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100 Good Morning Messages for Him

100 Good Morning Messages for HimUpdated on January 9, 2021 | Published on January 27, 2020
Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW, Certified Relationship Coach

Good morning messages for him

A fresh new morning holds a new promise. If you are in a relationship what’s better than the morning time to express love to your beloved! Most importantly, sending a romantic good morning text to him sets the tone of his day! Because he realizes that he is your number#1 priority as you send him a loving message, the first thing in the morning!

So, now you are worried about writing beautiful messages? Don’t worry at all! Because we are going to help you out! Keep reading this article because here you will get 100 unique good morning messages for him! Here we go!

100 Sweet Good Morning Text for Him


#1. Good morning Honey! May this day bring you every success and joy you desire! Love you most!

#2. Wake up Baby! A beautiful morning is waiting just for you. I am sending you hugs and kisses and the sweetest wishes. Good morning Honey Bunny.

#3. Good Morning Handsome, wake up! Get up and see what an amazing day it is! Here’s sending you lovely morning wishes and my kisses.

#4. Good morning Hotshot! Open your eyes and see what a lovely day is waiting for us. Sending you loads of hugs and kisses and waiting for mine!

#5. Good morning Hubby! The sun is smiling so brightly and I can think only of you. Can’t wait to meet you my love!

#6. I open my eyes every day thinking only of you. The warmth of the sunrays reminds me of your love. Each morning brings me a promise that I will be yours forever. Good morning Sweetums.

#7. Good morning Handsome, a gorgeous day is waiting for you! I love you babe..

#8. Good morning Baby Cakes! The day just started and am already missing you. Sending you a bunch of kisses. Start your day with those! Love you, sweetness!

#9. I just want to say I love you so much! Have a great day Honey Badger. A very good morning!

#10. It’s a new day Honey Bear. Rise and Shine. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, today brings a new promise. And I am here to say that I will always be with you. Good morning sweets!

#11. Good morning Papa Bear! It’s such a lovely day. Get up and go for it! This is your day!

#12. I wish you a lovely day Pumpkin! The rain cannot dampen your mood! Everything will be going great today. You rock my hero!

#13. Sugar, I wake up every morning to say that I love you! Here’s sending you my hugs and kisses. Good morning my prince charming!

#14. You know why mornings are special to me? Because there’s a promise that I will see you again! Have a lovely day Sweet Pea.

#15. As the sun rises I feel so happy! Because I know that we’ll meet once again! Love you darling. And have a delightful morning.

#16. Good day Sweetie! Wake up and show the world your worth. Know that you are the best! And I am your biggest admirer.

#17. Hello Sweetness, sending this morning message with love and warm kisses. Love you!

#18. Good morning Snookums, a warm mug of coffee is waiting for you and so am I! Open your eyes, it’s such a romantic day.

#19. Pooh bear, good morning! The day had started and it’s waiting for you just like me. Missing you, come sooner.

#20. Morning my Rockstar! My warm hugs to you in this cold morning. May this day bring you every success. Cheers!

75 Good Morning Messages for Him
100 Good Morning Messages for Him


#21. Good morning my love! Get up if you haven’t already. The weather is chilly and so romantic! Please open your eyes and see.

#22. In this beautiful morning, I want to send you tons of love and a bunch of kisses. Good morning Handsome!

#23. Still sleeping my handsome prince? Wake up, darling. Sending you hugs and lovely morning wishes!

#24. You are most precious my darling! Love you so much that I can never express in words! Wishing you a great day and huge success, Honey.

#25. Have a lovely day, Teddy Bear! Sending you sweet kisses.

#26. Good morning precious! I love you and am missing you. Wake up now and give me a hug!

#27. Hello sweets, wake up! Here are some hugs and kisses to make your morning absolutely lovely. 

#28. Every morning I need two things to start with – coffee and your smile! Please wake up with a big smile to brighten up my day. I love you Pooh Bear. Have a great day!

#29. Good morning Hun! Warm kisses for you! Wake up dear, I am already missing you.

#30. Your love has made me so much better! Love you Jellybean and wish you a lovely day today and always.

#31. Good morning Hunk! It’s a fresh new day and I hope that it brings some great news to you! Love and hugs.

#32. Good day, Huggy Bear! I am waiting for a hug. Wake up and meet me soon, honey!

#33. Good morning Handsome, it’s such a great day! Wishing you a lovely day, baby. I can hardly wait to see you. 

#34. Honey Bunny, I love you so much! Have a lovely morning.

#35. My darling, please wake up and see! The beautiful sunshine has come to tell you that I love you to the moon and back!

Let’s be honest! We all like to get some attention from our partner. We love it when they show that they care for us.  Men, however, do not reveal that they too enjoy the adoration!

The best way to express your admiration for him will be by sending a romantic text early in the morning. No doubt, this will make him feel important and loved. Most importantly, well crafted good morning messages for him can spice up your relationship!

#36. Hello, lovely morning Gummy Bear! May this day bring you lots of goodness!

#37. Hey, my Hero! Have a mind-blowing day. I love you, sweets. Take care!

#38. Good morning Honey Bear! Hugs and kisses only for you. Wake up!

#39. On this beautiful day, I just want to send you my love and warm wishes. Good morning sweetheart!

Here is an interesting video from Carlos for Romantic Good Morning Messages for him –

Romantic Good Morning Messages for him


#40. Good morning Honey Bun! Sending you lots of love and kisses.

#41. My life has a meaning only because of you. My heart beats only for you. And I open my eyes every morning knowing that I have you. Good morning baby! I love you the most.

#42. You are the one true love I have ever dreamed of. You are the best thing that ever happened in my life. Wake up sunshine! My morning cannot start without you!

#43. Good morning my Superman! You are my Twin Flame, my Soulmate. You are the reason I exist! Have a wonderful day.

#44. My darling Husband, now that you are away from me, I miss you so much! Have a good day Hun, I love you!

#45. Hey, it’s another gorgeous day! Have a lovely morning, Pumpkin and don’t forget your breakfast!

#46. Such a lovely morning Sweet Stuff! Wake up and smile. The world is yours.

#47. Every day the sun rises with a new promise. Don’t give up my darling. I know that you can do it! Just arise and show up! Have a great morning!

#48. Hey, good morning! Babe, I love you so much! Love and hugs.

#49. Good morning Handsome! Wake up and have your coffee. You will shine today, I promise.

#50. What a lovely morning, Love Bug! Hugs and kisses waiting for you, meet me soon! 

#51. Darling, have a wonderful day! Sending you love and kisses along with the morning wishes.

#52. Wake up, sweetheart! I really can’t start my day without your wishes. Send me some, I am waiting!

#53. I wake up every day just for you! Good morning Loverboy. Love and hugs!

#54. It’s a beautiful morning because of you love! Have a sunny, amazing morning, sweetheart!

#55. Good day, my darling! Love you baby. 

#56. Love can never be expressed by words but it has to be felt! Still, I would try to say how much you mean to me. You are my world and you’re the reason I am alive! Have a great day, my Panda Bear!

#57. Good morning sweetheart! Another day full of happiness and love!

#58. I often forget to say how much I adore you! So, here’s saying – I love you as deep as the ocean! Good morning, Sexy Pants!

#59. This lovely morning has brought sunshine and your love to me! I am so blessed to have you, darling! Have a lovely day!

#60. Hey Sexy, have a great day! Sending you love and kisses. Give me a hug, Teddy!

#61. Good morning Handsome! Take my kisses and send me some!

#62. How I miss your hugs! They warm my soul. Love you Sweet Thing, have a good day!

#63. Honey, have you woke up? My coffee just got cold thinking about you! Send me a text when you can. You have a wonderful day!

#64. This morning I woke up thinking about you and your warm hugs. Love you Teddy Bear, have a lovely day!

#65. Like an angel, you entered my life. You have healed me and made me so much better! Love you sweetheart, have a gorgeous morning! You deserve only the best.

#66. Good morning babe! Have a fascinating day full of beautiful surprises! Here’s some kisses.

#67.  Hun, you are the reason I smile! Good morning my guardian angel! Love you!

#68. It’s such a gorgeous day, Sweetie Pie! Wake up and see. Have a wonderful day!

#69. Good morning, Sweet Cakes! Open your eyes, some warm kisses waiting for you.

#70. Hello Sweetie, a very good morning! What’s your plan today? Here’s some hugs and kisses to my Teddy Bear!

#71. Hey Tough Guy, have a lovely day! I am missing you so much! Send me a hug.

#72. A day has started again. And here’s a reminder – I love you Sugar Plum, have a beautiful morning!

#73. Wake up, Tiger! The morning is waiting for you. Love you loads, handsome.

#74. I start every day with a smile. You know why? It’s because you are mine! Good morning, Muffin!

#75. Good morning Honey Bun! I am waiting for you. Let’s have some coffee! Come sooner.

#76: Hey Love, I am missing you already! Are you missing me?

#77: Wake up sweetums, I am waiting for you!

#78: Good Morning sweets! What’s your plan for today? Let’s meet at lunch. What do you say?

#79: Honey bear, I love you so much! Please get up and send me a love text!

#80: Good Morning Honey! This lovely morning is meaningless because I am not with you! 

#81: This is your day! Wake up and shine. This day awaits you & so do I!

#82: Good Morning Handsome! Love you so much…Can’t wait to see you! Please meet me sooner.

#83: Good Morning my Super Man! How are you now? I wish you are bright as new!

#84: Hey Snookums, What’s up? Lovely morning, let’s make some plans… what do you think?

#85: Morning my Prince! What are you doing today? Please come to my place if you are free in the evening.

#86: Love you Honey Bear. Another bright new day to think about you! Missing you lots!

#87: Hello Gorgeous! All the best for your presentation today. You will rock it! P.S. Don’t skip breakfast. 

#88: I want to send you the best wishes for a lovely day. May you get all the success you deserve & more!

#89: Good Morning, Prince Charming! I love you the most! 

#90: Hello Mr. Handsome, have you woke up already? Hugs, kisses, and smiles – only for you!

#91: Good Morning hottie! Sending you the warmest hugs and sweetest kisses.

#92: Hi my love, rise & shine! A very lovely day to you.

#93: Good Morning Handsome, I am waiting for you, please come sooner.

#94: Hello my Love. Rise up & conquer the world! Sending you sweet kisses.

#95: Good Morning my Darling! Love you so much. Please get up & send a text!

#96: Good Morning Honey! Rise & shine. I love you. 

#97:  Morning my sunshine! Get up from your bed now. Sending you love and hugs. Always remember – my hubby is the best! 

#98: Another day without you. Let’s make a permanent arrangement to always wake up together. What do you say? Love you my Handsome!

#99: Hello, Honeycomb! What’s the plan today? Here’s fresh morning kisses! Send me yours. 

#100: Good Morning my angel! You are my most favorite, my soul savior, you are my chocolate, candy & everything sweet! Love you!

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There are hundreds of love messages available on the internet but none of those would speak directly to your beloved as the ones we have given here! The best messages are always personalized as it gives that special feeling! Therefore, remember to include his name in these messages.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we all love to be loved. We want to receive special attention; we want to hear that we are loved! Besides that, we enjoy reading loving messages. Even the most serious human on earth will smile if you say something sweet to them!

Therefore, we have curated these love messages just for you!  These are some romantic good morning messages particularly crafted for him. Because we care about you we have created these texts to make your love life easier! Choose some or use them all, however you wish!

But don’t forget to share this article with the other lovely ladies out there. These good morning love messages for him have been carefully designed to impress your man. Most importantly, these greetings will be the best thing he will receive at the start of the day. 

Use these lines to brighten up your love life. Send these messages and see for yourself how happy your man will be.