyroid issues represent problems of your throat chakra. Possibly, you can’t express yourself or be assertive.

The remaining chakras can also be symbolized in a similar manner.

21. Recurring Unknown Pain in Particular Area(s)

You get sudden and strange pains in a particular body part. It might happen at any time or be associated with some other illness like cold or fever.

Doctors can’t find the root cause of your situation, and they only say it’s because of a cold, allergies, or gastric issues. But their prescribed medicines don’t work either.

If this is your case, this body part has some connection with divine energies. For instance, your left side symbolizes divine feminine and your bond with your mother.

Thus, it asks you to awaken your feminine energy or prioritize your mother.

22. Sounds

The moment you realize something bad about a person in your life or situation you’re involved in, your car alarm goes off. This way, the universe says that you’ve caught on to a major issue. So, you should get rid of this person or situation.

Alternatively, if you find a solution to your problems, come up with a creative plan, or think about reconnecting with someone, the chiming message tone of your phone rings. The soothing sound shows that you are indeed on the right path in life.

23. Random People

You feel so low because you’re going to begin a long-distance relationship. You’ve just settled down on your flight with a sour mood.

That’s when you see a funny-looking charm on someone’s handbag or a smiley face on their outfit. It’s as if the universe tells you to cheer up!

24. Parts of Conversations

While you walk on the road wondering about the solutions to your problems, you hear two people talking. Their conversations had just the idea and matter that you needed to hear.

The universe also helps you through such random conversation snippets.

25. Object

The universe also conveys messages to you through different significant objects. For instance, you may see a random object falling from its rightful place – like a shelf, cabinet, or table. But nobody pushed it, not at least according to your knowledge.

This object may remind you of something from the past. That might carry a solution for your current worries. Or it may be a symbol for you to proceed with some plan.

Alternatively, someone may suggest and give you a book on finance when you’re struggling with debt.

Or, you took a stroll outside and saw kids’ toys or two children together. It may remind you of a childhood friend or a sibling you lost contact with.

A feather falls on you as though the universe is trying to greet you with a “hello.”

A word from TheMindFool

Now that you know the top common spiritual signs, always be alert and receptive to them. If you notice any of them, decode how they can support you. And don’t forget to show gratitude to the higher powers for their kindness and protection.