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15+ Interesting Signs Of Spiritual Intelligence

15+ Interesting Signs Of Spiritual Intelligence

15+ Interesting Signs Of Spiritual Intelligence

If you’re wondering about some signs of spiritual intelligence, these may be evident in your profound compassion and empathy for others. It may also show up as being at peace with yourself or having a good connection with your inner self

However, those aren’t the only things that define it. So, let’s find more here…

19 Signs Of Spiritual Intelligence

Nobody can achieve spirituality instantly. It happens only once you overcome several challenges in life. After that, you become a better individual in all ways. And this is referred to as being spiritually intelligent. 

So, if you’re curious about whether you have reached that level of spirituality, let’s learn with these signs. 

1. You’re self-aware

Notice whether you understand what matters the most in your life, what you live for, and what you might even die for. 

If you have a good understanding of your own purpose, values, and beliefs, then you’re self-aware. This is one of the major signs of being spiritually intelligent.

In that case, you’ll also seek personal growth and always try to be authentic.

2. You can be spontaneous

Another major indicator of being spiritually intelligent is that you’re spontaneous. Of course, this doesn’t imply that you act on your whims. Rather, you lead a life with self-control and self-discipline. 

It implies that you can let go of emotional baggage easily. Childhood trauma, assumptions, negative projections, and prejudices don’t have a place in your heart. 

Instead, you can respond to shaky situations responsibly by yourself. Moreover, you take responsibility for any action. 

3. You lead a life based on vision and values

If you’re a spiritually intelligent person, you always stand up for your principles, values, and vision. You wish to make a great change and help others’ growth. So, you want to pursue jobs that will help you focus on your vision and values.

Your sole motto is to leave the world a better place. You want to make a big difference. 

4. You have a holistic approach to life

Can you perceive things from several angles to solve problems?

If yes, that’s called a holistic approach, which implies you’re spiritually intelligent.

When you face stubborn and difficult situations, your approach helps you find solutions easily. 

In other words, you can think out of the box. You consider all facets of any problem – whether it’s emotional, practical, existential, or experiential. 

5. You are resilient and can grow through every adversity 

Life always throws challenges at everyone. During those phases, a person can do either of these:

  • Be depressed and discouraged.
  • Be numb and do not respond.
  • Face it head-on and overcome it.

If you’re spiritually intelligent, you’re aware that there’s no other option than the last one. Even if you feel low for a moment, you can stand back up and resume the fight of life. You only know one way in life, and that’s to learn and grow.

6. You embrace diversity 

When you see something diverse, if you accept it with open arms, that’s another obvious sign of your spiritual intelligence. 

Instead of noticing the differences, you celebrate the similarities. You feel glad that you are all connected beautifully. You appreciate the richness and new knowledge diversity brings. You love to learn from different cultures and religions and embrace the warm knowledge.

7. You don’t mind going against the grain 

If you have an independent mind and can go against traditions, norms, and trends, you’re spiritually intelligent. 

Of course, this doesn’t imply that any rebel has spiritual intelligence. Instead, it means you stand against traditions that don’t go along with your values and principles and the greater good of people.

You don’t mind whether people judge you for calling things out for not silently accepting the wrong. You don’t care about others’ opinions and validation.  

8. You’re curious about the truth

Another great sign of the spiritually intelligent is their thirst for the truth, deeper meaning, and greater purpose in life. 

If there’s any rule, you want to know the reasons why you must do certain things. You want to ensure that the actions align with the purpose and don’t go against it. You are always aware of how your actions contribute to others’ fulfillment.

9. You’re compassionate 

If you’re spiritually intelligent, compassion and empathy will be one of your important traits. So, observe if you can understand and feel others’ emotions. 

When someone behaves rudely, you don’t judge them. Instead, you try to understand the worries that led to such behavior. You don’t ask them because, being an empath, you can see right through them.

Of course, you don’t let others walk all over you. Even if you fight for your respect, you do it compassionately. 

10. You’re humble

A notable sign of spiritual intelligence is that you don’t think of yourself as better than others. Humility is ingrained in your personality.

Even if you work for others’ welfare and support the needy, you don’t consider people who don’t follow the same path inferior. 

When you go against anyone or anything, you question your perception several times. You try to understand whether your thoughts are on track and whether you’ve considered and understood the other person’s point of view.

11. You can see the bigger picture

Whether something good or bad happens in your life, if you always try to see the bigger picture, you’re spiritually intelligent.

You don’t have a short-term thinking style. You understand that every small action and word today will have a great impact on your and others’ lives. 

This also helps you make well-informed decisions in life. You don’t give up easily, even if you face major setbacks.

12. You can love and be loved

If you can both give and receive love, you’re spiritually intelligent. For instance, you can express your love and care for close ones. You connect with them emotionally and show kindness and support.

On the other hand, you can also be loved by others all because of your magnanimous heart. You are worthy of respect, acceptance, and affection from everyone owing to your kind self.

13. You’re forgiving

If anyone hurts or offends you – whether intentionally or not, you don’t hold grudges or seek revenge. You can let go of resentment and negative emotions toward them and forgive them. 

You let go of past hurt and emotional baggage. This lets you heal, restore faith in humanity, and foster healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Of course, that doesn’t imply you forget the harm or embrace ill-wishers without question. Rather, you only shed the negative feelings and move forward in life. 

14. You’re wise

This sign implies several things. For instance, if you’re spiritually intelligent, you are knowledgeable and have rich experiences. You love to learn new things and apply your knowledge in different areas of your life. 

This also helps you judge properly and make sound decisions. You know how to navigate through complex situations in life, understand others, perspective, and be patient.

Due to your wisdom, everyone seeks your perspective during tough times and wants to learn from you.

15. You prioritize peace in life

One of the most important signs of spiritual intelligence is that you have inner calmness. You can stay calm, composed, and rational in adverse situations. You don’t let any stressful situation impact your inner world. 

You also follow a routine of mindfulness and calming practices. These help you overcome past regrets and future worries. These also work as coping mechanisms to deal with daily challenges and stress. 

Even if something bad happens and you can’t overcome it, you accept the situation. You don’t fight the inevitable and things beyond your control. Instead, you focus on the things under your control and make slow and small changes for the better. 

16. You’re self-confident

In any situation, if you have faith in your abilities, you are spiritually intelligent. You may even take calculated risks to win at life. You express your mind without doubting yourself and have healthy self-esteem.

17. You’re grateful 

People with spiritual intelligence understand that everything is a blessing from the higher realm. So, they show utmost gratitude for everything they receive. If you also thank the universe for any kindness and achievements, your guess is right. 

You may also do deeds out of kindness even if something great doesn’t happen in your life. You believe that you must not solely form a give-and-take relationship with the higher realm. Instead, you must do good deeds as long as you can, and it’ll follow you back later. 

18. You’re connected with nature

A standard sign of your spiritual intelligence is also your close connection with nature. Whenever you get the chance, you spend time in the lap of nature. You may often go for walks or just lie on the grass. 

If you’re more adventurous, you may go hiking or camping. If you’re not too outdoorsy, you may nurture a garden or at least one plant. You enjoy the moments you spend in contact with Mother Earth. 

19. You’re present at the moment

You’re also spiritually intelligent if you can live every moment in life without overthinking about the next or previous instant. 

When you connect with people, you give them your undivided attention. This helps you deepen your connection with others. 

A word from TheMindFool

If you notice these signs within yourself, rest assured that you have become spiritually intelligent. 

But if you do not notice any signs but want to attain spiritual intelligence, try to embrace these traits. Don’t push yourself too hard. Steadily work on yourself, and you will see the change!