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Highly Spiritual Person – What Does It Mean & 20 Signs To Know If You’re One

Highly Spiritual Person – What Does It Mean & 20 Signs To Know If You’re One

Highly Spiritual Person

A highly spiritual person is not a divine guru who follows strict religions and philosophies. The term does not indicate that a person is better than others in terms of spirituality or spiritual growth. 

Instead, it implies whether a person can understand themselves, find peace, or have a calm inner world. 

C’mon, let’s get a clearer understanding of the concept here…

What Is A Highly Spiritual Person? 

A person who is connected with themselves, others, animals, and plants much more deeply than usual is highly spiritual. 

They often feel a strong urge to stay in contact with nature and touch the soil, trees, or leaves. They also feel everything is connected and see themselves in every living being.

Now, if you want to know whether you’re one, let’s know that here…

20 Signs To Know If You’re A Highly Spiritual Person

The most common signs of being highly spiritual are an open-minded nature, flexibility, acceptance of everyone with open arms, and a lack of arrogance. However, those aren’t the only signs, so let’s dig deeper here…

1. You practice authenticity 

A highly spiritual person is always authentic. So, you’re one if you always say what you truly mean. There’s no beating around the bush. You follow your values and principles when speaking to others. Of course, it doesn’t imply that you overshare things about yourself. 

2. Experiences matter more to you than material things

A telltale sign of you being highly spiritual is that you don’t chase branded clothes and accessories. Of course, you earn enough money to support yourself and your family. But you believe in simple living. 

On the other hand, you prioritize experience more. It’s not about experiencing a vacation overseas. Rather, you want to immerse yourself in spiritually deep conversations with great people.

3. You don’t believe in holding grudges

As a highly spiritual person, you won’t have the energy to hold on to bitterness. You understand that resentment and grudges only eat away at your own mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. It may lead to stress and heart issues. 

So, you just forgive and move on. You’re not gullible to trust that person again, but you release yourself from the negative feelings. You don’t let negative experiences change your personality and beliefs.

4. People can’t get on your nerves easily

A great sign of being highly spiritual is that you have great control over how you react to others. Nobody’s words or actions can affect you enough to react the wrong way. 

You’re open-minded, confident, and thick-skinned. People’s twisted remarks don’t impact you because you don’t take yourself too seriously. 

People either feel inspired by you or get frustrated because they don’t have an effect on you.

5. You don’t think your mistakes define you

A common indicator is that you don’t hold on to your mistakes and forgive yourself. You understand that you’re a human being, and like everyone else, mistakes are normal for you. 

So, instead of judging yourself for your mistakes, you let it go. But that happens only once you learn from your mistakes. You make sure that you don’t repeat the blunders again and learn to be a better person from it.

6. You’re honest all the time

For a highly spiritual person, trust is of utmost importance. So, if you’re the same, you try to be honest at all times. You don’t use white lies and half-truths or create loopholes to trick others. Instead, you say what you mean. 

You don’t believe in misleading people in such ways. Honesty is one of your core morals. While you’re not brutal with your truth, you know it’s better to say the truth earlier than later!

7. You’re humble

An evident trait is that you never brag about anything in life. You are happy, at peace, loved, cherished, and blessed with a lot of powers. However, you don’t rub it on others’ faces. Instead, you’re just grateful for everything.

8. You have great leadership skills

Are you often offered leadership positions, whether at school, work, or even in social settings?

If yes, that’s another great sign of being a highly spiritual person. It’s because you can see the bigger picture, put yourself in others’ shoes, and understand others’ concerns.

9. You can read people’s character 

Being highly spiritual also heightens your social awareness. So, when you get acquainted with new people, you know their motivations to befriend you. 

You may not be a mind reader, but you understand their motivations and character. It doesn’t matter if they try to act a certain way, you can still see through the masks.

10. You spread and attract unconditional love

If you’re a highly spiritual person, your heart is full of positivity, love, affection, and support. Whoever enters your life feels cherished and comforted. You don’t withhold your warmth from anyone. 

As you share so much love, you also receive love by manifolds. People always pour out their hearts to show gratitude. 

11. You never fear change

Most people prefer a steady flow of life. They resist change as they fear the unknown, as it might threaten their happiness and success.

However, if you’re a highly spiritual person, you will embrace change with open arms. You know that change may bring instability, but you also know it’ll all work out!

12. Your creativity solves problems

Not all creative people are highly spiritual. So, this sign holds true only if you notice most signs on the list.

Thus, being highly spiritual, you’ll have great creative and artistic energy. It will help you overcome most roadblocks in life.

13. You have lots of empathy

If you’re highly spiritual, you’ll have great empathy. You can feel others’ pain as if it’s yours. So, they work on their empathy by sharing support. They help others even before people ask for it.

14. You’re a great listener

Unlike most, if you actively listen to others and understand, you’re a highly spiritual individual. You don’t listen to respond with solutions or assume the worst of the other person.

Instead, you let them take the load off their shoulders through conversations. When it’s time to respond, you ensure that you sound warm and understanding and choose your words wisely.

15. You don’t like violence, even on the screen

Being highly spiritual, you are supposed to be an empath. Thus, you can’t stand violence and misery even on shows. 

Such forms of entertainment lower your vibrational energy and make you feel negative and sick. So, you stay away from those at all costs. 

16. You can sleep well

Another sign is that being highly spiritual, you’ll be blessed with a healthy routine of sleep. Even if you wake up in the middle of the night, strange thoughts won’t keep you awake. When you wake in the morning, you feel well-rested. 

17. You guide others but never convince them anything 

You follow a life based on spirituality. When people around you feel stuck and in pain, you support them through your spiritual beliefs. 

However, if you never ask them to follow the life of spirituality or embrace your beliefs, you’re highly spiritual.

18. You can control your emotions

Emotions are known to be uncontrollable. But if you’re highly spiritual, you can control your thoughts and emotions. You always keep your rational side in power. 

Even if you feel extremely emotional, you can regulate your thoughts to prevent being in control of your emotions. 

19. You can take subtle hints

You’re extremely receptive if you’re highly spiritual. You can notice the slightest change in facial expressions and body language. So, you can tell when a person feels uncomfortable, sad, excited, or insecure without them expressing it.

20. You trust your intuition

Whenever you’re in a pinch and can’t find a way out, how do you deal with the matter?

In such circumstances, if you always let your intuition take over, you’re highly spiritual. You notice the vibrations of your surroundings through your intuition. This helps you find the right solution eventually. 

A word from TheMindFool

If you notice several of these signs and traits in yourself, you’re highly spiritual. You want to make a difference in this world with your compassion, empathy, positivity, and other traits. 

Ultimately, you don’t want to achieve anything like fame, status, or money. You don’t even wish for others’ acceptance. Instead, you only want people to learn to be better and pass kindness on to the next person!