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20 Amazing Signs That You Are A Lightworker And Must Respond To Your Inner Call

20 Amazing Signs That You Are A Lightworker And Must Respond To Your Inner Call

Signs That You Are A Lightworker

If you believe that the universe is telling you that you have a deep purpose in life, you must look for signs that you are a lightworker

Just to clarify, a lightworker is a person who experiences a spiritual awakening. They feel they’re supposed to get rid of some darkness from this world. 

If you relate a bit to that, let’s get started here…

20 Signs That You Are A Lightworker

The most obvious signs of lightworkers are empathy, sensitivity, and having an old soul in the modern world. They focus on eradicating humankind’s dark side, like trauma, toxic beliefs, and hurt inner child.  

So, to know whether you’re truly a lightworker or not, let’s explore these signs…

1. You feel everything is a waste of time

The most common sign of a lightworker is that you always feel depressed and think everything is a waste of time. Since childhood, you feel that you were born to do something great. 

Thus, despite how interesting the task is, you don’t feel satisfied with it. The dissatisfying feeling won’t let you have it easy. However, most lightworkers don’t easily get to know their inner call. 

2. Even if your life purpose is unknown, you feel it

As mentioned above, you know a greater destiny – your true purpose – awaits you. You’ve researched a lot to understand this purpose. You’ve obsessed over finding the truth.

You feel a strange attraction to this purpose even though you might not have found it. This is because the universe wants you to awaken spiritually, know the purpose of your life, and embrace the change.

3. You feel you don’t belong to this world

Usually, the purpose of lightworkers is to change society in some way. But people around them don’t accept their thoughts. So, they feel depressed and that they don’t belong here.

If you also have a hard time fitting in even when you’re an adult, that’s a sign. You may even feel judged for your different thoughts. 

4. There’s an urge to save the world

As a lightworker, you will constantly feel that you have to save the world somehow. You feel disgusted with how the world works and people’s suffering. 

These feelings begin with wanting to protect your friends and family. Eventually, the urge becomes strong, and you want to make a change for everyone!

5. You’ve experienced loads of darkness in life

Being a lightworker, your job is to convert darkness into light. For that, you must face a ton of darkness in life. These challenging circumstances include emotional and spiritual setbacks. 

Often, lightworkers are supposed to resolve their family karma and end unhealthy patterns of generational trauma. So, possibly, you hardly got to experience an easy life. 

6. You’re great at manifestation 

Recall your life until now and check whether you have manifested anything. If you often manifested big things without putting in extra effort, that’s a sign of you being a lightworker.

This happens because you possess high energy levels, which help you manifest things faster. 

7. You have empathy

All lightworkers are empaths, but all empaths aren’t lightworkers. So, this sign holds true only if a lot of the other signs show up.

So, if you’re a lightworker, you can feel others’ emotions – whether joy or pain. Others’ energy and emotions often impact your mood.

8. Ancient history and philosophy interest you

Lightworkers are supposed to pour more wisdom into the world to end some suffering. This wisdom is connected to ancient knowledge. 

So, if you’re one, you’ll look through old books and scriptures to find the answer to modern-day suffering. 

9. You feel attracted to the term “lightworker”

The word “lightworker” has a special indication for actual lightworkers because it reminds them of their greater purpose. So, if you feel an urge to look inward when you say or hear this word, that’s a sign.

10. You feel that you’re supposed to help everyone

A great indicator of being a lightworker is your strong desire to help others. If someone around you is sad or helpless, you can’t help but try to cheer them up. 

Even if people don’t seek your help, you still step in to support them. Your instincts tell you to approach any poor soul. It doesn’t change even if you feel low. You’re ready to take up all the pain from their life. 

11. You have consistent faith in higher powers

Even if you’ve faced endless setbacks and miseries in your life, you don’t ever question the presence of a higher power. It might be the God of your religion, the Universe, or even nature. 

Although all of your prayers don’t get answered, your faith doesn’t take a hit. You understand that the Universe or higher powers have some other plans for you!

12. Your childhood was difficult

Lightworkers are sensitive and have a deeper understanding of the world because they have encountered a difficult world since childhood.

So, an evident sign is that you might have been physically, mentally, or emotionally abused as a child. Or your parents faced major financial issues, and you couldn’t lead a carefree childhood. Or you were an outcast among classmates. 

13. You always run into troubled people

Lightworkers attract people with difficulties in their lives. So, notice whether your inner circle is full of people with complaints and challenges. You might also befriend energy vampires who expect you to put in your emotional energy but never return the favor. 

You may always feel that only bad things are happening in everyone’s life. But actually, you’re attracting people with problems.

14. You can walk through the darkness

As a lightworker, you’ll be able to keep striving even when you face the worst situations, doubt yourself, or feel depressed or anxious. You can always find your way out to “light.”

Of course, it’s never an easy journey. But you feel guided through spiritual books and spiritual gurus.

15. Your mood fluctuates

Another sign is that you face several emotional ups and downs. During the highs, you feel so close to the higher power. Then, out of the blue, you feel low, cut yourself from the world, and feel stuck in life. 

You might even immerse deep in a circle of negative thoughts for weeks. However, you help others even when you feel gloomy. You never stop doing your part to cheer others. However, this only makes you feel empty. After all, people hardly notice your emotions. 

16. You get weird dreams

A striking sign is that you have strange dreams and remember them vividly. You might even be able to control your dreams and have lucid dreams. You may also reach the astral plane through dreams.

Sometimes, you may see your past or future. Other times, you see other people’s life experiences which you had no idea about. 

17. You have questions 

Another indicator is that you wonder, “Who am I?” or “What are you supposed to do here?” You’ve always contemplated your life’s meaning and purpose. You feel that once you get the answers to these questions, your life will be back on track!

18. Nature attracts you 

If you’re a lightworker, you’ll feel that nature is your safe haven. Whenever you feel low, you spend time in nature’s lap to calm yourself. 

You feel nurtured when you are close to plants, animals, and the elements of nature. You may also be attracted to eco-conscious lifestyles and drives.

You don’t believe in wastefulness and do your best to protect the nature that makes you feel so loved and cherished.

19. The darkness never intimidated you 

If you ever had the choice to choose between the dark and light, you always chose the dark path. As a lightworker, you want to explore and know more about it. This also helps in your awakening. 

20. You faced spiritual shifts 

Being a lightworker, you may experience one or several spiritual awakenings. Every time, your beliefs and views are broken. This helps you get rid of all the limiting beliefs. 

A word from TheMindFool

If you relate to several of these signs, you truly are a lightworker. However, if you haven’t found the true purpose of your life, don’t be too anxious. 

Keep searching for the answers, and you’ll find it. Just make sure you don’t push yourself too hard. Otherwise, it’ll only slow you down. 

Lastly, remember to seek good company – people who actually care for your emotions and support you. You need as much affection and care as you pour out to the world.