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Signs He is Fighting his Feelings for You

Signs He is Fighting his Feelings for You

Signs He is Fighting his Feelings for You

Love is a complicated and delicate thing. Confusions are rather common than you might ever imagine! To top it all, it’s often difficult for ladies to know if someone is their true admirer.

Believe it or not, some men for whatever reasons would not admit that they are in love with you! Keep reading this article to learn 15 signs he is fighting his feelings for you.

Why Would a Man Hide His Feelings from You?

Society expects men to be outspoken and bold particularly in matters of relationships! On the contrary, there are many who are introverted and shy away to express their emotions. Also, some men are just scared of love. It could be because of a past hurt or it could be the fear of losing the woman they truly care about, but sometimes men do try to hide their true feelings.

If you are confused about whether he really loves you, give him some time. You must give him comfort so that he can ultimately confide his feelings for you. It could be that he wants you but is fighting his feelings for you!

15 Signs That He is Fighting His Feelings for You

To make things easier for you, we are giving you some tips to know if the man secretly adores you. These are some sure shot signs that he is pretending to not like you!

1. He is hot and cold about you

Is he smiling and talking with you one day and then on the next he is avoiding you? Well, this indeed is a tricky situation! Someone who is playing with your emotions can also do that. But if he is genuinely interested in you then he would look embarrassed if you demand an explanation!

A player will be unapologetic on the whole affair and even if they apologize it would appear to you as fake. But if he is hiding his feelings he would be truly sorry and ashamed of himself. If you observe his behavior carefully you would obviously get to see this.

2. He pays attention to you

The guy will listen to you without interruption. If the man is really interested he would be paying attention to you. He would remember the details of your old conversations and bring them up later.

Even when he is fighting his feelings he would have all his focus and attention on you! Because he is a good listener, you tend to discuss a lot with him! He never loses his patience when you keep on talking even about mundane things! 

3. He knows personal details about you

This man has developed a personal bond with you. He knows your likes and dislikes, ambitions and fears. Maybe you two are friends but he cares to know the details about you. It’s also something in him that gives you the ease to talk about matters you would not just talk with everyone!

He is someone who knows who is there in your family, the names of all your friends and what’s going on in your life! Most importantly, he asks questions to know you even better. Besides that, he will try to offer suggestions and advice on your life problems. You like talking with him. It’s not just small talk with him but you are absorbed in deeper, meaningful conversations with him.

Signs He is Fighting his Feelings for You
Signs He is Fighting his Feelings for You

4. He cares about your opinion of him

Even when the guy is fighting to hide his feelings he would try to impress you! He will dress and behave in the best possible way whenever you are around. Besides that, your opinion matters to him. Therefore, he will always make an effort to please you.

A simple way to test this would be to go with him for shopping. If he is your secret admirer, he would most certainly buy clothes of your choice. Mention that you don’t like something he had chosen to wear! And he would reject that outfit immediately because he would not want to look unattractive in your eyes!

5. He is not involved with any other woman

This guy, of course, will not have a girlfriend! Most importantly, he would make it clear to you that the women in his life are all his friends! Also, when you ask about his relationship or marriage plans he would either reject the idea flatly or shy away from the discussion.

6. He often stares at you from a distance

An obvious sign that he admires you is that you will catch him sometimes looking at you! If you ask him obviously he would not admit. He would often do this from a distance so that you might not notice him doing so. If you sense this guy secretly watching you often, it surely means he desires you.

7. He loves to help you

This man will always be willing to be your assistant! Whether it’s doing some daily chore, or helping with a project, attending an event, going out for fun, whenever you ask him to accompany you, he will not refuse!

He will be eager to help you in any way possible to make you happy. Because he likes you he would always try to be of assistance. And also, because he will get the opportunity of spending time with you. This is an obvious sign that he is fighting his feelings for you!

8. He gets jealous if he sees you with other men

If he loves you most certainly he would not want you to be with another man. Although he is not showing his feelings for you as he sees you with some other man he is bound to feel jealous. To test this you can go out with some other guy and see his reaction.

Most likely he will not say anything directly but he might start talking badly about the other guy. Also, he can talk with you moodily after this or he would avoid you for some time!

9. He tries to make you jealous

This guy can, on the other hand, want to test your feelings for him! Though he isn’t expressing his feelings for you he might want to check if you really care for him! He might talk highly about a particular woman in front of you or he might flirt with a woman to tease you. The best response would be to express your jealousy openly so that he understands that you adore him just as he adores you!

10. He texts you randomly and tags you in social media

As much as he wants to avoid you but he can’t in reality! You are always in his thoughts and dreams. This is why he will send you random texts out of the blue! If he is active on social media he will tag you in most of his posts. He does that because he misses you. Also, he wants to draw your attention by tagging you all the time!

11. He gives compliments and is appreciative about you

Because this guy loves you earnestly he would always see the good in you. Especially in tough times when you lose motivation, he will shower you with appreciation and compliments. He does all of that because you are special to him. And he will continuously give you a reminder that you are important and praiseworthy.

12. He likes to gift you

Another sign that he is fighting his feelings for you is that he will search for reasons to gift you something! Yes, men tend to buy presents for women they admire. If this guy really likes you he would bring something or the other for you. He will also love to give you treats and invite you to events.

13. He tries to get close to you

Because he loves you so much, he will naturally want to get close to you. Obviously, he won’t do it in an annoying way! But still, he will want to come close to you whenever possible! Because he just loves to smell your perfume or brush against your skin.

14. His body language will tell that he has feelings for you

However we try, our body language will always betray our secrets! Therefore, try to minutely observe his body language. Does he make a lot of eye contact with you? Have you seen him mirroring any of your behavior? Does he make an effort on his appearance whenever he meets you?

Is he nervous when you look at him in the eye? Is he worried when you are ill or if going through a difficult phase? Observe his body language. Notice his behavior when you say an important matter about your life. His body language will definitely give you a clue on whether he really is into you!

15. You share an intense chemistry

Although you are not a couple, both of you have amazing chemistry! It’s just that his vibes match perfectly with yours. You can understand each other well enough. And you don’t have to even communicate all the time! As if, both of you can read each other’s minds.

Simply put, both of you share amazing chemistry! How much he tries to hide his deepest desires from you, he is always there for you in times of need. Besides that, through his behaviors and actions, he will make you feel that he desires you.

Some men are not open to receiving love! You must get to understand that. It could be that they have a painful past or a series of hurtful relationships! If you love him you must surely help him to get over it. But there are people who can’t get over their past because they simply do not put an effort on their end.

If you see some of the signs mentioned here, express your feelings for him. Speak out or show that you care for him! To avoid getting hurt yourself see if this guy is making an effort after that. If not, you must be prepared to proceed in your life. It’s unwise to keep waiting for someone who might never commit to you!

Closing Thoughts

Is there a man in your life whom you really like but he won’t express any emotions towards you? It is possible that he likes you even though he doesn’t show his feelings for you! Because there are men who would not confide his feelings until he is sure that the woman he loves also desires him. This isn’t because he is fanciful or that he has an ego!

It could be that he doesn’t want to raise his hopes too much and get hurt in the process. The 15 signs discussed here are ways to know if he really likes you and whether he is fighting his feelings for you.

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